Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.
No 4 (24) November 10, 1999

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Cost of Diabetes

The 14th of November is The World Day of Diabetes
     Letter of President of the Lithuania Diabetes Association Vida Augustiniene for the readers.

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My Experience

     Best greetings from President of International Diabetes Federation Maria L de Alva on occasion of the World Day of Diabetes

10 years for the St.Vincent Declaration
     Letter from Chairman of National Committee of St. Vincent Declaration Prof. A.Norkus.

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Two jubilees is not the end of the works

By President of Lithuanian Diabetes Association V.Augustiniene
     On the 12th of October there is 10 years jubilee of the St. Vincent Declaration.
     On the 9th of December there is 10 years jubilee of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.

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Lithuanian Diabetes Association information

     Epidemics of diabetes, complications, cost
     In 1985 there were about 30 million people with diabetes. In 1995 this number has roused until 135 million. The prognosis is that in 2025 will be 300 million of people, suffering from this disease. About a half of all type II diabetes cases are not diagnosed in most of countries.
     Vision disorders develop in about 10% of diabetics. Nephropathy develops in about 1/3 of the patients. About 70% of the patients suffer or will suffer from neuropathy, which often leads to amputation of lower extremities. Cardiovascular diseases 3 times more often occur in diabetics than in other population.
     According to the National register, there are about 400 of children and 3 000 of adults with type I diabetes and about 30 000 people suffer from type II diabetes in Lithuania. Every year we have 700 new cases of invalidity due to diabetes.
     The cost of diabetes include:
     - financial expenses of people with diabetes and their families;
     - direct expenses of care of public health system;
     - industrial damages because of loss of production;
     - uncountable cost because of stress, pain, anxiety and other negative emotions which diabetics and their families suffer from.

     Prevention of diabetes and its complications
     Regular checkup of people who have a greater risk for type II diabetes abates the expenses for future treatment and care, if they will become ill with this disease. Thorough care about feet helps to escape or to shorten hospitalization and in 50% diminishes the number of amputations. Other important means of saving of expenses are screening and well-timed treatment of retinopathies, early detection of microalbuminury, control of blood sugar and lipids, and regular measurement of blood pressure.
     There are presented data from an issue of International Diabetes Federation "Diabetes Health Economics: Facts, Figures and Forecasts", 1999 about the reducing of complications by different preventive measures.

At the stand of the Fair      For the help of oneself and others
     On 25 October 1999 in Vilnius Town Hall Square the II Fair of Non-governmental Societies took place. Different societies, which render social support, care about history, protection of nature, youths, children, organizing of leisure, culture and education, introduced themselves there. The main sponsor of the Fair was the Baltic-American partnership program. Lithuanian diabetes Association as well as club "DIA" took part in these activities.
     Photo: At the stand of the Fair.

Dr. Antanas V.Stepanas Page 6
Exciting return

     At the end of the summer we were visited again by our countryman from Australia, our teacher, sponsor and friend - Dr. Antanas V.Stepanas. President of Lithuania V.Adamkus presented him with the first-degree medal of Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas. The Government of Australia has rewarded Dr.A.Stepanas according to his deserts in endocrinology this year too.
     Photo: Dr. Antanas V.Stepanas.

Conference in Denmark
By President of LDA V.Augustiniene
     On the 12-15 of August the Conference of Diabetes associations of Scandinavian countries took part in Denmark. Chairmen (-women) of Diabetes associations of Estonia, Russia and Lithuania participated there as well.

Our information in Russian
     Lithuanian Diabetes Association information and recipes of dishes for diabetics are regularly presented in the weekly newspaper “Zabavnoje Chtivo” (Interesting Readings).

New remedies
     • On 17 August Novo Nordisk company has reported that European Commission has approved a new kind of tablets NovoNorm® (repaglinide - Prandin™) for the treatment of type II diabetes.
     • On 9 September Novo Nordisk has informed the LDA about the approval of a new short-term insulin analog NovoRapid™ (insulin aspart) for the treatment of diabetes by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency.

Stand of the LDA at the Exhibition BaltMedica Page 7
At the Exhibition BaltMedica

By D.Kvedaraviciene
     September 21 through 24 the LDA participated at the 7th International exhibition BaltMedica in LITEXPO Exhibition Center. Visitors of the exhibition could knowledge more about activities of the LDA; to see an exposition of blood sugar self control devices and even to check their blood glucose.
     Photo: Stand of the LDA at the Exhibition BaltMedica.

