Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.
No 3 (23) August 10, 1999

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     We congratulate Honorary members of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association Irena Grakauskiene, Director of the Vilnius Higher Medical School, and Dr. Antanas Vytautas Stepanas, the organizer of support for the LDA in Australia, on the award of the first-degree medal of Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas for their deserts for the State of Lithuania, for their efforts to make known the name of Lithuania and for assisting in its integration into the association of states of the world. (Decree of the President of LR on the 1st of July 1999. No 508, Vilnius).

     Photo: President of Lithuania has ordered I.Grakauskiene with the award.

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The expected meeting has taken place!

By D.Kvedaraviciene, the Secretary of the LDA
     52 children with diabetes from all over Lithuania participated in the meeting with our supporter Mrs Lilly Karn from Germany on 17th of June in Vilnius. During this meeting the certificate of the Honorary member of the LDA was presented to Mrs. Lilli Karn. Lithuanian children with diabetes have received many gifts from Mrs. L.Karn and Mrs. D.Boultren.

     Photo: Mrs Lilly Karn and Mr Dieter Boultren are listening to a poem recited by I. Jokubauskaite.

Visits to Vilnius
By L.Jokubauskaite, Plunge.
     Children with diabetes and their parents form Plunge express many thanks to their club for the possibility to visit Vilnius. The goals of these trips were to see the masterpiece of the art by J.Mateika "The Grunwald battle" and to take part at the meeting with Mrs L.Karn.

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We care too little about our health

By Dr.- endocrinologist Z.Vaitiekuniene
     People suffering form diabetes, especially with type II, are asked not to hide the disease from themselves and to start an adequate treatment as soon as possible in order to elude dangerous complications.

The Lithuanian Diabetes Association is a member of the International Diabetes Federation
     There are presented the advantages of the membership of the LDA. The way to become a member of LDA is to enter the club of diabetes in your district. If you don't know were to find the club, please call us on phone number 8-22-768884 or find us by address: LDA, Didlaukio 45-108, 2057 Vilnius.

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Children are in the camps again

By LDA President V.Augustiniene
     According to recommendations of the St. Vincent's Declaration, the LDA is starting to put into practice the National Program of Diabetes. One of its goals is teaching of the management of diabetes. The teaching of diabetic children in the summer camps is of a great importance. These camps are organized by the LDA from 1990. The knowledge gained during such camps is estimated by the questionnaires, which shows very positive results. Thanks to our sponsors: The Council of Affairs of Invalids by the Government of LR, Ministry of Education, Departments of the Social Guardianship and Wardship of the Institutions of Local Administration of Shiauliai, Skuodas, Druskininkai, Marijampole, Plunge, Maziaikiai, Abbott Medisense, "Eksmos MTC", "Salmeda", "Deva", sanatorium of Palanga "Jurate" and many others, our 70 children and youngsters will have a rest at the summer camps this year. The duration of such camp is 10 days. Two our diabetic patients went for the camping to Latvia and we met two persons from there. Romantics could sale on a raft "Bliuskis" and boat by canoes with youth diabetic club "Four Horses". The travellers of "Bliuskis" have organized the blood sugar testing for natives of the places they have visited. Even 11% of participated native people had the blood sugar above the norm!
     The summer camps are very useful for children and youngsters. They not only have an excellent rest there but also learn of independence and gain more confidence in the self-control of diabetes as well. The LDA receives a lot of letters from happy children expressing their gratefulness for the possibility to take part in camping.

     Photos: By waves of the Plateliai

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Cronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

