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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 2 (34) May 10, 2002

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Public action

Patients against medicine inquests

State power disturbed on the rights Lithuanian citizens one more time. On 23 February, 2002, an order by LR health minister “The order of conclusion and realisation of agreements due to compensated medicine amounts, settled to health care institutions” was confirmed. This order contradicts values consolidated in LR Constitution and disturbs human right to state quarantined free health care.

The decision of health minister deprives patients’ ability to get enough necessary medicine. Thus the pretext of tension and conflicts between patients and medics is created. Obvious that only a part of patients will receive compensated medicine and in the process of prescription patients will not avoid breaking them up into “better” and “worse” or worthy and not of getting compensated health care.

Every of can be deprived qualified health care and become patients of “second urgency”. Health care as planned by health care officials, disturbs Principe by Hypocrites as well as contradicts to logic.

An order due to compensated medicine limits confirmed by health care minister, is harmful and must be exterminated.


This information will help as to defend your right to qualified health care in juridical way.


Lithuanian Arthritis Association

Asthma Association of Lithuanian Republic

Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Lithuanian Society of Invalids

Lithuanian Society of Parkinson’s Disease

Lithuanian Association of Patients with Nefrological Diseases ,,Gyvastis”

Lithuanian Community of Guardianship of Mentaly Handicapted People

National Association of organizations women with breast diseases

Fund of support oncological diseases ,,Spindulys”

Children Club ,,Daigas” of Vilnius City





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LDA Is the Member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA working ours hours is provided. Attention! The address of LDA is changed: Gedimino pr. 28/2, 404 room, LT-2600 Vilnius. Tel. +370 2 620783, fax +370 2 610639.


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Let’s take more care of ourselves

by Dainara Kartheiser, according to “Diabetes forecast” (February 2002).

Active social life requires more and more health and energy from XXI age women. These women settle their list of priorities in such a way that health and themselves appears at the end of this list. All inquires of our life and constant tension causes health state decrease, depression, other serious problems. The author invites all women to stop and pay more attention to their needs. She gives some advises how to arrange daily life.


Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for III - IV quarters.


Page 4

Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         On February 20, 2002, Lithuanian Diabetes Association along with other organisations signed up an appeal to Premier A.M.Brazauskas due to disturbance of health care system with unreasonable decisions.

·         On February 21 in LDA place organisational questions about summer diabetes educational camps were discussed. The chiefs empowered by LDA council J.Simoniene, I.Zamaliene, A.Danyliene, doctors G.Apanel, V.Zekaite, the President of LDA, the chief-secretary of LDA, the members of LDA council took part in the meeting. At the moment LDA has 17000 Lt for 28 persons received from the program by Lithuanian Council of Affairs of People with Disabilities at the government. 10-18 year old people with diabetes are invited to summer camps. Taking into account summer camps’ budget and lists provided by districts diabetes organisations, children who got ill recently and are socially supportable and did not took part in these camps have the preference. Those who already have been to summer camp must find additional budget and parents or clubs must help to do it. Supposed prise is 600 Lt for 1 person. Camps will be organised in Druskininkai (Russian and Latvian members of diabetes clubs are invited), Palanga, Plateliai or Sventoji, Veisiejai and one trip to mountains is planned. From 10 to 15 children with a nurse diabetes educator and doctor will make up the group. The budget will decide how many groups we will have. The chiefs of the clubs are invited to propose a list of participants till May 15. An exact date and place is going to be foresighted as soon as possible.

·         During February 28 – March 3 the President of LDA V.Augustiniene took part in the meetings by organising committee of International Diabetes Federation congress in Paris. The congress is planned in 2003 in Paris. The trip was sponsored by IDF.

·         On March 7 LDA shared the work experience with the chiefs of Lithuanian Arthritis Association M.Barauskiene and M.Telyceniene.

·         On March 12 LDA provided the program to Baltic – American Partnership Program.

·         On March 13 an information to press by LDA “Due to insufficient budget of health care system” was delivered.

·         On March 17 Kelme diabetes club (the chief Larisa Rarovskaja) celebrated ten-year jubilee.

