Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.
No 1 (25) February 10, 2000

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Appeal to the Government and the President of Republic of Lithuania
Considering economy at the expense of reimbursed drugs for people suffering from serious diseases

     Ministry of Health Protection and the State Health Insurance Fund submitted for the approval of the Government of Lithuanian Republic a new project of the methodics for the determination of basic prices of reimbursed remedies. It abrogates the 100% reimbursement of medicaments that was in operation until now. If this project was approved, there would not be any medicament reimbursed for 100% in Lithuania any more.
     We, representing people suffering from various serious diseases, who need permanent and often all the life lasting treatment, are forced to appeal to you. We declare that such a mechanical economy at the expense of reimbursed drugs is absolutely unacceptable and irrational.
     The majority of people suffering from chronic diseases receives minimal income, and is unable to buy necessary remedies. Under the different social conditions now the additional extra payments for remedies of vital necessity will restrict their accessibility to the patients, will worsen quality of treatment, prompt a rise of treatment in hospitals, increase numbers of cases of serious disablement and deaths, and further increase expenditures of the State. It has been proved long time ago that treatment in hospital is more expensive than that one under the outpatient conditions, and that the treatment with modern remedies of high quality for out patients helps to escape hospitalization and thus reduces expenses of the State.
     The Government of Lithuanian Republic has approved the methodics of the determination of reimbursed drugs by the decision No 643 made on 23rd of June 1997, which is in operation now and satisfies interests of patients of Lithuania.
     We are addressing to you inviting for the looking for more rational ways for economy, not at the expense of reimbursed medicaments of vital necessity.

Lithuanian Arthritis Association
Lithuanian Diabetes Association
Lithuanian Society of the Fight with Cancer Disease
Lithuanian Association of Patients with Nephrological Diseases "Gyvastis"
Asthma Association of Lithuanian Republic
Lithuanian Association of People with Epilepsy and their Guardians
Lithuanian Community of Guardianship of Mentally Handicapped People
Children Club "Daigas" of Vilnius City

     This appeal was sent also to chairman of the Parliament of Lithuanian Republic, to the Committee of Health Affairs, and to the National Health Council at the Parliament of LR.
     Since the answer to this Appeal has not been received, we have organized a press conference. Representatives of the Department of Pharmacy and of the State Health Insurance Fund endeavored to refute our information to the press at this conference. Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health Care G. Viskaitis and the representative of this Ministry for press L. Bucelis informed the LDA by telephone that almost all kinds of insulin would be left reimbursed for 100%.

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10 years for Lithuanian Diabetes Association

By D.Kvedaraviciene
     Despite the storm raging all over Lithuania on the 4th of December honourable guests not only from different cities of the Republic but also from Latvia and Germany came to Vilnius for the Commemoration of the 10-years Jubilee of the activity of the LDA. Representatives of different organizations, physicians, nurses, like-minded persons of the LDA, and friends assembled to the decorated for the festival the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.
     The first speakers were Dr. Bronius Jonusas, the first president of the Association, and Vida Augustiniene, the LDA president. The achievements of the LDA activity were summarized, all members of this Association were congratulated. As an illustration for the speeches the video film about 1989-1999 activities of the LDA was demonstrated. All collective members of the LDA - all regional clubs of diabetes received copies of this film.
     Alongside the expressed gladness of the achievements of the LDA on the occasion of the jubilee the main problems of people with diabetes of Lithuania were remembered. The LDA president V. Augustiniene introduced suggestion to participants of the Commemoration about the need to organize the round table for medical authorities and all representatives of concerned with diabetes organizations.
     Complimentary speeches were said also by I. Puzule, I. Svitina, S. Balts from Latvia, chairman of the Comitee of the Declaration of St. Vincent prof. A. Norkus, chairwoman of the Society of Nurses-diabetes Educators J. Uleckiene, R. Kazemekaitiene from diabetes club "Ramune" (Jonava city), chairman of joint stock company "Ortopedijos technika" R. Rimdeika, chairwoman of the Committee of the support for Lithuanian children of Germany Mrs. L. Karn, chairwomen of Higher Medical School for Nurses of Vilnius I. Galkauskiene, and chairman of Elli Lilly representatives in Lithuania A. Doviltis, P. Grigola from Plunge and G. Lisauskiene from Vilnius.
     After the official ceremony the drama "Richard III" by W. Shakespeare was shown.

