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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 3 (35) August 10, 2002

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If you choose a right job, happiness will find you

Jelena Simoniene organised her second camp for children with diabetes this summer. A camp took place in a farm, without special comfort, thus every day and night was romantic. She is happy for tears of joy by children, who nicely spent time there. Special thanks to Vytautas Zukauskas, who let them to live in his place and other sponsors.


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LDA Is the Member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA working hours is provided. Attention! The address of LDA is changed: Gedimino pr. 28/2, 404 room, LT-2600 Vilnius. Tel. +370 5 2620783, fax +370 5 2610639.


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An appeal

To        Valdas Adamkus,

President of Lithuania Respublic                                              23 July, 2002

There are often statements that patient’s organizations confront state power. At that time we seek productive cooperation with state institutions, confirming decisions important to patients, not a conflicts.

After the order by LR Health minister No. 85 “The order of concluding and executing agreements due to compensated medicine budget limits for health institutions” (23 February, 2002) came into force, qualified and effecticve health care is difficulty accessible. There is no more attention to persons’ health state and no more thinking about consiquences of illness or budget increase for healing complications in nearest future. Money is being saved at patient’s health expence. Interests of people with low income and heavy chronic deseases, which require long and expensive healing, are injured mostly. Patients living in countries and districts are suffering as well.

We appeal and ask You to encourage  the Government, Health Ministry and State Fund of Patients that this Order would be suspensed.

During 26 – 27 of April a conference “Health reforms in Europe: from theory to practice”, organised by Europe Council and LR Health Ministry took place in Vilnius. During the conference confirmed Vilnius Declaration states that justice, solidarity, accessibility in health care dessisions, where patients are equal and responsible partners, are very important principles of health care. Real situation is different: there is no representatives of patients organizations in National health council at LR Parliament (Seimas) and Obligatory health insurance council (PSDT). They are deprived even from watching. For instance during the meeting of PSDT in 20 July, 2002, where questions about compensated medicine were discussed, two workers of State patients’ fund stood at the door and did not allowed representatives of patients’ organizations. The members of PSDT are regulators of health system and  providers of services, but nobody represents consumers of services. That is the reason why providers of health services and consumers find temselves in hostile camps. Patients’ organizations are the only way to defend their rights to health.

We offer to add a clause No. 28 of LR Health low. Seven or more representatives delegated by Patients’ Organizations’ Representative’s Council should be inserted in Obligatory Health Insurance Council.

Health care reform is inadequately budgeted (less than 5% of GNP). Thus the low of LR is injured, while doctors and patients have many difficulties.

We ask the President to realize a Lithuanian health program (2 July, 1998, No. VIII-833) and LR Health system low (1 December, 1998, No. VIII-946). According to this low, during changes towards market relations and span of economical difficulties health care budget should not be cut down to less than 5% of General National Product.


Lithuanian Diabetes Association

National association of organizations women with breast diseases

Lithuanian Arthritis Association

Astma Association of LR

Lithuanian Association of patients with nefrological diseases ,,Gyvastis”

Lithuanian Community of Guardianship of mentaly handicapted people

Children club ,,Daigas” of Vilnius City

Alzheimer’s disease club of Vilnius City

Lithuanian Association of epilepsy

3 different Lithuanian Associations of people with cancer diseases


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The V congress of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

On 24 May, 2002, 200 people were invited to the V congress of Lithuanian Diabetes Associacion. 144 delegates, representative of World Health Organization in Lithuania Robertas Petkevicius, the chief of Germany committee for supporting Lithuanian children with diabetes Lilly Karn, representative of LR Health Ministry Genovaite Paulauskiene, the assistant director of State patients’ Fund  Haroldas Baubinas, the chief of Lithuanian Liberals Eugenijus Gentvilas, Vice-President of LDA Bronislovas Jonusas, Head of KMU Endocrinology Institute Endocrinology Clinic Dr. Gintautas Kazanavicius, Profesor of KMU Endocrynology Institute Juozas Danilevicius, Prof. Antanas Norkus and other respectable quests took part in congress.

Participating quests and delegates congratulated congress and estimated activity of LDA wery well. Letters by WHO Europenian Region Prof. Isuf Kalo, members of LR Parliament Kazys Bobelis, Kazimiera Prunskiene, president of Lithuanian Doctors’ Union Liutauras Labanauskas and general secretaty of Lithuanian Red Cross Committee Irena Bruziene were delivered. An activity during 3 years was reviewed, thank-letters, account of revision committe were presented, statutes of Association added, Council and Board confirmed and the Prezident  (Vida Augustiniene) was collected. A most urgent questions for people with diabetes were discussed and the resolution was confirmed. An amateur group “We together” from Kelme diabetes club gave joyfull consert at the end of congress.


