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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 1 (33) February 10, 2002

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Results of The LDA Diabetes School for People with II Type Diabetes, 2001

By dr.E.Rudinskiene and V.Augustiniene

Purpose of the project: evaluation of diabetes self-control quality and increase in it.

Plan of the project: 100 people with II type diabetes from 16 diabetes clubs participated in the project. Different tests (HbA1c, cholesterol, glucose) of blood were conducted four times per year in January, April, July and October. The training for these people were organised for times as well. The results of two groups (50 persons treated with insulin and 50 – with tablets) were compared. Among every 50 persons were 25 people checking glucose only one time a month when they visit doctor and 25 – checking glucose often (at home). The task was to show to Government of Lithuania how is important education and control of glucose for people with type 2 diabetes, too. Good results were achieved. It helped LDA in meetings with representatives of State Patient Cash and Health Ministry. They promised to LDA to give 50 test strips a year free of charge for people with type 2 diabetes treated with tablets.


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LDA Is The Member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA working hours is provided. Attention! The address of LDA is changed: Gedimino pr. 28/2, 404 room, LT-2600 Vilnius. Tel. +370 2 620783, fax +370 2 610639.


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Vitamin E and health

by E.Rudinskiene, according to “Modern Medicine” (November 1999) and “Diabetes Care” (1999).


Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for II-IV quarters.


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An Armlet for Medical Identification

Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chiefs of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


An advertisement on insulin pump H-TRON plus V100 by Disetronic.


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Due to medicine compensation

To Lithuanian Diabetes Association

We inform you that on December 5, 2001, the Strategy Planing Committee at the  Government of Lithuania did not approve a new project of procedure for calculating of basic prices for compensated medicine. Thus the procedure, confirmed on January 24, 2000, is valid.

On October 24, 2001, in Obligatory Health Insurance Council meeting a list of illnesses (Diabetes is included) with 100% compensated medicine was approved.

The new procedure for compensation of some other illnesses becomes working after establishing day in-patient departments order or buying medicine centralised.

At the same time we inform that the project for changing obligatory health insurance law is prepared. According to it, people with defined and approved illnesses will get 90% compensation for medicine.

E.Bartkevicius, Vice-minister of Health Department


Due to procedure for calculation of basic prices of compensated medicine

To Vida Augustiniene, President of LDA

Replying to your letter of November 20, 2001, addressed to LR Prime Minister, we inform you that Government of Lithuania confirmed changes in basic price calculation. According to changes, compensated medicine can be sold for lower prices than established in a list of basic prises. Charity, sustenance, medicine providers or other organisations can pay the left sum. This should diminish the price of medicine and increases people acceptance to compensated medicine.

Government of Lithuania confirmed “ The tools for controlling Obligatory Health Care Budget for compensated medicine”. These tools privies to establish criteria for illnesses with 100% compensated medicine, according to spread, course, influence on health and life, and financial abilities. A sociological research of people health care dispenses is planned on March 2002.

S.J.Janonis, Director of State Patient’s Fund.


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Results of The LDA Diabetes School for People with II Type Diabetes, 2001

By dr.E.Rudinskiene and V.Augustiniene

(Continued from page 1)

Results or checking blood are provided, demonstrating correlation between training, diabetes knowledge and blood glucose’s indications.


Page 9

II Type Diabetes Is Not Easier

By Prof.A.Norkus

Professor reminds about importance of watching organism changes, registering them in diary, consulting with doctor or specialist in difficult cases.


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World Diabetes Day wasn’t forgot.

The purpose of World Diabetes Day is to propose healthy living to society, seeking to prevent diabetes and it’s complications.

According to WHO, there are over 150 million people with diabetes in the world and it seems that this number will double in 2025.

According to the information of the centre of Health Ministry, on January 1, 2002, over 50000 people with diabetes were registered in Lithuania. Longer life span, unhealthy food and immobility course the increase of that number. About 50% of these people do not know about their state of health. Progress of an illness and increase in its span cause complications. Not only a healing of diabetes but control and preventing of complications as well become very expensive to State, family and people.

The topic of World Diabetes Day 2001 was “Reducing the burden: Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases”. LDA and Heart Association organised celebrations in November. Meetings with society took place in different organisations, market places, and culture, education and medical institutions. Many publications were delivered threw state, district newspapers, journals, booklets, radio and TV broadcasts. The information received from IDF and prepared by LDA was delivered, checking of blood glucose were conducted. According to data from 31 diabetes clubs, 4500 people checked their health. About 17% from these people were find with blood glucose more norma. They were offered to check health more thoroughly.

Thanks for all organisers, who are chiefs of LDA collective members, newspapers, radio and TV.

The biggest number of blood tests was conducted in Siauliai. Especially thanks to our sponsors: UAB Abovita, Eksmos MTC, Interlux and Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government. Results of prophylactic tests were delivered to WHO, IDF and health department.

In Birstonas sanatorium “Versme” a conference for nurses, chiefs of diabetes organisation and youth organised by Society of nurses diabetes educators of Lithuania took place. A conference of endocrinologists took place in Palanga.

Thus the meetings during World Diabetes Day became a tradition. More and more people understand their importance every year. An information about meetings in districts is provided.


Photo: Members of diabetes cluc of Siauliai after World Diabetes Day festival.


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For dinner

Prepared by V.Cepaite according to foreign press.