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     Telegrams with greetings in occasion of the 10-year jubilee of the LDA from the president of the International Diabetes Federation Maria L. de Alva, representatives of the WHO coordinating Council R. Petkevicius, and R. Sadauskiene, chairman of the Committee of Health Affairs at the Parliament of Lithuanian Republic A. Matulas, vice-president of the international Diabetes Federation Leena Etu Seppala, Dr. Ingvars Rasa, minister of Social Security and Labour of the LR Irena Degutiene, vice-president of the region of Europe of the Interational Diabetes Federation Anders Eriksson, general director of Novo Nordisk Kristi Vikki, V. Blazys (Jonava), members of diabetes Association of Finland J. Huttunen, T. Lehto, L. Etu-Seppala are presented.

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Greetings for Riga's inhabitants

By D.Kvedaraviciene
     Latvian Diabetes Association of Children and Youths commemorated the ten years jubilee of their activity on 10th of December 1999. We participated in this festival, and had an opportunity to wish the every success to our Latvian friends. We are thankful to company Novo Nordisk which helped us in this trip.

Christmas of the smallest
By D.Zuloniene-Kartheiser, Vice-president of club "Dia-Bite"
     At the end of the December of 1999 children of the club "Dia-Bite'' with their parents celebrated Christmas in the Cultural House of Trade Unions in the studio of theatre "Azuolas". Theatre group "Elementorius", dancers of "Liepsnele", folk company "Kodrabas", and Santa Clause pleased children there. The Council of "Dia-Bite" is thankful to their sponsors: Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Eksmos MTC, Abbot Medisense, "Interfarma", and others.

Let's be happy in 2000
By P.Grigola, Plunge
     Thankfulness for the nice celebration of the jubilee of the LDA and the best wishes to the newspaper readers for 2000 are expressed in the letter.

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Join the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

     Members of association have more possibilities to get the latest information about the disease, help other people to manage their diabetes and to purchase self-control devices with privileges. You may join one of 46 local diabetes clubs in your district and you will become a member of LDA. You can contact with us by address:
     Didlaukio 45-108,
     2057 Vilnius
     Tel.No: 370-2 76 88 84,

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Children Diabetes

By children endocrinologist Sonata Zukauskaite, KMU Institute of Endocrinology.
     The aspects and incidence of the children diabetes, some news of the recent investigations are presented in the article.

Pages 9-11
Obesity is an Enemy of Health

By Prof. Juozas Steponas Danilevicius.
     Causes, symptoms, classification of obesity are described in the article. Examples of various diets for reducing of weight are presented to readers.

Pages 12-13
Juicy and exotic citric fruits

Prepared by Laima Kaulakiene (from "Diabetes Journal'' No 11, 1999).

     History of citruses, their sorts and qualities are described n the article. A recipe of preparing of fish in orange juice is presented.

You asked, we answer
     A reader of the newspaper, J. Norkus from Plunge expresses his expectations from the newspaper to read more pieces of practical advice about food for people with diabetes.
     Answering to the letter, the LDA introduces some general advice about healthy nutrition.

Pages 14
Is the purchased glucometer of a good quality?

By A.Teiberis, the representative of Novo Nordisk in Lithuania
     Current description of the precision of personal glucometer, principals of the evaluation of quality of personal and laboratory devices for measurement of blood glucose are described in the article.

Pages 15-16
"Eksmos MTC" advertisement on self control devices.

Advertisement of the "Eli Lilly" company.

Diabetes centers of Lithuania

     There are addresses of Diabetes centres, diabetic foot cabinets and cabinets of education of diabetes presented and shown on the map of Lithuania.

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The World Day of Diabetes all over Lithuania

By Vida Augustiniene, LDA President
     The 14th of November is the World Day of Diabetes. The theme of this Day during 1999 was the cost of diabetes. Clubs all over Lithuania joining together people with diabetes, doctors and other medical personnel participated in various activities and mass media programs assigned to that theme. The blood glucose for 2.5 thousand of people with an increased risk to become ill with diabetes was checked in 28 diabetes clubs. 9.3% of them had the blood glucose above the norm. Accordingly to data of controlled people with diabetes, their management of the disease is not sufficient, as 41% of them had the blood glucose above 10 mmol/l. Data collected by firm "Korys", showed that for 13.8% of 2300 controlled people blood glucose level was sufficient to suspect diabetes. The LDA is very thankful to everybody, who participated and sponsored the activities of commemoration of The Word Day of Diabetes.