Join the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
     Members of association have more possibilities to get the latest information about the disease, help other people to manage their diabetes and to purchase self-control devices with privileges. You may join one of 46 local diabetes clubs in your district and you will become a member of LDA. You can contact with us by address:
     Didlaukio 45-108,
     2057 Vilnius
     Tel.No: 370-2 76 88 84,

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Unforgettable summer trip

By L.Meironyte
Unforgettable summer trip      The youth club of diabetes “Four horses” has invited youths from different cities of Lithuania for the 6th tourist trip by canoes along rivers and lakes of the Highlands of Lithuania. There were visited 8 lakes and 2 rivers during the 9-days lasting trip.
Obstacles in the river Lakaja      By sharing experience of diabetes control during such trip the young tourists gained more confidence of themselves. Participants are thankful for their supporters firm Novo Nordisk, company Lilli, stock Company “Dipreva”, firm “Natur Produkt”, “Deva” of A.Gecas, closed stock companies “Eksmos MTC” and Abot Medisense, The Ministry of Culture and Dr.E.Janulionyte.

Before saying good-bye As one family
     Photos: Obstacles in the river Lakaja, Moving from the lake Kertuoja to the Juodieji Lakajai; As one family; Before saying good-bye.

Guests of the LDA from Plunge. Page 12
Natives of Plunge are not bored

By J.Budriene, G.Krasauskiene, L.Laukaitiene
     Members of Plunge diabetes club enjoy themselves spending much of time together. They visit nice places all over Lithuania, enjoy masterpieces of art, and have warm parties.

Page 10
By improving of ourselves, we teach others

By J.Uleckiene, President of the LSDMD
     The European Federation of nurses of diabetes (FEND) organizes conferences and refresher courses every year. This year three nurses of diabetes A.Danyliene (Plunge), I.Ulpaityte (Kaunas), and J.Uleckiene (Vilnius) from Lithuania together with nurses from different other countries of Europe perfect their skills there.
     The author thanks her supporters: pharmacy companies Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilli, Berlin-Chemie Menarini group, “Exmos MTC” for their help in publishing of three new books translated from German, and whose authors are specialists of metabolism, under guidance of prof. Berger. She is thankful also to Mr. and Mrs. Zoromskai, Francine’s and Rene Verbeke-Bacten’s families for their care during her trip to Belgium.

At the international Youth camp
By campers of “Saltinelis”
     Letter from campers of “Saltinelis” summer camp for youths with diabetes from Lithuania and Latvia, which was organized in Plateliai. The authors are expressing their gratefulness to the organizer and sponsor of this camp, LDA President V.Augustiniene.

Page 11
A tent stud near “Bliuskis”

Health of people was examined in Kernave, Raudone, and Jurbarkas By the captain of “Bliuskis” V.Kasperavicius
     The story of collaboration of the owners of this ecological raft “Bliuskis” with the LDA starts in 1997, after the incident, when a little boy, a son of a member of a crew has become ill with diabetes during such trip. Afterwards the route of “Bliuskis from Jurbarkas to Rusne was assigned for children with diabetes.
     Later even more of meaning was given to these trips. It was decided to checkup the blood glucose for people living near rivers the Neris and the Nemunas. The Board of the Invalids’ Affairs, the Government of LR and firm “Eksmos MTC” supported this action. K.Kuneika from Rietavas examined the blood for 150 people and diabetes was suspected for 11% of them.
     Photo: Health of people was examined in Kernave, Raudone, and Jurbarkas.

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The novelties of “Ferrosan”.

Advertisement of Multi-tabs vitamins.

Is intensive insulin therapy being applied-to?

By Dr.E.Baltrusaitiene
     Intensive insulin therapy is not only 4 or 5 insulin injections per day but a good blood glucose control 4 times per day as well. Lithuania can not offer to diabetic patients such amount of blood control sticks. However the situation is many times better than in Russia or Belarussia.

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Roche-Diagnostics representatives “Eksmos MTC” advertisements about self-control devices.

Page 14
Advertisement about the “Lilly” companies.

Diabetes centers of Lithuania.

     There are addresses of Diabetes centers, diabetic foot cabinets and cabinets of education of diabetes presented there and shown in the map of Lithuania.

Pages 15-16
Intensive therapy of type II diabetes prevents complications

Article from “Diabetic Forecast” by Terri D’Arrigo. Prepared by D.Zuloniene
     The importance of strict control of blood glucose, blood pressure and different approach to the treatment of type II diabetes are discussed.

Sweden was visited by A.Gliozeryte, I.Zamaliene, O.Narkus and V.Gulbinskiene from Palanga Page 17
Cronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

