Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.
No 1 (21) February 10, 1999

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     Greetings with the New Year and short review of 1998 LDA activities, achievements. In 1998 limitation for biosynthetic insulin usage were abolished, 100 TU concentration insulin treatment accepted. All the LDA members had a possibility to receive a glucometer free of charge etc.
     An invitation to join LDA is placed.

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LDA Chronicle

∑ In 1998 November, 4 Lithuanian Diabetes Association received a delegation of Plunge Diabetes Club.
∑ In November 6-8 Italy, Assisi a meeting "Together we are stronger" of IDF Europe regional diabetes associations took place. LDA president was present too. Read about it on page 18.
∑ During November 20 - 22 LDA organized the first meeting of the Baltic Diabetes Associations "Together we are stronger". Read about it on page 16.
∑ In December 16-17 the Lithuanian Society of Handicapped invited LDA representative to participate in the Seminar. Chairman of Vilnius "Dia - Bite" club Rolandas Lisauskas participated in it.
∑ In 1999 January 14 LDA Presidium meeting took place. Kursenai Diabetes club was accepted to LDA as a member.
∑ On February 3 LDA Board had itís meeting.
∑ On February 17-20 a training seminar will be held for Chairmen of diabetes clubs. Sponsor: Phare Democratic Society Development Program.
∑ In April 24 LDA 4th Congress will take place.

1) In Vilnius TV studio - V. Augustiniene, J. Uleckiene in the broadcast held for World Diabetes Day.
2) Danguole Kvedaraviciene congratulates Chairwoman Genovaite Naidzinaviciene from Marijampole Diabetes Club.

     Ms. R. Kazemekaitiene from Jonava express their gratitude to dr. A. Norkus,
     Ms. R. Sabeckiene from Kazlu Ruda congratulates LDA, editors of the newspaper and doctors...
     Mr. A. Slivinskas expresses his gratitude to the LDA for the meeting of DA from Baltic countries. "The event was very useful; we have received interesting, very important knowledge, met a lot of new people, shared experiences in the field of treatment".
     Gwenn Verberg from Holland who visited Lithuania last summer greets his friends Reda, Dalia, Lina...
     Siauliai club "Lemtis" and LDA offered their condolences to dr. E. BaltrusaitienŽ and her family members on her fathers death.

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Sleep is Health

     An article by dr. psychiatrist J. DeksnienŽ
Satus of Mourning is not for Ever
     An article by dr. Dale Juozapaitiene
Diabetes Care in Lithuania
     Lithuanian Diabetes Association willing to understand better concerns of the sick people with diabetes and to develop care invites the readers to fill in a guestionnaire and send it to the following address: LDA Didlaukio 45-108, 2057 Vilnius or by fax 8-22-769291 till March 15.

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For the Benefit of LDA Members

     There is an information about the DCCT studies in the USA (diabetes control and complex research study) and Perspective Diabetes Studyís result in Great Britain.
     It is stressed that having diabetes self-control is necessary. There is information that state medical insurance compensates the diabetes only for 150 diagnostic strips for a year and those who are treated with insulin and pregnant women 300 strips within the pregnancy period.
     Lithuanian Diabetes Association took care that LDA members would have a possibility to purchase self-control means on favourable terms.
     Due to Roche Diagnostics and Abbott Laboratories S. A. LDA members who purchased 100 diagnostic strips receive Glucotrend or Precision QID free of charge in the association. There is also a price list of self-control means that are available in the association.

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Hipocrates Oath: Iliusions and Reality

     A person addressing a medical doctor expects an advice how to cope with the disease following him/ her all his/ her life. Unfortunately during the last years LDA was addressed by many people with diabetes, their family members from all the country by phone, letters compaining that they are not receiving consultations, support by endocrinologists. They are humiliated undeservedly, called badnames, even medicines or self-control means, accomodation in a sanatorium are not prescribed. Payment for syringes-injectors are demanded which are provided free of charge by Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly companies. People who know their rights and demand proper health care are especialy disliked.
     Often village people are afraid to object to the only one endocrinologist of the district and through tears ask not to mention their names after they reveal their sufferings as they are afraid not to get insulin. But more and more people are not afraid to tell the truth, they do not want to put up with this unsatisfactory position.
     Willing to support the sick we address them the practising doctors. Unfortunately it is often that instead of human explanation we hear words full of rage and hatred even to the address of the complaining person and LDA. What can we expect from such doctors who sweared on oath of Hypocrates?
     That is why we decided to publish readers letters, reveal for the public sufferings of people.
     Here we present one of the shortened correspondences.
     In the letter to the Minister of Health M. Stankevicius, senior national endocrinologist A. Norkus and LDA president a woman from Alytus presented her sufferings because of endocrinologist R. Gruodyteís behaviour. She refused to receive for consultation even when sent by Therapeutist or Gynaecologist, did not prescribe insulin, self-control means. A woman was afraid to go to her because of expected bad names not listened to. She had to go to other endocrinologist after worsening of health and be sent by him to the hospital and sanatorium.
     A woman asks minister of Health for help because she can not stand this improper behaviour of this endocrinologist any more.
     In another letter "Prescription driving 100 km" N. Zibalaite from Sirvintai asks for advice LDA about diagnostic strips prescription, if there is possibility to get the prescription from district therapeutist, what advantages she has being an invalid of III group, if she can get Human (penfil) insulin free of charge.
     In the letter "Please help me" R. Zemeckis from Kelme addresses for support his diabetes club and LDA because he was not able to demand from endocrinologist V. Stabrauskas 150 belonging to him diagnostic strips free of charge.

