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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 4 (28) November 10, 2000

Eli Lilly - the general sponsor.
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14 of November - World Diabetes Day
Diabetes And Lifestyle in the New Millennium

by LDA President V.Augustiniene
     World Diabetes Day was started celebrating in 1991. It aims to rise public awareness of the causes, symptoms, treatment and complications associated with the disease. WDD serves as an important reminder that incidence of this serious condition is still on the increase.
     The living and habbits of eating are different in recent years. Diabetes spread because of wrong way of living. It means that epidemic is going to reach Lithuania as well.
     More than 30 thousand of people with diabetes are registered in Lithuania according to National Registre. In the publication of the IDF "Diabetes Around The World" is said that 94.5 thousand of people have this illness in Lithuania. While checking the blood prophylacticaly, from 7 to 14.7 % of people are found too high glucose level. According to data of Medical Social Expertize Commission more than 700 new cases of disablement from complications of diabetes are established each year. More than 10% of people with diabetes are already established as invalides. It seems that it is crucial to encourage healthy lifestyle and inform people about the danger of complications.
     That is why all the members of International Diabetes Federation are encouraged to organize celebrations seeking to learn from mistakes and successes. All the members of association or clubs are able to enlive the aims of World Diabetes Day. The focus of the campain this year, concentrating on a healthy lifestyle for all, means that everyone is the target of the campain. However to make it easier we can keep various objectives in mind: general public, people with diabetes, people at risk of developing diabetes, healthcare profesionals and practitioners, opinion leaders/decision makers, media.
     LDA President invites to participate in the action. She offeres to spread knowledge about diabetes and healthy lifestyle: balanced diet, physical activity, seeking good medical advices and taking control of your life, a healthy social life. Our health is in our hands. The LDA President wishes to strenthen it for subscribers of "Diabetas" and for all the people.

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Lithuanian Diabetes Association is a member of the International Diabetes Federation
     An invitation to become a member of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.
     Advantages of the membership of the LDA are presented here. The way to become a member of LDA is to enter the club of diabetes in your district.
     If you do not know were to find a club, please call us on phone number 8-22-768884 or find us by address: www.omnitel.net/lda, e-mail: diabetas@is.lt
     People with diabetes can consult the doctor-endocrinologist Egle Rudinskiene free of charge at the cabinet at the LDA in the Vilnius higher medical school, Didlaukio 45-111, three times per week.

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Diabetes Facts and Figures
Information according to the IDF materials

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For the Welfare of Members of the LDA
LDA information
     The State Health Insurance reinburses for 100% only 150 diagnostic sticks per year for all people with diabetes who use insulin and 300 for pregnant women with diabetes. The LDA is sponsored by representatives of Roche Diagnostics CSC "Eksmos MTC" and Abbott Medisense CSC "Labomeda". All members of the LDA have the possibility to purchase self control devises of these companies "Glucotrend" and "Precission" on favourable conditions.

Letter from the International Diabetes Federation President
     International Diabetes Federation President invites all National Diabetes Associations to celebrate World Diabetes Day successfully and is looking forward to hearing about their local activities.

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Cronicle Of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
  On 7 of August 2000 Mrs Lilly Karn from Germany visited the LDA. She left sweets and diagnostic sticks Glucotrend for 980 German Marks as a gift. These gifts were passed to children with diabetes. Mrs Lilly Karn was informed of passed support.
  From 7 of August the café-canteen in Vilnius (Vilnius street 29) invites to visit it. Dishes for people with diabetes are offered there.
  On 22 of August the meeting with the members of Kaunas club "Aronija" took place in the LDA.
  On 23 of August the delegation from Vilkaviskis community "Insula" visited the LDA and on 24 of August the representatives from Kupiskis club "Kupa" were the quests there.
  On 29 of August the President of LDA met the delegation of disabled people in the press conference organized by the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania. During 13-20 of August in Prague the delegation of disabled people participated in the Olympics.
  On 8 of September the meeting with the representatives by Visaginas took place in the LDA. The problems of founding a club in that town were discussed.
  On 11 of September the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene and the secretary-in-chief Danguole Kvedaraviciene participated in the meetting of the Department of Health of Lithuanian Seimas (Parlament) with public organizations. Nowdays problems for people with diabetes and doctors were presented. It was offered to improve a health care for people with diabetes.
  On 14 (Zverynas district), 19 (Vivulskio street), 26 (Konarskio street) of September and 3 (Naujininku street) of October action of the LDA and Vilnius TV for World Diabetes Day took place. Theme: "Diabetes and Lifestyle in the New Millennium". Declaration: "Your Health is in your Hands". Prophylactic checking of the blood glucose was made for 800 people. Even 14.7% of these people were found with too high level of glucose. 89% of them are elder people, 78% have overweight, 16% have relatives with diabetes. All of them were offered to visit their doctors as soon as possible. Sponsors: CSC "Eksmos MTC", "Interfarma", Santariskiu and Sapiegos hospitals.
  During 14-15 of September LSDMD chairwoman Juzefa Uleckiene and Aldona Danyliene presented posters in the conference of FEND in Jerusalem.
  During 17-21 of September Vida Augustiniene and Danguole Kvedaraviciene took part in the conference of the EASD in Jerusalem. Thanks for sponsors: "Abbott Medisense", CSC "Labomeda", "Eksmos MTC", Novo Nordisk. Endocrinologists Ona Regina Jurkauskiene and Jurate Kulbokiene - members of the LDA Council- participated in the EASD conference too.
  On 25 of September the President of LDA met Liberals' candidates to the Seimas of Lithuania. The meeting took place in the office of the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania.
  During 26-29 of September LDA poster was presented in the International LitMedicin exhibition. Representatives of the Druskininkai, Marijampole, Vilnius "Beta" and "Dia" clubs helped spreading an information and checking the blood glucose at the poster of the LDA. 8.3% of people who checked their glucose had higher results than normal. Sponsors of the LDA: "Litexpo", CSC "Labomeda", "Eksmos MTC".
  On 2 of October the President of LDA met "Naujoji Sajunga" candidates to the Seimas of Lithuania. The meeting took place in the office of the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania.
  On 10 of October the meeting of the LDA Council took place. The main theme: World Diabetes Day. The guest from USA Mrs. Egle Juodvalke presented her new book "Cukraus kalnas" (Mountain of Sugar).
  During 2-10 of November the President Vida Augustiniene will represent the LDA in the conference of the ICDM and Congress of the International Diabetes Federation.
  The 14 of November is World Diabetes Day. All clubs are going to celebrate it.
  On 17 of November the conference of LSDMD for World Diabetes Day take place. Nurses, doctors-endocrinologists, chiefs and members from all clubs are invited.