     • During 8-12 of August conference of Scandinavian Diabetes Associations took part in Copenhagen.
     • During 20-29 of August in sanatorium “Jurate” in Palanga children were taught about diabetes control. Camp’s guides were I.Zamaliene and Dr.G.Katiliene.
     • On 20 Aug. LDA President V.Augustiniene has met members of diabetes club “Sadute” from Akmene in diabetes club “Venta” of Kursenai meeting.
     • On 25 Aug. collaboration perspectives were discussed with a chairwoman of “BIO-RAD” representatives in Lithuania V.Konciuviene.
     • On 27 Aug. LDA President V.Augustiniene was interested in affairs of suffering from diabetes people in Svencioniai diabetes club.
     • On 31 Aug. President of Lithuania V.Adamkus presented the LDA honorary member Dr. Antanas Vytautas Stepanas with the first-degree medal of Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas.
     • On 15 Sept. delegation of Anyksciai diabetes club “Ateitis” have visited the Association. Dr.G.Zaleckis has answered questions about importance of diabetes control and necessary analyses, Dr. G.Sargautiene has explained methods of skin care, a nurse-teacher of diabetes and member of the LDA Board J.Uleckiene gave a lot of information about teaching aspects. L.Kaulakiene shared her experience about children and youths diabetes. President V.Augustiniene introduced the LDA activities. A film “10 years for the LDA’’ was shown. Members of the club have bought self-control devices, different literature on favourable terms, had excursions in Vilnius. The club is being assisted greatly by endocrinologist Dr.R.Arlauskiene and a nurse-teacher of diabetes V.Katiliene.
The tests are being performed      • On 16 Sep. the LDA President V. Augustiniene and Board member A.Brazauskas participated at the meeting with Chairman of the National Committee of St. Vincent Declaration prof. A.Norkus. Actual affairs of the LDA were discussed.
     • On 16 Sep. delegation of club “Sveikata” from Pasvalys under guidance of Chairwoman V.Vegiene have visited LDA. The guests have knowledged more about our activities and discussed their worries.
     • During 21-24 of September the LDA has organized it’s stand in the International exhibition “LitMedicin” in Litexpo Exhibition Centre in Vilnius. Preventive blood glucose tests were performed.
     • On 25 of September the LDA and club “Dia” from Vilnius participated in the Fair of Non-governmental Societies in Vilnius Town Hall Square.
     • At the end of September the Chairwoman of the LSDMD J.Uleckiene participated at the Conference of nurses- teachers of diabetes in Brussels.
     • On 4 of Oct. the LDA information was begun to publish in Russian in the weekly newspaper “Zabavnoje ctivo”.
     • During 9-12 of October the 5th Conference of St.Vincent declaration in Istanbul was organized for a discussion about results of 10 years of work. The LDA President V.Augustiniene has made an oral presentation.
The camp in Latvia      • On 26 of October activities for a celebration of 10-years of the LDA and preparing for World Day of diabetes were discussed at the LDA Board meeting. Chairman of the National Committee of St. Vincent Declaration prof. A.Norkus presented information from the Conference of St.Vincent declaration in Istanbul.
     Supporters of the LDA took part at the meeting. G.Naidzinaviciene has been elected the Vice-President of the LDA and A.Jocyte was elected the Board member.
     • The 14th of November is a World Day of Diabetes. All clubs of diabetes are organizing celebration activities.
     • On 4th of December the 10-years jubilee will be celebrated in Lithuanian Drama Theatre in Vilnius.

     Photos: Sweden was visited by V.Gulbinskiene,O.Narkus, I.Zamaliene and A.Gliozeryte from Palanga (top); The tests are being performed (right); The camp in Latvia (bottom-right)

Seminar 'Diabetes and its control in Marijampole' Page 18
First time

By G.Naidzinaviciene
     Club “DIABETIKAS ABC” organized seminar for diabetic people of Marijampole district in Jurgezeriai. Participants are thankful for their teaching, performed analyses and care of feet for Dr. B.Sileikiene, Dr.L.Fedareviciene, teachers of diabetes J.Uleckiene and B.Marciukaitiene. The LDA and firm “EKSMOS MTC” sponsored the seminar.
     Photo: Seminar “Diabetes and its control in Marijampole”.

Dr.R.Berontiene takes care about Palanga campers Pages 18-19
Child has become ill with diabetes

By Dr. R.Berontiene
     Shared knowledge and own experience about children diabetes and psychological aspects of the family.
     Photo: Dr.R.Berontiene takes care about Palanga campers.

Page 20
If you will use human insulin

By Ruth F.Hirsch and Irl B.Hirsch from: magazine “Diabetes Forecast”. Prepared by D.Zuloniene.
     The advantages and specificity of injecting human insulin are introduced in the article.

Page 21
Why children get diagnoses of middle age people?

By Marcia Levine Mazur, Jennie Joe and Robert Young from “Diabetes Forecast”. Prapared by D.Zuloniene.
     The risk to become ill with type II diabetes for young people is discussed.

“Hae Medic” advertisement of lancets.

Page 22
Let’s avoid kidneys’ diseases now

By W.J.Peter Still from magazine “Diabetes Forecast”. Prepared by D.Zuloniene.
     The structure of kidneys, their physiology and methods how to prevent diabetic nephropathy are introduced in the article.

Page 23
Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group advertisement about Zuckli.

Firm’s “Scheneekoppe” advertisement about diet products with fructose.

Page 24
Companies “Salmeda”, “Labomeda”, “Tamda” advertisements on self control devices.