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Questions - answers

     State medical insurance director S. Janonis answers to the questions of LDA Prezident V. Augustiniene from 1999 January 11 letter.
     "Every day LDA is addressed by people sick with diabetes from different Lithuanian districts asking about order of prescription of medicines compensated by State Cash of Patients. Acording to the submitted guestions it seems that every doctor, every territorical department of SCP has determined their own rools, comfortable only for their work, but they forgot the rights of pacients to receive proper health care guaranteed by the state.
     So we address You hoping to receive answers from specialists so we could present them in "Diabetes" No 1 (21) newspaper" - writes V. Augustiniene.
     There is a reguest to explaine how a compensation is coveried out for medicines and self-control means, what doctor can write a prescription in order to purchase them; if it is possible for a therapeutist to prescribe medicines and diagnostic strips or that can do only endocrinologist, who can receive sending to sanatorium for treatment, for what period SCP can compensate for rehabilitation treatment, is it necessary to go before that to hospital if health status worsens, how often sick with diabetes can visit endocrinologist free of charge, has the sick to call endocrinologist home if he has amputated legs.

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World Diabetes Day Celebration

     There is a description of World Diabetes Day events organized in Taurage, Rokiskis, Pakruojis, Plunge, Anyksciai, Mazeikiai, Klaipeda diabetes clubs. Events have been visited by regional authorities, heads of medical institutions; prevention tests of quantity of glucose in blood were carried out, information about diabetes shared, problems expressed. Unfortunately there are still cases that not all the patients can use their right to studies, many misunderstandings arise regarding employment, not always a voice of the people with diabetes is heard. These events were good opportunity to inform the society on the subject "Diabetes and Human Rights". In the seminar on healthy way of life that was organized by Lithuanian Society of the Blind and Weak Eyesighted peple with diabetes much knowledge about diabetes was provided to people working with the blind people with diabetes.

1) Celebration of WDD organized in Mazeikiai club "Zemaiciu speka"
2) Prevention tests of glucose in blood are carried out in Zarasai diabetes club

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Remembering World Diabetes Day

     LDA President V. Augustiniene reviews how this day was celebrated in Lithuania, expresses gratitude to organizers of events, sponsors, mass media, radio TV personnel and suport disseminating information about this insidious disease as well as still existing breach of human rights.
     Looking on preventive research anxiety is expressed about bad diabetes control. From the examined number of patients 261 47% of people glucose exceeds the norm (11-28 mmol/l). People are not trained, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding how to control the disease. That is why there are so many complications.
     From 1829 conditionaly healthy people 7% had glucose more than the norm. From them 55% people had overweight, 70% were older than 40 years, 20% had relatives sick with diabetes. All who had a suspicion of diabetes are invited to address their doctors.
     It is determined by prevention research that many people sick with diabetes do not understand their health status. That is why providers of health care should take more care of diabetes prevention, especially checking people who have risk factors.

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Free Radicals, Vitamins and Health

     Prof Leonardas Lukosevicius article tells many useful knowledge about importance of vitamins in the nutrition of the people with diabetes, informs about vitamins Multitabs distributed in Lithuania by Danish company Ferrosan.
Nutrition under Micro-Albuminuria
     There are recepies of meals when there are problems with kidneys activity.

Page 13
Diet of the diabetes patient

     Itís an article prepared by Dainara Zuloniene prepared according to foreign press.
Letís seek for Schneekoppe company products
     Information about diet products with fructose presented by "Korys".

Page 14
Letís correct insulin doses

     MD E. Baltrusaitiene presents particle recommendations how to correct insulin doses according to the self-control results.
     Closed corporation "Baltic Fairs" presents information about international exhibition specializing on medicine, healthy way of life nutrition and as well as curative cosmetics "Health and Beauty" that will take place in 1999 March 24-27.
     LDA is invited to participate in this exibition and it will hold a seminar "Letís stop the way in time to the insidious disease" (about diabetes).