Main thougts from account by the President of LDA

Mission of LDA is to seek wellness of people with diabetes life. Our aim is to help people with diabetes to learn how to live and care of temselves properly and to avoid heavy complications – blindness, kindey function disorder, feet amputations, heart, blood-vessels and nerve diseases. We introduce spreading diabetes and abbilities to avoid this process to society and State institutions. We cooperate with International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization and rely on recommendations of St. Vincent declaration. Thus we participate in diabetes researches, diagnoses and help to realize Lithuanian Health Program.

On 1 January, 2002, about 5000 members from 49 diabetes clubs were in LDA. There is 1 thousand members more in LDA during last year. LDA is a public organization so it’s activity depends on supporters. Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation, Abovita, Interlux became constant supporters of LDA. LDA find about 200 thousand Litas (60 thousand EUR) for different programs each year. This money is obtained from Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government, support from other sponsors, subscribtion of newspaper “Diabetes”, symbolic payment of members of LDA. About 11% of budget is used for administrating, other is used for programs.

During 1999 – 2001 more than 20 seminars for people with diabetes, nurses, doctors, society, representatives of Government and press took place. Members of LDA delivered their speaches in more than 25 Lithuanian and international conferences. Many meetings with Government and other people took part. LDA initiated other organizations of patients to be united in influencing Government. So we became stronger in fight for rights for qualified medicine. State power says that patients are invited to participate in dessisions about health care. But it deteriorate patients’ life and avoid contacts with patients’ organizations. Our interest in State power activity often stops nonrational and harmfull decisions. During last year compensation for diets could be abolished and additional payment for insulin could be confirmed even several times. Now limitations of medicine compensations returns healing and quality of life 10 years ago. But compensation for diets remained and additional payment for insulins was not confirmed. I think, that we will unite our strenghts and prove to Government that their short-term money saving plans are antisocial and not perspective.

Education of society is important to Lithuanian Diabetes Association as well. Meetings for World Diabetes Day took place every year. These festivals were organised by collective members of LDA, doctors, nurses, sponsors and people of good well, who are not indifferent for temselves’ health and health of other people.  During three years more than 14 thousand people were teste profilacticaly. 11.4 – 17.7 % of them appeared to have higher glucosis rate than norm. They were advised to apply to doctor as soon as possible. These data are provided to Health Ministry of Lithuania, WHO and IDF. I think, that education of society is very important job of early diabetes diagnoze. Our tests prove an importance of diabetes and complications prevention. According to data of Commission of Medical Social Examination, about 700 – 900 new invalidity cases because of diabetes complications are established each year. That is way so important to pay more attention to profilactic.

LDA thinks that education children and youth to control their illness is a priority. They must integrate themselves into society and seek for education and job. That’s way summer camps for children with diabetes are organised from 1990. 50 – 80 children and young people participate in them each year. During recent 3 years several children took a rest in Latvia, Sweeden, Russia. Some members of clubs are going to rest in Finland this year and we are waiting quests from Latvia and Russia. Children in camps are consulted by doctors and nurses and do important illness control dessision themselves. In such a way they become independant. It make easier their and their parients’ life.

During the meetings with collective members in districts we try to facilitate their bothers. Sharing experience of work helps to differentiate activity of clubs and to maintain closer relationships.

100 elderly people from 16 diabetes clubs participated in a education and illness controll program for people with II type diabetes. Researches showed that education and self control is necessary to elderly people as well.

Diabetes school in LDA works constantly and provides consultations of endocrynologist and free tests of blood glucose.

Much information for patients and society is provided in newspaper “Diabetes” and other special deliveries. During 3 years 4 books, calendar, videofilm, collection of education tools, 8 booklets, diaries of diabetes control were published. Important information is provided in Internet.

In 1999 LDA met 10-year jubilee.

The work of organization was noticed by LR Seimas, valued by IDF and WHO. I was invited to deliver my speech about LDA activity in St.Vincent declaration 10-year jubilee in Stambul, in European Parliament. In IDF congress I was collected to a new ICDM Steering Committee and to Life with DaIABETES Committee of IDF Congress 2003 in Paris..

All these activities were fulfiled by sincere people. Thanks for all who helped to facilitate life for people with diabetes in Lithuania. I hope that representatives of State power will understand we are not an enemy and we will be invited to participate in decision making. Obstacles can be overcomed only by understanding and benevolence.


