Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 3 (27) August 10, 2000

Eli Lilly - the general sponsor.
The newspaper is supported by: Abbott Medisense, Berlin-Chemie / Menarini Pharma group, representatives of Roche Diagnostics CSC "Eksmos MTC", firm "Korys", Novo Nordisk, Phizer H.C.P. Corporation.

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At the camps of our association
By LDA President V. Augustiniene
     This year more than 80 children and youths from more than 30 cities and regions of Lithuania had their rest in the camps of the LDA. The main sponsor was the Council of Affairs of Invalids at the Government of LR. Other sponsors were: Abbott Medisense, Eksmos MTC, Labomeda, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation, as well as diabetes clubs of Palanga, Plunge, Kelme, Skuodas, Druskininkai, Pasvalys, sanatorium of Palanga “Jurate”, hospital and out-patient departments of Plunge, Drug stores "Inesa" and "Meta", the National Park of Lower Lithuania, Department of Guardianship and Protection at the Municipality of Skuodas, Ministry of Education of LR, and others. The camps took places in Palanga and Plateliai. 10 people suffering from diabetes together with their families sailed on a raft “Bliuskis" constructed by the captain V. Kasperavicius along the river Nemunas. 5 children and youths suffering from diabetes from Latvia together with President of Diabetes Association of Latvia Inara Puzule took part in this trip as well as in the camp of Palanga. Our members of the LDA had a rest in Kazganda camp in Latvia too.
     These young people not only rested in the camps, but also learned to manage their disease, and performed blood sugar testings for natives of the places they have visited.
     The data from one of the camps are introduced. All campers were suffering from type 1 diabetes. The mean age of them was 18. 73 % of them were schoolchildren, 13 % working. The duration of the disease was from 10 months until 39.5 years. 10% of children were not been taught of diabetes control until the camp. 30% were not able for self-control. Everyone was trained to control his diabetes. The diagrams about theoretical knowledge and practical skills of self-control of diabetes of the campers are printed. Comparing the results: at the day of arrival 65.3% of questionnaires about diabetes were answered correctly, at the end of the camp this result was 89.2%. Practical skills were evaluated as 77.2% and 84.7% respectively. Responses of the campers about impressions from the camp are introduced for the readers.
     The LDA thanks sincerely all sponsors of the camps, guides, doctors, nurses and other assistants, and wishes to all campers robuster health.

Palangos stovykloje - tarsi viena šeima

Psychologist's look at the campers
By Ieva Cechaviciute
     Psychologist of the Palanga children with diabetes camp describes her impressions about behavior, emotions and communication of these children.

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Join the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

     Members of association have more possibilities to get the latest information about the disease, help other people to manage their diabetes and to purchase self-control devices with privileges. You may join one of 46 local diabetes clubs in your district and you will become a member of LDA. You can contact with us by address:
     Didlaukio 45-108,
     2057 Vilnius
     Tel.: 370-2 76 88 84,

Consultation free of charge
     People with diabetes can consult the doctor-endocrinologist Egle Rudinskiene free of charge at the cabinet in the Vilnius higher medical school, Didlaukio 45-111, three times per week.

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Information from the Department of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health Care about the reimbursement of insulin

     The order of the Minister of the Health Care No 421 of 21 07 2000 "Concerning the order of the Minister of Health Care No 49 of 01 28 2000 about the partial change of the confirming of the list of reimbursed drugs" asserts that the words "Humanum insulinum" in the column "Drugs" of the section "Diseases of Endocrine system, Nutrition and Metabolism" (100%) were crossed out as redundant and the order of the compensation of insulin has not changed.

For the welfare of members of the LDA
LDA information
     The study of investigations of diabetes control and complications (DCCT) has been finished recently in the USA as well as perspective investigations of diabetes in the UK. These works have established that regular control of blood glucose and blood pressure determines health condition of the patients either with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
     The State Health Insurance reimburses for 100% only 150 diagnostic sticks per year for all patients with diabetes who use insulin and 300 for pregnant women with diabetes. The LDA is sponsored by representatives of Roche Diagnostics CSC in Lithuania "Eksmos MTC", and Abbott Medisense. All members of the LDA have the possibility to purchase self-control devices of these companies "Glucotrend" and "Precission" on favourable terms.

Advertisement about opening of the cafe-canteen for the people with diabetes
     It is opened in Vilnius, Vilnius St. 29, from the 7th of August.