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Diabetes and Emotions

     D. Zuloniene article is prepared following to foreign press.

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The First Meeting of Baltic Countries "Together we are stronger"

     LDA invited guests from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, IDF and WHO to the 1st meeting of Baltic countries. A good opportunity was provided for LDA collective members - district diabetes clubs, nurses - diabetes educators and medical doctors to share experience with other countries diabetes organizations, to make new cooperation contacts. The meeting was attended by a representative from WHO prof. I. Kalo, who paid the main attention in his presentation to the implementation of St. Vincenteís Declaration, to necessity to coordinate actions of those want to reach a common goal. Sometimes it happens in the opposite. For example even today when such an important international event took place Lithuanian endocrinologists went to another conference. All the institutions concerned about diabetes care should be benevolent partners but not competitors.
     IDF Vice president of Europe region and President of Swedish Diabetes Association Anders Eriksson confirmed that, repeating the statement of Maria L de Alva "Together we are stronger". A lot of useful information we received from Finnish DA representative Tulla Lehto, Danish DA Jorgen Pedersen. The main task of diabetes organization is considered to be education of the society, improvement of care of the people with diabetes.
     Viceminister of Health of Lithuania Vytautas Basys and Head of Integration of the Handicapped R. Slapelis from Social Welfare Ministry talked about how these state institutions contribute to the care of the diabetes.
     LDA President V. Augustiniene informed about LDA activities to the people with diabetes and to the organizations, about arising problems. One of the main problem is that madical personnel lacks benevolence towards the sick and their organization.
     Latvian Diabetes Federation representatives shared their problems.
     Participants from abroad visited out-patient diabetes centers in Vilnius.
     Althougt temperature dropped suddenly and did not provide pleasure for the participants sitting in the hall friendliness warmed everybody.
     It was decided to continue organizing such meetings in the future. There are a lot of things to learn and to share from each other.

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History of Eli Lilly Company

Page 18
The leaders of European Diabetes Associations visited Italy

The people with diabetes are authorized to manage the disease
     LDA President V. Augustiniene shares information from the meeting in Italy. She is thankfull for IDF European Bureau and Eli Lilly company for the financial support. The attention is paid towards the importance of knowledge and assistance to the peple with diabetes so that a person could accordingly correct behaviour improving quality of life.
     V. Augustiniene is grateful to WHO for the provided possibility to participate in the Working Group of St. Vincentís Declaration Activity Program Workshop "Empowerment of People With Diabetes". It is not only a good opportunity to participate actively in the work of this program discussing patients role. It makes LDA happy that their activities are recognised internationally. Our meetings are attended by representatives of WHO, IDF. Unfortunately it often happens in Lithuania that the people with diabetes are received by endocrinologists unfavourably, when they are not provided with more rights so that a person having enough knowledge, skills and better self-knowledge would be able to change behaviour and improve way of life. They are not listened to, results of self-control are not evaluated. More often then not people are not allowed to eat a product without any explanation that it is necessary to assess the contents and quantity of the food. It is still often the case when medical personnel behaves unsatisfactory there is no information about compensated services, medicines and articles for the care of disease. That is why a person is not able to make use of the provided services by the state. There is indignation if a person addresses the Lithuanian Diabetes Association and finds out about their rights and starts demanding from medical staft proper care. Training is not available for all. Many MDís do not inform about existing organization and the newspaper "Diabetes". At present time a discussion is going on about "gifts" to doctors. The sick with diabetes are also facing this phenomena. They are writing letters, call on the phone or visit diabetes association. It is often forgotten that it is necessary to defend the rights of their citizens to a proper health care but not to serve interests of different foreign companies. It is high time for medical personnel to remember Hippocratic oath isnít it?

Page 20-21
Waiting is a Test of Patience

     L. Kaulakiene shares information about perspectives of new diabetes self-control means. Here are also Internet pages where you could find more information about apparatus.

Anniversary of the Club
     Varena diabetes club "Riba" chairman P. Kontrimas shares information about organization activities of 5 years. He is rejoicing that their problems are solved by MD endocrinologist R. Grinkeviciene, she is assisted by medical nurse V. Grineviciene, local authorities. People find here psychological support associating with each other.

Meeting in Pakruojis
     The club has a friendly atmosphare. Being in this organization feel that they are takes care of , their rights are defended. There they learn how to manage the disease, share concerns and joys. A. Buciene confessed that she is waiting meetings in the club as she is waiting for Sundays.

Little shepherds pranks for children
     Vilnius "Dia-Bite" club impressions about Christmas.

Page 22
A Wonderful present

     Plunge diabetes club holds meetings not only in their polyclinic but also visits other cities, taking an opportunity to check their health. They visited LDA, Diabetes Center, too. They are grateful to their district medical nurse - diabetes educatorr A. Danyliene and medical staff in Vilnius diagnostic center for this wonderful trip to Vilnius.

Thanks for Unforgettable Trip
     K. Kuneika from Plunge shares his impressions about his trip on the raft "Bliuskis". He is thankful for all who helped to realize this trip. And capitain of this raft is inviting the people with diabetes to travel this year too.

Drug store "Salus" advertisment

To Doctors and Patients Attention
     Joint stock company "Palangos Zvorune" invites to go through treatment in sanatorium.

Answers to a crossword in the last issue.

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Berlin Chemie - Menarini Group and Abbott Laboratories SA advertisments

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Advertisments of companies Tamro, UAB "Eksmos MTC" and Inmeda