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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 2 (30) May 10, 2001

Eli Lilly - the general sponsor.
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Beware of Ketoacidosis

     Prepared by Medisense consultant L.Kaulakiene.


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The information about LDA working hours is provided

Congratulations to Prof. A.Norkus and Dr. S.Sideraite on jubilee occasion


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Diabetes School

     Novo Nordisk A/S manager Dr. A.Jarasunas informs about Diabetes school at the LDA.


Thanks to a chairwoman of Vilnius diabetes club “Dia”

Reminding of the subscription of the newspaper “Diabetes”


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Advertisement of Lilly Company on pens of insulin “Humulin N pen”


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Questionnaire for the readers of “Diabetes”

     About 1.5% of the readers answered to the questions from “Diabetes No1 (29).

1.       89% of them prescribe the newspaper regularly, 3% prescribe it sometimes, 3% read the newspaper in the library, and 3% read in the diabetes club and 8% of them borrow it from others.

2.       81% read all the information, 8% the 2/3 of information, 5% read only a little part of knowledge. Other readers did not mark what they read.

3.       After the newspaper have been read, 68% collect all the numbers of it, 11% collect the most interesting articles and 14% gives the newspaper to others.

4.       57% said the newspaper helped them to realize an importance of self-control, 49% reported of better regulation of drug doses, 30% said the newspaper helped them psychologically, 57% found out about the state support for people with diabetes, 35% were involved in the activity of diabetes clubs, 70% reported the newspaper helps to find out news about diabetes.

5.       30% of readers found out about “Diabetes” from their physician or nurse, 51% - in the LDA or their diabetes club, 16% heard about it on TV or Radio and 3% were inquiring in the post for themselves.

6.       Evaluation of the newspaper: 38% - very good, 54% - good, 8% satisfactory.

7.       14% of readership offered suggestions about articles. They want more information about diabetes complications, their prevention, drugs, artrozis of hip joints, advises about nutrition, the care of dialyzed patients, regime. Readers want articles about illness control by people with diabetes who have an illness for a long time. Nobody complained for a design of the publication. There was a suggestion to make a constant paragraph “Questions and Answers”. A big part of readership wants to get the newspaper once a month. The reader from Kaisiadorys would like to enter a club, but there is not such a club in this district (remark by LDA: the diabetes club in Kaisiadorys is registered, but is not active. We suggest to renew it’s activity).

8.       An information about the readership: 27% people with I type diabetes, 68% people with II type diabetes, 5% members of families.

9.       Education of readership: higher – 14%, special secondary – 16%, secondary – 51%, uncompleted secondary – 5%.

10.   A social situation: students - 3%, office workers – 8%, workers – 14%, pensioners – 70%, unemployed – 5%.

Thanks to all the readers of “Diabetes”. We value every opinion about our publication. We will take into account your suggestions and provide as much information as possible. We invite you to share your experience about coping with illness. It might be, that your example will help for many people to be more confident, to strengthen health, work creatively and keep a good mood. Let’s improve our publication together. Let’s inform about it other people with diabetes and share our knowledge with those who probably do not know how to manage with bothers. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         During January 8–10, 2001 the first meeting of the members of the project “The school for people with II type diabetes in the LDA”. 100 people from 16 districts participate in the program.

·         On January 11 the representatives of the LDA V.Augustiniene, D.Kvedaraviciene, O.Jurkauskiene, R.Lisauskas, D.Kartheiser met viceminister of health and presented the suggestions about the necessity to organize a conference of all health institutions and discuss strategy of diabetes care in Lithuania. We did not get an answer yet.

·         On February 8 the President of the LDA V.Augustiniene talked to a State adviser for health K.Staras about the questions of people with diabetes. K.Staras agreed that it is necessary to organize the meeting of health care institutions in the Ministry of Health and promised to help in organization. Later on he informed the LDA about the agreement of the viceminister of health V.Radavicius.

·         On February 22 in the meeting of the members of Silute diabetes club the President V.Augustiniene told about the necessity of proper self-control. The representative of Eksma MTC J.Margelyte conducted cholesterol analysis free of charge.

·         On February 27 the LDA and Zarasai diabetes club organized a seminar “Urgent questions of diabetes” for physicians. Prof. J.Danilevicius and Dr. G.Zaleskis made reports. V.Augustiniene and Z.Cernoviene presented the LDA and club’s activity.

·         On March 2 the President of the LDA and Dr. G.Zaleskis met the members of the new Visaginas diabetes club.

·         On March 10 Kaunas community “Likimas” celebrated ten-year jubilee. The President of the LDA V.Augustiniene congratulated the club. The little members of community and their parents said many thank words to the chairwoman L.Vitkauskiene.