·         During March 19-20 V.Augustiniene shared her practice about diabetes and diet with participants of Vilnius College Health Care Faculty courses.

·         On March 27 LDA got the information about Health Ministry meeting were decision to prescribe only animal insulin for patients with II type diabetes was discussed. LDA invoiced Health Ministry asking for possibility to take part in this meeting but this appeal was ignored.

·         On March 29 the program asking to support summer camps was posted to Nordic Council of Ministers.

·         On March 29 the President of LDA V.Augustiniene, Dr. E.Rudinskiene, Abbott Medisense consultant L.Kaulakiene announced in the seminar organised by Kursenai diabetes club “Venta”. The tests of blood glucose and HbAlc were conducted for the members of the club. 90 of 112 members of the club took part in the seminar.

·         On March 29 thesis of announcement “II type diabetes school LDA” by V.Augustiniene and E.Rudinskiene were delivered to European Association of Diabetes Studies. The conference is planned during September 5 – 9 in Budapest.

·         On April 4 G.Cincikiene and V.Augustiniene took part in a seminar about preparing programs in 2003 organised by Lithuanian Council of Affairs of People with Disabilities at the government.

·         On April 9 the president of LDA V.Augustiniene, Abbott Medisense consultant l.Kaulakiene, representative of Interlux A.Plauckys took part in the seminar organised by Raseiniai diabetes club. The tests of blood glucose and HbAlc were conducted for the members of the club.

·         On April 10 the President of LDA V.Augustiniene took part in a conference “Patients’ rights in today health care” in LR Parliament (Seimas). She announced that there were no lectures that represented patients thus all information given by officials was one-sided.

·         On April 11 the President of LDA initiated the meeting of social organisations representing patients with different diseases. The question about compensated medicine limits was discussed.

·         On April 12 Jonava diabetes club (the chief J.Laiva) celebrated ten-year jubilee. The members of the club, medics, Prof. A.Norkus, representatives of Abbott Medisense and social organisations, the President and chief-secretary of LDA took part in this meeting.

·         On April 15 V.Augustiniene took part in a seminar “Access program” organised by NGO information centre.

·         On April 17 in Vilnius agency BNS the press conference took place. Public action “ Patients against medicine inquests” was announced. V.Augustiniene, E.Kvedaraite, D.Kasubiene provided an information. Representatives of public organisations answered the questions.

·         On April 18 V.Augustiniene and health vice-minister G.Cerniauskas discussed on limited budget for compensated medicine. Discussion was translated on Vilnius TV broadcast “Pulsas”.

·         On April 20 Vilnius diabetes club “Dia” organised a conference.

·         On April 22 V.Augustiniene took part in confrontation with health Minister K.R.Dobrovolskis.

·         On April 22 the President of LDA V.Augustiniene talked about medicine inquests on Baltija TV broadcast “Pjuvis”.

·         On April 23 Council of the Obligatory Health Insurance considered problems of compensated medicine budgeting. Council of the Obligatory Health Insurance offered to change the order of grouping insulin. V.Augustiniene was allowed to become acquainted with the project and present her opinion.

·         On April 24 V.Augustiniene announced the topic “An activity of LDA” in the conference organised by Lithuanian Council of Affairs of People with Disabilities at the government.

·         On April 25 Lithuanian medics’ alliance and patients’ organisations protested against compensated medicine inquests near Government Palace. Representatives of Lithuanian medics’ alliance, LPL and the President of LDA met Premier A.M.Brazauskas. Premier treated them with disrespect. He was very categorical and stated that he supports health ministry decisions about compensated medicine inquests. All the time Premier and health Minister attacked, did not want to hear concrete facts about harm to health of medicine changes, was not interested in provided information and called protesting people as “mass”. After signs of action participants were presented Premier called them as those who “just warming at the sun”. In the end of meeting he repeated that inquests would be confirmed.

·         On April 29 the council of LDA met and discussed the organisational questions of V congress.

·         On May 10 V.Augustiniene announced to members of club and society in the conference organised by Pasvalys diabetes community “Sveikata” and Dr. A.Matulas.

·         On May 24 V congress of LDA is planned.


