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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 4 (32) November 10, 2001

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Letter from the IDF President


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LDA – The Member of the International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA working hours is provided.


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An appeal from the Congress of Lithuanian Doctors Unit in Panevezys, 19 October 2001,

by V.Augustiniene, the President of LDA.


Dear doctors,

Congratulations on 11 years of meaningful activity. On behalf of people with diabetes thank you for your work and striving help us. Much work is done but still there are many difficulties and obstacles to overcome.

I speak on behalf of 29 patients organisations. A few weeks ago they together with Lithuanian doctors appealed to President of Lithuanian Republic, Chairman of the Seimas, Premier, and Minister of Health Care for the first time with the appeal “Due to Lithuanian health care budgeting”. There is required that in 2002 at least 5% of General National Product was delivered to health care, according to Lithuanian Health Care law.

To hope that an appeal will be heard immediately is naive. Threading facts, laws and arguments do not excite the government. The government reacts only to rude pressing, drastic actions and scandals.

I dear to say, that we want to enhance health care budgeting and to change politics’ attitude toward health care system.

The most of political parties and politics think health care is stable and not bothering sector, where much confusion exist but internal resources as well. Doctors resist to reforms, pharmacy companies earn from compensated medicine and patients do not claim for such system. That is, that sector is unpopular and complicated and does not provide political popularity.

Thus it is not strange that government plans to diminish health care budgeting in 2002. In 2002, 1.8 mlrd. Litas is planed for health care instead of needed 2.3 mlrd. Thus, it is obvious that we lack 500 mln litas next year and system will not work. Health care system withstood many threads but it looks like growing financial crisis leads to system fiasco.

This year health care budgeting is only 4.3% of General National Product, as you know. According to this number we are lower than Poland, Estonia and even Byelorussia and Moldavia. It seems it can not be worse.

Politics declare health care is an important priority of the State but diminishes budgeting at the same time. “No money” - they say.

That is not the truth. There is the money. Lithuanian economics is growing. We lack politic will and personalities fighting for health care system budgeting in political level.

During 10 independent Lithuania years no party was capable to prepare a long-term reformation plan, were step-by-step diminution of hospitals, modernisation of hospitals, increasing doctors payment program was provided. There are achievements during 10 years especially in the field of medical help and modern and effective medicine accessibility. But budgeting idea did not change and hospitals get ¾ of all money.

Health care system does not go on strike because of Hypocrites oath. Many of us adapted to hopeless situation and our helplessness.

Somewhere is way out. If we work together we can achieve much more.

There are a few thousands of doctors and a few hundreds thousands of patients in Lithuania. Many patients are not organised but they unite because situation is hopeless.

It is understandable, that interests of doctors and patients are different, but it is obvious that we share a common interest: health care budgeting must be enhanced permanently.

Lithuanian people know that health care need more money. A journal “Veidas” ordered a survey, which helped to find out an opinion of people about priority budgeting in Lithuania. According to people opinion health care budgeting should get 19.2 % of money and only social care was higher.

It is not strange. According to official data health care spent 2 mlrd litas this year. Unofficial data states that de facto 3-3.5 mlrd litas are spent for health care. That is, people pay for health care unofficially 1-1.5 mlrd. litas a year. Poor people can not afford it. “Free medicine” is only a myth.

That is the most propitious situation to act together and gain changes in politics opinion: Lithuanian economics is growing, social democrats declare “socially oriented” politics, and health care budgeting is diminished.

Together we can seek that health care was one of the main topics in 2002 collection of President in Lithuania.

We offer:

1.       To declare that the project for 2002 budget is “antisocial” and health care budgeting must be increased by at least 15 %.

2.       To initiate informal “5 % GNP alliance”, seeking that health care budgeting was not less than 5 % GNP.

Situation is complicated but not hopeless. We need only resolute actions. We can win together.


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An appeal from congress of Lithuanian Doctors Unit in Panevezys, 19 October 2001,

by V.Augustiniene, the President of LDA (continued from page 3).


Conference in Taurage,

By Laima Valcackiene

Taurage diabetes club “Insula” organized a conference about diabetes care. Vida Augustiniene, Marija Lapiene, Juzefa Uleckiene, Jurate Margelyte took part in it and answered to an urgent questions.