All the participants enjoyed the festival.

·         On March 13 in the Hospital of Red Cross the President of the LDA told to participants of the courses for nurses-diabetologists about activity of the LDA and the bothers of people with diabetes. She invited to help people better control their illness.

·         On March 14 the chiefs of local government, administration of hospital and clinics and the President of LDA participated in the meeting, organized by the chairwoman of Druskininkai diabetes club J.Simoniene. The members of club and press participated as well.

·         On March 22 the delegation from Kursenai diabetes club (21 persons) visited the LDA residence. They shared bothers and joys. The supporter of LDA endocrinologist E.Rudinskiene gave many advises to the quests.

·         On March 26 the President of LDA took part in the seminar “Writing the programs” in the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania.

·         On March 28 the President of LDA and the members of the council endocrinologists took part in the symposium “Neuropathy. Current diagnostics and treatment”.

·         On March 29 J.Janusaitis, J.Laiva, O.Jurkauskiene, J.Treinys, D.Kavaliauskiene, G.Sereikiene represented LDA in the conference “Patient and health care” in Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas). V.Augustiniene made a report “The consumer’s of health care role in the health care system”.

·         On March 30 in the meeting of Elektrenai diabetes club the President of LDA invited the organizers of work of club to act more intensively, participate in the activity of LDA, to provide important information to people with diabetes.

·         During April 4-5 in Vilnius Higher Medicine School V.Augustiniene gave lectures to students-dietists about the nutrition of people with diabetes.

·         On March 5 LDA met the representatives of Lithuanian medicine students organization. On April 27 during the project “For the healthy tomorrow” the cooperation possibilities were discussed.

·         During April 9-11 the second meeting of the members of the project “The school for people with II type diabetes in the LDA”.

·         During April 19-20 the President of LDA, the member of the Steering Committee of the ICDM

V.Augustiniene took part in the International specialized exhibition of products and services ,,Diabetes. Life Style” in Moscow and in the international seminar for diabetes press representatives.

·         On April 21 Vilnius club “Dia” organized a conference for people with diabetes.

·         During May 10-11 the conference for chairmans of the collective LDA members in Druskininkai is going to take place.

·         During June – August the camps for children and youths with diabetes are planed in Palanga, Plateliai, Druskininkai. The Chairmans of clubs are invited to present list of children as soon as possible.


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LDA information for the members of LDA about possibility to acquire self-control tools with a discount

IDF information about funds from the IDF Education Foundation “IDF/Aventis Pharma Fund 2001” and “Mary Jane Mayes Fund 2001”


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We stayed together for a while

     An information about Radviliskis diabetes club celebration of the World Invalid’s Day.


An Armlet for Medical Identification

     Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chairmen of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


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Let’s Learn to Control Diabetes

     On September – November 1999 in Siauliai a tests of HbA1c was conducted for 365 people with diabetes. According to results, 77.5% of participants badly control an illness (HbAlc more than 7.5%), 19.5% poorly controls an illness (HbAlc – 6.5-7.5%), and only 3% well control an illness (HbAlc less than 6.5%).

In 1998-2000 such tests were conducted for 204 people with diabetes from 9 clubs with a help of a chief of Lithuanian Society of Nurses Diabetes Educators J.Uleckiene. Only 8.3% of them well control an illness, 39.2% of them controls poorly and even 52.5% - badly.

     What is the main reason of unsuccessful treatment? Only those patients, who feel responsibility, participate in a treatment process and follows instructions can control an illness. Physician must care of education his patients while treating chronic diseases. This work is the important part of treatment and it influences a quality of treatment. Ministries of health in all European countries signed a resolution for 5 years diabetes education program in 1991, WHO session. According to it the main tool for good control and prevention of complications is patients’ education.

     There is no good patients’ education in Lithuania. The main part of information is available only in Vilnius and Kaunas diabetes centers or sanatoriums in Birstonas and Palanga. It’s pity, not many people are find themselves there. Endocrinologist of a district can divide only 20 minutes for one patient. He needs to examine patient, to find out about his state, to plan additional analysis, to diagnose a reason of symptoms, to correct treatment, to prescribe medicine, to explain it’s usage and to fill the forms at this time. There is no doubt that there is no time for education.

In LDA and Siauliai 124 people were asked questions. 37 of them were patients, who use diet and tablets and 87 of them use insulin injections. They were asked if they acquired diabetes schools in hospital, clinics, sanatorium and what benefit they got.      There are the answers:


Using tablets or diet




Did not learn in some school



Learned, found out about eating planing



Learned, but found out nothing



Using insulin injections





Did not learn in some school




Learned, found out about self-control, insulin doses and eating planning.



Learned, but found out nothing





     The insufficiency of learning is confirmed in results of questionnaire in “Diabetes”, 2000.