Page 5

Advises of paediatrician

An interview with Vilnius Antakalnis children clinic endocrinologist R.Kiseliuniene

R.Kiseliuniene tells about situation of diabetes care in Vilnius. She states that the number of children with diabetes is relatively constant quite a long time. All of children with diabetes have enough self-control devices. She mentions a problem haemoglobin tests. These tests can be conducted 4 times per year and only a few patients took this ability. Also only 33.3% of children had good or enough results of these tests last year. R.Kiseliuniene advises to conduct all possible tests and invites parents to co-operate with children in diabetes control.


Pages 6-10

LDA school for people with II type diabetes

January – April – October, 2001, results of lipids

The aim: evaluation and increase in quality of diabetes control.

100 people with II type diabetes took part in a project. They were conducted three times per year. Four times per year participants took part in seminars where urgent issues of complications, self-control and diets were discussed.

All results are provided taking into account participants’ age, illness history, weight, and medical course.

The aim of this school was to prove the importance of diabetes control. Results suggest that these participants who checked glucose 2-3 times per day or 5-6 times per week were in better condition than those checking glucose 1 time per month. That means that self-control is necessary to control diabetes and get results as good as possible.

People taking tablets need self-control as well.

Do not forget that self-control vouches good metabolism of glucose and lipids.


Page 10

Let’s take more care of ourselves

(Continued from page 3)


A present to diabetes club “Lemtis”

The members of Siauliai club “Lemtis” are happy for the present by E.Zakaris, who gave them tape-recorder adapted to their needs.


Page 11


“DIABETES” congratulates V.Pilibaitis. He gained different prizes in sport competition and proved that diabetes do not stop living valuable life.


An Armlet for Medical Identification

Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chiefs of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


Page 12

Latent autoimmuno diabetes by adults

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to foreign press.


Page 13

Advertisement on self control devices Lilly insulin injectors.


Pages 14-15

Hot dishes


Pages 16-19

Collective members of LDA

(Clubs, communities)

The list of 51 collective members is provided. You can find address, telephone number and responsible person in this list.


Pages 17-18

Questionnaire for “DIABETES” readers

Lithuanian Diabetes Association an “DIABETES” editors staff are interested in every readers’ opinion about newspaper. That’s why you are invited to answer these questions and send us. Address: Lithuanian Diabetes Association, Gedimino pr. 28/2-404, 2600 Vilnius, e-mail: diabetas@is.lt, fax: (8-5) 610639.

Our aim is to make a newspaper useful, interesting to reader and their families or medics and attractive as much as possible. So we wait for your letters with offerings how to improve this publication. Newspaper information is provided in Internet as well: www.is.lt/diabetas


1.       Where do you get “DIABETES”?

·         Prescribe it regularly since ……….

·         Sometimes prescribe it

·         In library

·         In diabetes club

·         Lend it from others

·         Buy it in diabetes club or LDA


2.       How much information do you read over?

·         All information from the beginning to the end

·         About 2/3 of information

·         About ½ of publications

·         About 1/3 of information

·         Only a little part (how much approximately? …………..)


3.       How are you using old numbers of “DIABETES”?

·         Collect all numbers

·         Cut out interesting publications

·         Give to others for reading

·         Throw out


4.       What uses have you got from the newspaper?

·         Helped me to understand a necessity of self-control

·         Helped me to regulate medicine dozes

·         Helped me to eat properly

·         Helped with psychological problems

·         Provided information about state support for people with diabetes

·         Indented me to activity of diabetes club

·         Informed about diabetes news

·         Other ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


5.       Where did you find out about the newspaper?

·         From my doctor

·         From my nurse

·         In diabetes club

·         In Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         On TV or radio

·         Asked in post-office by myself

6.       How do you estimate the newspaper?

·         Very well

·         Well

·         Satisfactory

·         Bad


7.       My suggestions about:

·         Spreading prescribing: ……………………………………………………………………………………

·         Diverting publications: ……………………………………………………………………………………

·         Newspaper design: …………………………………………………………………………………………

·         Other: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


8.       Personal information:

·         I have I type diabetes since ……… year.

·         I have II type diabetes since ……… year.