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Chronicle of the LDA

  On 12 of May 2000 members of diabetes club of Radviliskis discussed main trends of its activities at the meeting. Vice-mayor, head physicians of the Municipality, Hospital, and Outpatient department of Radviliskis met with patients.
  On 13 of May LDA President V. Augustiniene participated at the meeting of community "Aronija". Questions that worry people with diabetes were discussed.
  On 17 of May at the seminar organised by the LDA and the club "Dia" in Outpatient department of Lukiskes, Vilnius, Prof. J. Danilevicius, Dr. G. Zaleckis, as well as V. Augustiniene and L. Kaulakiene made their oral presentations. N. Nenartonyte described activities of the club.
  On 23 of May members of diabetes club of Skuodas visited the LDA. Endocrinologist Dr. E. Rudinskiene answered the questions about diabetes. Dr. S. Sniute (Asta Medica representative) told about a drug Thioctacid and its administration. L. Kaulakiene and J. Margelyte referred about the importance of self-control.
  On 26 of May LDA President V. Augustiniene spoke in the Lithuanian Radio broadcast about actualities of diabetes.
  On 29 of May the planned meeting of the chiefs of Panevezys and Utena diabetes clubs in Zarasai didn't take place. There were only people of Kupiskis and Zarasai from 9 regions not indifferent to the meeting.
  On 6 of June V. Augustiniene and Dr. S. Sniute met together with members of Lazdijai diabetes club.
  On 7 of June President of LDA Society of Nurses - diabetes educators J. Uleckiene participated at the meeting of members of Rokiskis diabetes club. It was established by glycosylated haemoglobin testing that the majority of the patients poorly control their diabetes.
  On 14 of June meeting of leaders of diabetes organisations of Telsiai and Siauliai regions in Siauliai took place. Only representatives of Mazeikiai and Pasvalys organisations didn't participated there. Experience of the work was shared, and trends of the activities of the LDA were discussed at the meeting.
  On 15 of June delegation of Radviliskis diabetes club was acquainted with activities of the LDA and novelties of treatment of diabetes by Dr. E. Rudinskiene, Dr. A. Teiberis, Dr. S. Sniute, V. Augustiniene, and D. Kvedaraviciene during the visit to the LDA.
  On 24 of June meeting of regional diabetes organisations arranged by Plunge diabetes club by the lake of Skyplaiciai took place.
  From 25 of June - until 4 of July camp of diabetes education of children and youths was organised by the LDA and diabetes club of Palanga in sanatorium "Jurate" in Palanga (Chief - I. Zamaliene).
  On 29 of June the Committee of Health Affairs at the Parliament of LR informed that the planned meeting suggested by the LDA for discussions about questions of strategy of diabetes will take place in the Ministry of Health Care instead of the Parliament.
  On 1 of July diabetes club of Klaipeda celebrated its tenth anniversary. LDA President V. Augustiniene participated in the entertainment.
  During 6-15 of July the second group of children with diabetes rested in Palanga camp (Chief - I. Zamaliene).
  During 8-9 of July conference of the Council of European Region of the International Diabetes Federation "Together we are stronger" took place in Croatia. Two delegates from Lithuania were invited to the meeting. However as sponsorship was not offered anybody participated there.
  During 10-19 of July children from Palanga and Plunge diabetes clubs participated at a camp of Diabetes association of Children and Youths of Latvia in Kazganda.
  During 11-20 of July LDA and Plunge diabetes club organised a camp of diabetes education of children and youths in Plateliai, in a holiday home "Saltinelis". Chairwoman was a nurse A. Danyliene.
  14-18 of July people suffering from diabetes sailed on a raft “Bliuskis" along the river Nemunas. Delegation of children and youths from Latvia participated there. Prophylactic blood glucose tests were performed for natives of the places they have visited.
  22-23 of July diabetes club of Marijampole organised a seminar in Jurgezeriai. The sponsors: Municipality of Marijampole, Open Society Fund - Lithuania, the Council of Affairs of Invalids at the Government of LR, and others.
  5-14 of August club "Keturi zirgai" ("Four horses") invited people with diabetes to a trip by canoes.
  LDA published a book " Let's choose: 50 dishes". Sponsor: Novo Nordisk.
  17-21 of September EASD conference will be going on in Israel.
  5-10 of November Congress of the International Diabetes Federation will take place in Mexico. Two delegates from the LDA are invited.

From our correspondence
     Editors receive a lot of letters from readers, which represent mostly different opinions. As for instance some of them (as B. Petrosiene) agree with an opinion of Dr. A. Ereliene about the need of regular hospitalisation of patients with diabetes. Others, like A. Slivinskas from Siauliai, supports an opinion about the need to improve the out-patient service.

Let's follow good examples
LDA information
     From March until July meetings of collective members of the LDA were organised in Vilnius, Druskininkai, Marijampole, Skuodas, and Siauliai. Affairs of work of the organisation were discussed in details, and experience of activity was shared in these meetings. LDA President V. Augustiniene, Vice-president G. Naidzinaviciene, Executive Secretary D. Kvedaraviciene, Accountant G. Cincikiene, Board members A. Jusyte, E. Baltrusaitiene, R. Lisauskas participated there.