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Cronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

  During the 8-25th of November 1999 activities assigned to commemoration of the World Day of Diabetes were going on all over Lithuania.
  During the 19-20th of November conference if Lithuanian endocrinologists "The Actual Questions of Diabetology" was organized in Palanga. LDA president Vida Augustiniene also made a report there.
  On 24th of Nov. the LDA had a meeting with a technologist of the Joint stock company "Naujoji Ruta" S.Pranskietyte. The possibilities for production of caramel sweets for people with diabetes were discussed.
  On 4 of Dec. 10-years jubilee for the Lithuanian Diabetes Association was commemorated at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. The book "How do I treat my diabetes", prepared by J.Uleckiene, for people with type 2 diabetes, who are treated with tablets, was published on this occasion.
  On 10 of Dec. LDA president V.Augustiniene, deputy secretary D. Kvedaraviciene, and a nurse-diabetes educator A. Danyliene took part in the 10-years jubilee commemoration of Latvian Diabetes Association of Children and Youths.
  On 14 of Dec. opportunities of collaboration were discussed with leaders of joint stock company Olga&Olga at the meeting with LDA.
  On 15 of Dec. LDA president V. Augustiniene participated at the broadened meeting organized by Committee of Health Affairs at the Parliament of LR for the questions of compensation of medicaments.
  On 30 of Dec. LDA together with other organizations representing people with diabetes signed an appeal to the Government of LR and President of LR "Considering economy at the expense of reimbursed drugs for people suffering from serious diseases".
  On 13 of Jan. deliberation about strategy of development of process of medical rehabilitation, its situation and perspectives in Lithuania, took place in Lithuanian Council of Affairs of People with Disabilities at the Government of LR. LDA president V. Augustiniene participated there.
  on 14 of Jan. 2000 Republican Labour Exchange, Lithuanian Council of Affairs of People with Disabilities at the Government of LR, and State Commission of Social Medical Rehabilitation organized seminar "Actual questions of broadening of the employment of people with disabilities". LDA president V. Augustiniene took part there.
  On 17 of Jan. press conference "Considering economy at the expense of reimbursed drugs for people suffering from serious diseases" was organized in the Higher Medical School for Nurses of Vilnius.
  On 11 of February activities of LDA in 1999 will be looked over and plan of work in 2000 will be confirmed during LDA Council sitting in Vilnius. Other questions actual for people with diabetes will be discussed.
  During 14-15 of September the 5th annual Congress of Nurses-diabetes Educators of Europe will be going on in Jerusalem (Israel).
  During 17-21 of Sep. the 36th annual Conference of European Association of diabetes Studies is organized in Jerusalem (Israel).
  During 5-10 of November the 17th Congress of International Diabetes Federation is organized in Mexico City (Mexico).

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Let's check our kidneys

By official representative of "Diagnosta" in Lithuania
     Information about diabetic nephropathy and the importance of its early symptom - microalbuminury is presented to the reader.

Page 20
Diabetes and men's sexual health

By representatives of Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation in Lithuania
     Reasons of some disorders of men's sexual health and ways to eliminate them are described in the article.

Page 21
Advertisement on "Cukradietas" by K.I.F.L. Tabletting Sweeteners Ltd. representatives in Vilnius firm "Olga&Olga".

Saint-John's wort tincture

Prepared by Dr.Rima Berontiene
     Qualities of Saint-John's wort are described in this article.

Pages 22-23
Let us know and win

     Editorial board of "Diabetas" announces a competition "What do we know about diabetes". Actual questions about this disease will be published in every issue of the newspaper of 2000, the answers to the questions will be found in other issue. The answers to be sent to the editors within 3 weeks after the publishing of the issue. 5 winners will be selected after every issue. At the end of the year the best participants will be selected. They will be granted with prizes set up by our sponsors.
     First 17 questions are printed.

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Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group advertisement about Zuckli.

"Abbott laboratories", "Labomeda" advertisement on self-control device Prcision Q1D (Medisense).

Advertisement about three new books

Prepared by Dr.Rima Berontiene
     "Insulin helps me to feel better", "My book about diabetes mellitus", and "How do I treat my diabetes", written by V. Jorgens, M. Grusser, P. Kronsbein, and M. Berger, which are translated to Lithuanian. These books could be purchased in bookstores or the LDA.