     In 1999 May 14 at the Board meeting of LDA the duties were divided among the members and the future plans were discussed.
     On the 20th of May in the meeting of Vilnius diabetes club of children "Dia-Bite" the plans for the summer activities were provided. President of LDA V.Augustiniene took part at the meeting.
     On the 26 of May the members of Kaunas diabetes club for blind people received a lot of information about diabetes from the doctors V.Dargis, R.Sulcaite, D.Balciunaite, President of LDA V.Augustiniene, Z.Kornikiene.
     On the 9th of June President of LDA V.Augustiniene took part in the meeting of Parliament's Committee for Health Affairs. The project of changing and supplementing of the clause No 9 of the Bill of Health Insurance was debated. The suggestions were submitted.
     On the 17th of June the meeting of children with diabetes and Mrs. Lilly Karn and Mr.Dieter Boultren from Wiesbaden City, Germany, took place.
     25th of June through 14th of July 30 children with diabetes took part at the educating camp in sanatorium "Jurate" in Palanga. Chairwoman President of diabetes club of Palanga Irena Zamaliene.
     On June 25 President of the LDA had a meeting with members of Klaipeda diabetes club.
     During July 1-8 four suffering from diabetes persons were travelling by a raft "Bliuskis" from Kernave to Kaunas. At all stops of the cruise a member of the LDA have performed prophylactic blood glucose measurements for local people.
     During July 1-10 in holiday home "Saltinelis" in Plateliai international camp was organized. 27 diabetic patients were taught there to live healthily. Leader of this camp was a nurse teacher of diabetes from diabetes club of Plunge A.Danyliene.
     On July 18 the LDA meeting with Mrs. Lilly Karn and with representatives of Lions' club from Wiesbaden City, Germany, took place.
     During 19-31 of July two persons with diabetes and a nurse A.Danyliene took part at the diabetes education camp organized by Latvia's Federation of Diabetes in Jurmala. Teacher of diabetes J.Uleckiene was in Ciesy on 6-17 of August.
     Attention! You can already find information about the LDA in the Internet by address . E-mail of the Association is . We express our gratefulness for the financial support on making Internet pages for the Open Society Fund - Lithuania.

Advertisement for endocrinologists and patients
     Department of Endocrinology of Stock Company "Palangos Zvorune" receives patients with diabetes and other endocrine diseases for the health-restoring treatment.
     The treatment lasts for 16 days and is 100% compensated by The State Health Insurance.
     Our address is: Vanagupes str., Palanga 5720. Tel. No: 8-236-48493, fax: 51464.

     Rehabilitation Clinic of Stock Company "Ortopedijos Technika" receives patients with diabetes after the amputations of feet/legs for the prosthetics, as well as for rehabilitation and health-restoring treatment. This treatment is of 26 days of duration for the first time and for 22 days when changing of the prosthesis is needed.
     Our address is: Partizanu str. 17, Kaunas 3042. Tel. No: 776360, 771747.

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Benefit of exercises is not noticeable at once

By Joel B.Braunstein. Prepared by D.Zuloniene
     The article deals with the advantages of exercises, which are especially important for type II diabetes.

Glycosylated hemoglobin
By Dr.E.Baltrusaitiene
     The mechanisms of formation of HbA1c and its importance in monitoring of diabetes are described in this article.

Pages 10-11
Current investigations

By G.Tomkin, A.F.Amos, T.J.McCarthy, P.Zinnet. Prepared by D.Zuloniene
     Current investigations about the need to follow the prescribed insulin treatment carefully for 10-20 years old patients, about the disadvantages of being overweight and about bad prognosis of the prevalence of Type II by 2010 are described in this page.

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Kitchen's Encyclopedia

     Three recipes on making dishes of dough.

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"Eksmos MTC" advertisement on self control devices

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Advertisement about the "Lilly" company

Diabetes centers of Lithuania
     There are addresses of Diabetes centres, diabetic foot cabinets and cabinets of education of diabetes presented and shown in the map of Lithuania.

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When patient does not get better

By Dr.J.Deksniene, psychiatrist, Policlinics of Adults of Clinics of Vilnius city
     It is discussed about how psychological state of a patient is important for his health.

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We congratulate with approaching jubilee

     Poet Vladislovas Blinstrubas has wrote already 10 books of very original creative work. His creative productiveness shows us that V.Blinstrubas can fight with diabetes and other diseases in his dramatic river of life.
     A poetic impression from the collection of V.Blinstrubas "Where the Eden's Garden is".

Pages 17-20
Hypoglycemia at night

By Suzanne Friesten. Prepared by D.Zuloniene
     The reasons of hypoglycaemia at night for diabetics and the ways of its management are described.

Diagrams of insulin actions
     Actions of different types of insulin are introduced in diagrams for the readers.

Pages 21-22
Alcohol and diabetes

By Judy Zielke. Prepared by D.Zuloniene
     Influence of using alcohol for the health and some advice about how to drink it safely when being ill with diabetes is described.

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