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The News From the Conference In Jerusalem
     Dr.O.R.Jurkauskiene presents the news from the conference of EASD wich took place during 17-21 of September in Jerusalem.

The Gift for European Research
     Novo Nordisk informs that the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), Novo Nordisk A/S and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) are joining forces to create a new European research initiative to find a cure for diabetes and lessen the impact of its complications. All three partners have committed to the initiative worth more than USD 10 million over three years - which will support European - based diabetes research in a variety disciplines. It was announced at the 36th annual meeting of the EASD, held in Jaruzalem.

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At the Conference of FEND
     The Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Society of Nurses - Diabetes Educators (LSDMD) J.Uleckiene and member of this organization A.Danyliene provide an information from the conference of FEND which took place during 14 - 15 of September in Jeruzalem, Israel. The most attention was given to the education of the people with diabetes and self control.

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Advertisement of Lilly company on new pens of insulin "Humulin N pen"

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Prophylaxis of Atherosclerosis - PADMA
by Dr. A.Kazemekaitis

Page 11
Type II Diabetes and Insulin
by Dr. A.Jarasiunas

Advertisement of Biovita on vitamins.

Pages 12-14
Nutrition of Pregnant Women and Women recently confined
by Laima Kaulakiene

Advertisement on self Control devices of representatives of Roche Diagnostics CSC "Eksmos MTC".

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An Armlet for Medical Identification
     The LDA provides an information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes.

Advertisement of representatives of "Pfizer H. C. P. Corporation" in Lithuania about disorders of erection.

Pages 16
Let Us Save From the Flue
by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene

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The Camp helps to improve diabetes control
     Dr. S.Zukauskaite remembers a camp in Palanga. It is pointed out that such camps for children with diabetes are very usefull not only because of knowledge but psychological help to each other as well.

The Benefit of Education
     The LDA presents the results from one camp in Palanga. 19 children (from 10 to 16 years old, an avarage 13 years) rested there. They have diabetes from 2 months to 10 years (an avarage 3 years). 47% of them rested there for the first time. All of them have Type I diabetes. One of them said he is never educated about diabetes control. All of them participated in the educating program in the camp. At the day of arrival 72% of answers to theoretical questions were right and 77% were right on the departure from camp. At the day of arrival 79% of answers to practical questions were right and 80% were right on departure from the camp. According children's self control diaries they checked glucose 4 times per day. An avarage of glucose level was from 4.3 to 16.3 in the mornings, from 4.7 to 11.1 in the days, 6.6 in the evenings and 6.3 mmol/l before the sleep.
     Thus, theoretical knowledge became better by 5% but practical - only by 1%.
     Children already knew about the control of their illness at the camp but they are lacking deeper knowledge. It means that the knowledge should be renewed all the life.

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We were together again
     Vilnius club "Keturi zirgai" shares the impressions from the trip by canoes and thanks for sponsors.

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A Trip on "Bliuskis"
     It is the third year when people with diabetes are going to a romantic trip on a raft. In their stops the travelers made the prophylactic checking of blood glucose for public. 11% of checked people had a higher glucose level than normal who were checked in 1999. 150 people were checked in 2000. 8.5% of them were refered to visit their medical intitution as soon as possible.
     The delegation from Children's and Adolescent Diabetes Association of Latvia traveled together with Lithuanian group this year. The President Inara Puzule was on the raft as well.

Education, Playing a Fairy-Tale
     The information about the seminar for children, youth with diabetes and their parents is given in this artcle. The seminar was organized by Marijampole diabetes club. The club thanks for sponsors and doctors who helped.

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Physical Activity is Health
     The article was prepared by D.Kartheiser using foreign press.

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The Probation in the St. Vincent's Hospital
     The Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Society Nurses - Diabetes Educators J.Uleckiene shares her impressions from her probation in the St. Vincent's hospital, USA. She invites nurses to a 10 years' Aniversary conference of the Lithuanian Society of Nurses - Diabetes Educators on 17 of November. On that occasion she wishes the members of Society to be on good mood and work successfully for the sake of people with diabetes health.

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Let Us Know And Win
     The competition "What do we Know About Diabetes" continues. It is reminded that the winners will be announced in the next number of "Diabetes".

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Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group advertisement on Espumisan.

Abbot laboratories advertisement on self-control device Presision Q1D (Medisense).

New Books
     Advertisement on new books in Lithuania for people with diabetes.