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Advertisements on self control devices of representatives of Roche Diagnostics CSC "Eksmos MTC"

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(continued from page 7)

Let's follow good examples

     Problems of regional diabetes clubs and their members are discussed in the article.

Action of "Atgaja"
By President of "Atgaja" club of Druskininkai J. Simoniene
     By initiative of the club blood glucose was tested for 110 people in April. Club president and people who participated in the action are very thankful to their sponsor supermarket "Iki" for such opportunity.

Weekend by the "Bebrusai"
By Vice-president of "Dia-bite" D. Kartheiser
     During a warm weekend of June children from diabetes club "Dia-bite" from Vilnius together with Dr. R. Kisieliunene had a wonderful rest by the lake of Bebrusai in Moletai. Their sponsors were Eksmos MTC" and CSC "Labomeda".

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We diversify our activity
By Chairman of diabetes club of Kursenai "Venta" K. Zadeikis
     People with diabetes enjoy themselves during festivals, travel by bus to the seaside, and visit interesting places together. They are very thankful to Municipality of Siauliai region, Vice-mayor R. Baskiene, and other people who support them.

Pithy spend years
By L. Vitkauskiene, community of Kaunas "Likimas"
     Community "Likimas" is active for ten years already. Its activities include organising of many cultural entertainments, festivals, trips, as well as meetings with doctors, endocrinologists and other specialists. "Likimas" thanks Department of Culture of Kaunas, CSC "Hermis", and LDA President V. Augustiniene for financial and moral support.

At the Midsummer Festival of natives of Plunge
By Chairman of diabetes club of Kursenai "Venta" K. Zadeikis
     The author shares his impressions about St. John's Feast in the National Park of Lower Lithuania by the lake of Skyplaiciai.

"Keturi zirgai" invites
     Club "Keturi zirgai" will have its tenth anniversary in August. The beginners were V. Paliulis, J. Uleckiene, V. Augustiniene, E. Janulionyte, and Lithuanian Red Cross society. In this occasion a practical scientific conference will be organised on 23 of September. Representatives of Lithuanian diabetes clubs are invited there.

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Advertisement of Lilly company on new pens of insulin "Humulin N pen"

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Summer with fructose
By Dr. R. Berontiene
     Advantages of fructose are described in the article, four recipes with this carbohydrate are introduced.

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A new approach to diabetes care
Prepared by D. Kartheiser from IDF journal "Diabetes voice"
     Tables about evaluation of indices of diabetes control from the "Manual of Diabetes Care" are introduced for readers.

Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia of children
Prepared by D. Kartheiser according to foreign press
     The article deals with children hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia and how to manage them.

Alcohol: is it good or is it bad?
Prepared by V. Augustiniene according to foreign press
     The answer to a question about weather alcohol could have any advantages in a case of diabetes is introduced for readers.

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Let's learn of diabetes self-control
Prepared by D. Kartheiser from IDF journal "Diabetes voice"
     Tables about evaluation of indices of diabetes control from the "Manual of Diabetes Care" are introduced for readers.

Advertisement of representatives of Pfizer H. C. P. Corporation in Lithuania about disorders of erection
     For details contact by free telephone line (370-2 8800) 22000.

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Pregnancy and diabetes
Prepared according to an article by N. Gustova from journal "Diabet - obraz zizni" ("Diabetes - a way of life")
     Peculiarities of pregnancy when suffering from diabetes are described in this article.

Let everybody be happy…
Information from club "Keturi zirgai"
     Ten people with diabetes from club "Keturi zirgai" visited Hari Krishna centre for 3 months by 2-3 hours per day. They attended lectures about healthy and rational nutrition, activities of organism, treatment of diseases without drugs, learned to prepare different Indian dishes, and a lot of about Indian customs and culture. Participants tried various exotic food, listened to a mystic music. They appreciate that experience very much and thank a lot the State Council of Youths for a financial support.

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Let us know and win
     Editorial board of the "Diabetas" continues the competition "What do we know about diabetes". Actual questions about this disease will be published in every issue of the newspaper of 2000, the answers to the questions will be found in the other issue. The answers to be sent to the editors within 3 weeks after the publishing of the issue. 5 winners will be selected after every issue. At the end of the year the best participants will be selected. They will be granted with prizes set up by our sponsors.
     13 new questions and answers to the first questions are printed.

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Berlin-Chemie advertisement on Espumisan®

Abbott laboratories advertisement on self-control device Precision Q1D (Medisense)

New books
     Advertisement about three new books “Insulin helps me to feel better”, “My book about diabetes mellitus”, and “How do I treat my diabetes”, written by V. Jorgens, M. Grusser, P. Kronsbein, and M. Berger, which are translated into Lithuanian. These books could be purchased in bookstores or in the LDA.