·         I am a member of family of person with diabetes

·         I am nurse diabetologist

·         I am a doctor

·         Other …………………………………………..


9.       Your qualification:

·         High

·         Special secondary

·         Secondary

·         Other …………………………………………


10.   Your social position:

·         Student

·         Pupil

·         Officer

·         Worker

·         Pensioner

·         Unemployed


Thanks in advance for information and advises. We will improve a publication together.


Page 20

An advertisement on self-control devices Accu-chek Active by Roche Diagnostics.


An advertisement on self-control devices Hypoguard by UAB Interlux.


Page 21

An important information

On February 14, 2002, the list of compensated medicine was changed. Some important extracts of the order are provided.



Page 22

Educational and cultural work

Taurage diabetes community “Insula” can be proud and happy analysing 2001-year results and works. The community constantly informs society and districts’ institutions about the thread of diabetes. World Diabetes Day was celebrated impressionably, with expositions and concerts. The members of club organise excursions, celebrations, help other people with diabetes. Recently “Insula” grew up with 25 new members.


Photos:             Jubilee in Taurage

                        The members of Taurage diabetes club are singing their hymn


Page 23

It would be a crime

Jonas Vainauskas tells about peoples’ with diabetes financial problems. He reasons that changing the order of medicine compensation would leave the only way – to dye. He is happy “DIABETES” fights for patients’ rights and hopes that everything is possible if the strengths are united.

It is impossible, but obvious

The mother tells about medic’s indifference and lack of qualification. Her son had hipoglicemical coma. One and a half of hour medics filled the forms and searched a place to this child in the hospital. The mother asks if they would act the same way if their sons were in this place.


Page 24

Jubilee of meaningful work

The members of Kelme diabetes club enjoyed ten-year jubilee of club activity. The chief of club Larisa Rarovskaja told about previous works and said thanks to people who helped to deal with them. She told the history of club becoming and thanked to those who helped to found and maintain the club.


Photo: Larisa Rarovskaja in the celebration of ten-year jubilee


In a jubilee in Kelme

B.Purauskiene from Plunge is happy for invitation to Kelme club jubilee. She found nice people and had a good time.


Photo:             Amateur talents from Kelme club


Page 25

Panevezys citizens became more active

During early meeting of diabetes community “Viltis” appeared, that community unites about 150 people with diabetes. Recently this community was quite silent but on February 2001 it was renewed. Plans for next year were discussed and previous works were looked over.


The work does not let be sad

G.Sereikiene shares her impressions from yearly meeting of Panevezys diabetes community “Viltis” and is thankful to government of internal school because of possibility to use their place.


Photo: Young people from “Viltis” and their chief Danute Kavaliauskiene


In diabetes club “Venta”

E.Siriuniene provides an information about Kursenai diabetes club “Venta”. She tells about it’s activity and thanks sponsors and LDA.


Page 26

The happiest time was in diabetes camp

The chief of Joniskis diabetes club “Viltis” A.Gostautiene tells her story of life and illness. She says that only after LDA and diabetes clubs were fund people with diabetes live in better conditions. Also she is pity that not every doctors is acknowledged with diabetes and it’s control.


Pages 26-27

My aim is to help

It is quite often that people do not know the reason of their illness. Our organisms are mechanisms requiring different substances. Diabetes is one of illnesses that pay our attention to this fact. Recently scientists found food additions. These additions clean the organism, strengthens immune system, normalise metabolisms, console, and maintain organism with necessary substances. Additions are innocuous. More information is available by telephone: +370 5 302778.


Page 27

Visit to Russia

J.Simoniene shares her impressions about youth and children’s health camp in San Petersburg. She tells about Lithuanian group presentation of themselves and of children’s activities in this camp. Abbott Laboratories S.A., Aventis International A.S., and UAB Abovita sponsored the trip.


Photo:              Representative of Finland Diabetes Association M.Mikkonen and Lithuanian group in San Petersburg


Café “Dia” invites

Address:             Vilnius str. 29



Page 28

Advertisement on medicine by Berlin-chemie Menarini Group.


Advertisement on self-control devices by MediSense.