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

  • On November 2002 the feasts of World Diabetes Day took place all over Lithuania. The topic of this year was “Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases”.
  • On November 12, V.Augustiniene, the President of LDA, delivered a speech in press conference “Due to health care compensation”, organised by A.Klisonis, a member of Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas).
  • On November 12, V.Augustiniene, the President of LDA, met Prof.Isuf Kalo, a chief of WHO Europe region office. The most urgent works of LDA were discussed. Representative of WHO was interested in communicating between LDA and members of Government, physicians.
  • On November 20, LDA together with other hard illness patients’ organisations (asthma, oncological, kidney, Parcinson’s, psychic diseases, organisation of undersized people) organised a protest meeting at the palace of Government of Lithuania. An appeal to Prime Minister was delivered. Participants demanded to stop confirming a new project of procedure for calculating of basic prices of compensated medicine, because it permits large surcharges even to 100% compensated medicine. 200 people participated in demonstration. People with diabetes came from 18 regional diabetes clubs and represented LDA. The President of LDA guided the protest action.
  • On December 2, in Druskininkai a seminar “Interdepartmental communication providing services to disabled people in Druskininkai” took place. Druskininkai diabetes club “Atgaja” and it’s chief Jelena Simoniene were the most active participants in it. Vida Augustiniene delivered a speech about LDA activity.
  • During December 4-5, The President of LDA shared information about diabetes and diabetes diets with students of Vilnius college Health faculty.
  • On December 11, V.Augustiniene, the President of LDA, discussed urgent questions of diabetes with R.Leoniene, referent by President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus.
  • On December 19, the questions of communication possibilities were discussed with Bruno Kaspar and Lina Petrauskaite, the representatives of UAB “Turicum”.
  • On January 1, 2002, LDA changed an address. Current address: Gedimino pr. 28/2, LT-2600 Vilnius, tel. +370 2 620783, fax +370 2 610639.
  • On January 15, co-operation with Eksmos-MTC was discussed with general director R.Kraujalis.
  • On January 19, an activity of diabetes club was renewed in Elektrenai. R.Galiauskiene was elected as the chief of the club. The President of LDA, director of Elektrenai hospital, endocrinologist, the chief of Lithuania disabled people community Elektrenai department and over 70 members of the club took part in the meeting.
  • On January 21, President of LDA took part in discussion about patients’ rights defence in LTV broadcast “Kryzkele” (Cross-road).
  • On January 23, the plans for 2002 were discussed in the meeting of LDA council.
  • During January 26 – February 1 three children from LDA participated in international camp for children with diabetes in St. Petersburg. J.Simoniene, the chief of Druskininkai diabetes club “Atgaja” accompanied them and shared her experience working in LDA camps.
  • On February 5, The meeting of LDA council took place. Account for 2001 activity and plans for 2002 were confirmed. Urgent diabetes questions were discussed.


Photo: The participants of the seminar “Interdepartmental communication providing services to disabled people in Druskininkai”.


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World Diabetes Day wasn’t forgot.

(Continued from page 13)


Photo: World Diabetes Day in Zarasai.


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Feast for children in Siauliai

Before Christmas a feast for children with diabetes was organised by Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis”. Lilly, Novo Nordisk, “Ruta”, “Koris” supported a it. Not only children met each other, but their parents as well. A council of “Lemtis” is happy to meet children’s parents and to hear their wishes and advises.


Thanks for knowledge and support

By J.Dambrauskis, the chief of Radviliskis diabetes clubs “Likimas”.

The members of Radviliskis diabetes club, are thankful to dr.E.Rudinskiene and V.Augustiniene for a project “Diabetes School for people with II type diabetes”. Radviliskis’ diabetes club members participated in all projects and learned a better control of their illness. The checkins they needed were conducted. Presents and consultations of specialist at LDA help greatly as well. Thanks to all sponsors.


Christmas’ joy

Dainara Karthaiser shares her joy about traditional Christmas feasts in their club. She hopes, that year-renewed program is appropriate for three-year-old children as well as for youths. At the end of December a meeting in café “Dia” took place. Children prepared a program and received some presents. She is thankful to Laima Kaulakiene, UAB “Abovita”, Ely Lilly, Vilnius diabetes club “Dia” and café “Dia” for beautiful impressions.


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Advertisement on self-control devices Supreme Plus of Hypoguard.


Page 20

Summer in Hickory Hill’s camp

Akvile Bareikaite shares her joy for understanding acquired in the camp. She understood that people with diabetes could be cleverer because of illness reason. Two relieves were in this camp. After two day courses she was a chief of one girls’ house and helped them to keep a regime.


Page 21

“Lemtis” invites

By A.Kvietkauskas and A.Vileikis, the members of “Lemtis” club council.

Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis” was funded ten years ago. It unites about 200 people with diabetes. The main purpose of this club is education and training of self-control. I.Zemaitiene, B.Bogucianskaite, J.Jasaitiene, V.Nausediene, dr.L.Balkiene, dr.E.Baltrusaitiene, dr.R.Kazakeviciute, dr.V.Liugaite, dr. L.Radzeviciene, dr.V.Dargis helps to obtain such information. The club strives to make a life interesting. Different excursions took place. It is interesting and useful to participate in club’s activity.


Photo: The members of “Lemtis” during the seminar.


Advertisement on self control devices Glucotrend Softclix 2 of Roche Diagnostics.


Pages 22-23

Diabetic Foot

By dr.Egle Rudinskiene, prepared according to foreign press.


Page 24

Diabetic Foot on During Vocation

By dr.Egle Rudinskiene, prepared according to foreign press.


Page 25

Skin Is a Mirror of the Heath

Prepared by E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


The news in Diabetes Care

During September 9-13, the Conference of EASD took place in Great Britain , Glasgow. Dr. O. Jurkauskiene provides an information from this Conference about the news in diabetes care. She presents new medicine and services.

(continue from ,,Diabetas” no. 4(32).


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About Sexual Life

Prepared by E.Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


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Advertisement on medicine by Berlin Chemie Menarini Baltic.


Advertisement on self-control devices by MediSense.