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Due to budgeting of health care in Lithuania

To         The President of Lithuania Mr. V.Adamkus,

            The Chairman of the Parliament of Lithuania (Seimas) Mr. A.Paulauskas,

            The Premier Mr. A.Brazauskas,

            The Minister of Health Care Mr. K.R.Dobrovolskis,

The Parliament of Lithuania acquired health to be the most valuable social and economical thing according to Health Law.

According to National Health Conception, Lithuanian Health Program and LR Health System Law health care budgeting should not be diminished even in span of economical difficulties.

In 2001 year account of National Health Service is stated that Lithuanian government does not ensure at least 5 % GNP health care budgeting and Lithuania is the eighth among East Europe countries in health care budgeting.

An income of Obligatory Health Insurance Fund diminishes permanently.

Health system reform is a burden for doctors and patients because of poor budgeting. In 1999 Seimas legalised 20 % and 50 % additional payment for compensated medicine and services. Plan to legalise even bigger payment for ambulance care brought despair to patients. Lithuanian people have little possibilities to pay for medicine. There is a big thread to break the right to live.

We loose the use of modern medicine, as do not enhance effective health care. Only modern methods can help to some patients to become members of society of full value.

Our economics is obviously increasing. General National Product is growing permanently. The Lithuanian Economics Program foresights 5 % increase of GNP a year. So it is strange that budget for health care in that program is so small.

We apply to you and require 5 % of GNP for health care in 2002. This is established in Lithuanian law and is necessary for health system reform.


This appeal is signed by 87 organisations (patients, doctors, chiefs of clinics, rector of Kaunas medical university, dean of medical faculty of Vilnius University, etc.). The appeal is written and gathered signs on the Lithuanian Diabetes Association’s initiative.


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         On August 1, 2001, the meeting of LDA council took place.

·         On August 11, Plunge diabetes club celebrated 10-year jubilee. The president of LDA Vida Augustiniene and the delegation of Skuodas diabetes club greeted Plunge club on that occasion.

·         On August 14, International diabetes education camp in Druskininkai was closed. Young people shared impressions and discussed with Vida Augustiniene about camp results.

·         On August 20, the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene met the chief of Kaunas Medicine University Endocrinology clinic Gintautas Kazanavicius. The urgent doctors’ and patients’ questions were discussed.

·         On August 22, the chiefs of different patients’ organisations met substitute Haroldas Baubinas by State patients fund director. Vida Augustiniene represented the LDA. Haroldas Baubinas presented a new list of compensated medicine.

·         On August 28, different patients’ organisations met the chiefs of health department. Vida Augustiniene took part in the meeting.

·         On August 29, the work group in State patients’ fund and specialists made more precise a list of compensated medicine and health care services. Vida Augustiniene took part in discussion.

·         On September 7, the representatives of LDA Juzefa Uleckiene and Vida Augustiniene took part in the seminar by Taurage diabetes club.

·         During September 9-13, the members of LDA council Ona Jurkauskiene, Jurate Kulbokiene and Vida Augustiniene took part in a conference by European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Great Britain, Glasgow.

·         During September 18-19, the LDA took part in an exhibition “A face of the city is healthy and beautiful people”. An information about diabetes was provided and blood glucose tests were conducted. 21 % of checked people had higher rate of blood glucose than a norm. 85 % of them are older than 40, 75% - has overweight, 15% has relatives with diabetes.. Abbot Medisense and Eksmos MTC supported the tests.

·         On September 25 the LDA signed an agreement with Interlux.

·         During September 28-30, Vida Augustiniene, Saulius Narkunas and Jelena Simoniene took part in a conference by Diabetes Associations from Baltic countries in Riga. Novo Nordisk supported a conference.

·         On October 2, Vida Augustiniene (Diabetes Association) and representatives of other diseases patients’ organisations announced an appeal “Due to health care system budgeting” in the press conference, organised in the Baltic News Service agency. The president of LDA collected 87 signatures. An Appeal was delivered to the President of Lithuania, Chairman of Seimas, Prime Minister and Minister of Health Department.

·         During October 8-10, a last meeting of  “II type diabetes school LDA” project participants from 16 Lithuania districts took place. Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government supports a project. Results will be presented in Diabetes No1/33, 2002.

·         On October 10, Kupiskis diabetes club “Kupa” visited the LDA.

