How It All Began
      In 1987 Dr. Feige Nareviciene established the first club for diabetics in Lithuania,
called DIA.
      The Lithuanian Diabetes Association was founded on December 9 1989.

      Original Aims
      The original aims of the LDA are the following:
      - to provide mutual aid and assistance to all diabetics;
      - to promote the study, the spread of knowledge and the proper treatment of diabetes;
      - to remuve all present limitations of diabetics discrimination in their rights to labour, studies, insurance.

      The LDA Today
      In order to have permanent contacts with diabetics, Diabetes clubs are established in all regional centres of Lithuania. There are now over 50 clubs throughout the country which help the work of the Association locally. Partially sighted and blind diabetics have established clubs in 5 geographical areas of Lithuania.
      At present the LDA comprises over 5 thousand members. Community of Nurses-diabetes teachers, representative offices of Companies rendering medical services such as Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Medisana which provide assistance to the country fall under the membership of the LDA.
      Diabetes is a disorder that can affect anyone at any time. Although there is no cure, it can be treated from day to day with insulin injections, medication and diet. But all diabetics are encouraged to live full life with the help from LDA.
      As the day to day management of the treatment is largerly in the individual's own hands, it is important that they are well informed about their condition.

      The Lithuanian Diabetes Association plays the leading part in realization of the National Diabetes Programme:
      * provides practical help and advice producing publications on all aspects of living with diabetes (Proper Diet is Health, Nutrition for Diabetics, Foot care, Insulin, etc.)
      * Publishes the newspaper "Diabetas" which keeps readers in touch with:
      - progress in medical care and research,
      - Association activities,
      - menu suggestions,
      - latest legislation affecting people with diabetes,
      - practical hints on day to day problems.
      * Visually handicapped members can receive already some information on a cassette.
      * Organizes various conferences, seminars, such as "Teaching of Diabetics - Necessity or Luxury", "Diabetes Teaching and Care from A till Z", etc.
      * Since 1990 LDA organizes summer camps for the Youth. They give and ideal opportunity to have an enjoyable time whilst learning more about diabetes.
      * Helps to establish diabetes schools in different regions of Lithuania.
      * Since 1993 LDA organizes World Diabetes Days arrangements with free blood glucose measuring with purpose to find out persons who have already got diabetes but do not know about this problem.
      * Cooperation with the Danish Diabetes Association helped a lot to improve diabetes care in Lithuania:
      - DDA provides a wide range assistance to Lithuanian children-diabetics,
      - it helped to establish the Out-patient Diabetes Centre in Kaunas,
      - it provides financial support to issue the newspaper "Diabetas".
      * Since 1994 the LDA became a member of the IDF.

      Acting on Your Behalf
      One of the main concerns of the LDA is that it represents you on matters affecting the lives of people with diabetes. By making representations to the government, the LDA helps to ensure that the standard of diabetes care is maintained. It was throught the LDA's efforts that:
      * Plastic syringes were made available free on prescription.
      * Since 1990 all diabetics have been provided with a 20 per cent compensation. It is calculated for food from the amount of minimum standard of living.
      * Since 1992 diabetics can get a driving license for the personal car.
      * Since 1994 diabetics with type I diabetes have been provided free of charge with 50 blood glucose monitoring strips.
      * Since 1994 the list of specialities to be studied by diabetics in higher schools in Lithuania has been expanded.
      * Since 1994 "hot line phone" has been established.
      * The LDA has made contacts with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Security, the Board of State Social Insurance, the Ministry of Education, other institutions and mass media, TV, radio, The Association also liaises with other medical organizations such as the Lithuanian Dietetic Society, Lithuanian Red Cross, etc.
      * The LDA is also working to dispel any prejudice or ignorance among the general public about diabetes. Contact is made with people such as employers and insurance organizations to try to eliminate discrimination.
      * The LDA is a public organization based on charity. It receives no government help and relies entirely on voluntary subscriptions and donations. Only through its membership can the Association get continuous support to carry on with its activities.
      * The LDA was one of the first medical charity consisting of profesional and lay members in Lithuania and its example has been followed by many other societes concerned with specific needs of people suffering from common complaint.

      Why Join the LDA ?
      * To get the help and support that you need.
      * To help us maintain the care and improve the lives of other people with diabetes. The more members we have, the greater our influence is.

      Lithuanian Diabetes Association
      Gedimino pr. 28/2-404
      2600 Vilnius

      Telephone: 370-2-620783
      Fax: 370-2-610639