There was such amount of right answers:

81.5% - about diabetes pathogenesis and clinics.

70% - about insulin injection technique and changing doses.

69% - about eating planning.

88% - about diabetes complications.

     The most active and intellectual members of the LDA provided answers to these questions. Other respondents would probably answer even worse.

     By Dr. E. Baltrusaitiene


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Always next to me

     R.Simonis tells about his life with cerebral paralysis. He thanks to his mother for her care. He has brother with diabetes. Robert’s mother is a chairwoman of Druskininkai diabetes club. (Continuation of this article in the next number).


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12 Things You Can Do Today For Healthy Blood Pressure

     prepared by Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast” November 2000.


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Have a Safe Journey

     prepared by Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast” April 2000.


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News from clubs

     On March active members of Kursenai diabetes club visited Vilnius and met representative from Seimas, chiefs of LDA and Dr.E.Rudinskiene.

     Kelme diabetes club organized a festival “Hello Spring”.

     With a help of Siauliai diabetes club and it’s chairman A.Slivinskas there was opened a room for diabetes foot care.

     A meeting of Druskininkai diabetes club “Atgaja” took place in a library of sanatorium “Vilnius”.

     Photos: Quests in LDA – members of Kursenai diabetes club; Siauliai diabetes club 10 year jubilee in a hall of local government.



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International Specialized Exhibition “Diabetes. Life Style”

     The aim of the first specialized exhibition in Moscow during 18-22 April was to inform a society about the news of state and foreign achievements coping with diabetes. Diabetes prophylaxis and treatment tools, medicine and services were presented. The exhibition subjects were the following: medical preparations and medications, patient state control, diet products, sugar substitutes, food additives, vitamins, means of prevention and care, clothing, sport supporting systems, sanatorium and resort cure, social programs for children and adults (including teenagers psychological consultations), special and advertising books, magazines and journals. There was organized Day of newspaper “DiaNovosti” (DiaNews). The first conference of Nurses Diabetologists federation took place too. There was organized meeting of chairmen of local diabetes organizations, editors of diabetes publications. There were working diabetes schools. Specialists and people with diabetes participated in the lectures, seminars, and presentations of firms’ production. Representatives of International Diabetes Federation European region shared their experience. The Exhibition was accompanied by a broad advertising campaign in press, radio and television with an issue of a special exhibition catalogue. The problems for people with diabetes and specialists and possible ways of solving them were discussed in the conferences. The problems of lack of information, lack of insulin and it quality were formulated. Problem of lack of collaboration between organizations was discussed too. Maintenance with insulin in every region depends on government insistence and finances. The cheapest insulin is acquired in many regions and yet it’s lack of it. People with diabetes are forced to buy it themselves. Those in Moscow have better conditions that in other regions.

     A nurse diabetologist is the closest adviser to person with diabetes in Samara or St. Petersburg, and in Volgograd and Moscow physicians do not want to transfer their patients to nurses. Nurses Diabetologists Federation cares not only of patient’s education, and of psychological state of themselves too. They seek to legalize their status. There are still some regions, where children with diabetes are prohibited from physical training. Sometimes physicians do not agree as well, they afraid of saying their opinion. Fortunately, in some regions there are some associations trying to improve a situation and communicate with physicians, fighting with specialists’ ambitions.

     Active organizations in Perme, Volgograd, Kazachstan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara improves the life of people with diabetes in their region. There are things to learn from them. Diabetes journals and newspapers are published.

Physicians and people with diabetes are happy the situation improved during recent 10 years. According to endocrinologist E.Voichik diabetes associations, journal “Dia-Novosti”, TV helped much. An information about diabetes is spread to society and the specialists. A bigger part of society understands the importance of diabetes control. Parents are happy, that their children learn, work, have families and are good advisers for friends with diabetes.

     I am happy that I had an opportunity to participate in Moscow exhibition, to spread information on activities of LDA and ICDM. I have met many wonderful people there. I would like to say many thanks to IDF, Organizational Committee of Exhibition and Eli Lilly.


     By V.Augustiniene, president of LDA


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Receptions of Dishes


Pages 18-19


     Diabetes Register Center invites to answer these questions. The knowledge about diabetes helps to evaluate condition of health. An exact number of patients will help to determinate necessary help.


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Advertisements on self-control devices of representatives of Roche Diagnistics company “Eksmos MTC”


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A First Trip

    By Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast” December 2000.



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Care of Kidneys

     By Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast” 2000.


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Which olive oil is the best?

     By Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast”  2000.


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Menopause - Transition With Balance

     By Dainara Kartheiser according to “Diabetes Forecast” March 2000.


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Advertisements of Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group and MediSense