·         During October 12-14, the representatives of LDA Genovaite Naidzinaviciene and Vida Augustiniene took part in a meeting of International Diabetes Federation council for Europe. IDF and Novo Nordisk supported a delegation from Lithuania.

·         On October 19, representative of patients’ organisations took part in the meeting of doctors’ association for the first time. The President of LDA Vida Augustiniene turned an attention into politics’ attitude to health care. She invited to act together gaining that at least 5 % of GNP was divided to health care in 2002.

·         On October 24, a substitute director Haroldas Baubinas of State patients’ fund presented an information about compensated medicine and services in LDA council meeting. Organisational questions of LDA and World Diabetes Day meetings were discussed.

·         November 14 is World Diabetes Day. The topic of 2001 year is “Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases”. The event is organised in co-operation with Lithuanian Heart Association. The event is going to take place in all districts of Lithuania: on November 9 – in Ukmerge, on November 10 – in Kaunas, during November 10-11 – a conference for nurses diabetes educators and diabetes foot care in Birstonas, during November 13-14 – in Vilnius, on November 14 – in Kursenai, Alytus, Utena, Sakiai, Siauliai, Jonava, on November 15 – in Silute, on November 16 – in Anyksciai, Marijampole, Radviliskis, Raseiniai, Kelme, Taurage, on November 17 – in Rokiskis, Kaunas, on November 19 – in Panevezys, on November 20 – in Kupiskis, Mazeikiai, Pakruojis, Svencioneliai, on November 21 – in Akmene, on November 24 – in Joniskis, during November 23-24 – a conference for doctors ”An urgent diabetes questions” in Palanga.


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The Letters

The LDA post-box is full of letters with the impressions from summer camps. Young people say thanks for information and knowledge. They are thankful to organisers and camp staff for good rest.


Rest in Latvia

Diana Jacevic shares her impressions about summer camp in Latvia. She tells about entertainment for children and is amused that the camp was different from others because people in it had to adapt an information and use in practise.


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Advertisements on new insulin injectors of Eli Lilly company.


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World experts’ information about the new wave of diabetes,

By International Diabetes Federation

The president of IDF warns about the new wave of diabetes and informs about an important study “Navigator”.


Pages 10-13

Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases


Pages 14-15


Recipes of some healthy pies are presented as Christmas holidays are coming.


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Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases

(continued from pages 10-13)


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Advertisement on self control devices Glucotrend Softclix of Roche Diagnostics.


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Always by side,

By Robertas Simonis (continued from Diabetes No2/30).

Robertas Simonis tells about childhood impression and mother’s influence into his memories.


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Diabetes in Philippines

Prepared by Rosa Allyn G. Sy, The Vice-President by FDA.

The information about Philippines Diabetes Association is provided. The FDA was fund in 1958. The first president of FDA was Wencceslao Vitug. FDA is an active member of IDF. It budgets different diabetes researches and projects, provides a necessary information for people with diabetes in Philippines.


Summer “tenders”

By Dr. Vita Zekaite

Young doctor shares her impressions about tender children in diabetes summer camp. Their patience and serious attitude to the illness amused her. She thanks to Vida Augustiniene for the possibility to know better diabetes daily routine.


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Summer “tenders”

(continued from page 20)


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An Armlet for Medical Identification

Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chiefs of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


Advertisement on self control device Hypoguard of Supreme Plus.


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Diabetes and Muscular Tissues Diseases,

Prepared by doctor E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


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Diabetes and Muscular Tissues Diseases,

Prepared by doctor E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press (continued from page 23).


Diabetes and Pregnancy,

Prepared by doctor E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


Page 25

Diabetes and Pregnancy,

Prepared by doctor E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press (continued from page 24).


Page 26

Night-time hypoglycaemia and day-time hyperglycaemia,

Prepared by doctor E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


Meeting with Egle Juodvalke

The members of diabetes club “Dia Telsiai” shares their impressions from the meeting with the “Cukraus kalnas” author.


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The News in Diabetes Care

During September 9-13, the conference of EASD took place in Great Britain, Glasgow. Ona Jurkauskiene provides an information from this conference about the news in diabetes care. She presents new medicine and services.


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Advertisements of Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group and MediSense.


For your library

An information about new books for people with diabetes is provided.