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of the V Congress of Lithuanian Diabetes Association, 24 May, 2002, Vilnius

Due to strategy of diabetes care and profilactics in Lithuania

The Congress of Lithuanian Diabetes Association heard an exhaustive account about activity during 1999 – 2001 by Vida Augustiniene, the president of LDA and speeches about LDA activity by other participants of the Congress. According to observations, wishes and offerings of members of Association (people with diabetes, their families, doctors and sponsors), next resolution was confirmed:

We require LR Government to realise politics of diabetes care grounded with principals of society health, prevised in Lithuanian health program 1997 – 2010 and confirmed by LR Seimas in 2 July, 1998 (decision No. VIII-833). Thus LR Government must actively and positively act for sake of patients’ wellfare and guarantee:

Patient’s right to qualified and accessible health care, prevised by Lithuanian low.

Diabetes profilactics of Lithuanian citizens.

Efective cooperation of health, social, educational, justice and other institutions and coordianation of profilactics of diabetes.

Active participation of Lithuanian Diabetes Association and other patients’ organizations in health dessisions by Government. Services by these organizations should be integrated into system of diabetes control.

Objective and public activity of people with diabetes health system.

Along with other patients’ organizations we require to insert seven or more representatives of such organizations to Obligatory Health Insurance Council and National Health Committee at LR Seimas.

We invite all institutions of State power to cooperate with organizations representing people with diabetes. These organizations are an important part of health and social politics all ower the world.

We require to evaluate an obvious epidemic spread of diabetes in all the world and in Lithuania. We offer for Health, Social and Work, Education ministries to cooperate budget and to support scientific inovative projects of diabetes prevention. We must guarantee this activity and spread it all over Lithuania. The Government must find money for stopping diabetes epidemy.

Seeking for suitable medical care of people with diabetes and having in mind unsufficient qualification and experience of therapeutists, people with II type diabetes must consult endocrynologist twice a year and people who use insulin must consult every third month. We require that at least 0.5 staff of endocrynilogist would be in each district. All using insulin patients must be supervised by endocrynologist, not by therapeutist.

Administrations and government of districts along with diabetes clubs should be more active in taking responsibility for diabetes control strategy on themselves.

We recommend to Social health centre actively spread information about thread of diabetes.

We offer to find time for diabetes prevention’s propagation in National radio and TV.

Obligatory Health Care Council must insert defind number of medicine to a list of compensated medicine.

We offer to renew foot care rooms, diabetes schools and fund new ambulatoric diabetes centres. This is a very important tool for diabetes control and health care.

A post of nurse – diabetologist and specialist of feet care must be verified in all districts. State Patients’ Fund must confirm valuation of these staffs.

National Health Council at LR Seimas along with all institutions of interest and scientists of health and social sciences must discuss a strategy of diabetes care, researches and prevenshion’s politics.

Health ministry must renew an activity of National diabetes committee for more resolute seeking of St.Vincent declaration’s aims, that is longterm health and quality of life encrease.

As previous experience proved good results of reabilitation of people with diabetes, indications for reabilitation must be expanded. These indications are diminished at the moment. Possibility of reabilitation must be discussed without hospitalization. Help of qualificated specialists is not thoughroughly used, though it is addopted to healing people with diabetes.

Health ministry along with Lithuanian Diabetes Associacion must confirm a passport of person with diabetes, where patient’s healing, results and other information was reflected.

Support for invalides since childhood must be enarged by Government.


The president of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Vida Augustiniene


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A list of new administration is provided


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Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for IV quarter.


Readership about the newspaper

Dalia Augustinaite reviews the results of questionaire about the newspaper “Diabetes” and provides information about spreading this newspaper and offerings of readership. She is happy for people, who have benefit from reading our newspaper.


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Topics of the newspapers in Lithuanian regions

Ignas Darulis from Pasvalys region reminds about picket in Pasvalys and humorous thougts of it’s participants. Z.Magelinskiene remembers resent meeting with the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene. E.Baltreskaitiene is happy for achievements of sportsmen in Pasvalys.


Readership about the newspaper

(Continued from page 10)


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

On May 13, 2002, the President of LDA delivered a speech in the conference “Consequences of medicine limits for patients” organised by Liberals’ fraction in Seimas.

On May 15 V.Augustiniene delivered a speech in a discussion “Rights of patients and health care” organised by Peasants’ and New democrats’ fraction in Seimas.

On May 21 the chiefs of LDA, Arthritis Association and Lithuanian Community of Guardianship of mentaly handicapted people met the chief of National Health Council at LR Seimas J.Pundzius. Possibilities of cooperation were disscussed. Representatives of patients’ organizations are going to meet National Health Ciuncill on September.

On May 24 the V Congress of LDA took place.

On May 29 Vilnius Arthritis Association celebrated 15-year jubilee. The President of LDA congratulated participants of festival and thanked to organization for cooperation in patients’ health increasing.

On May 31 Kaunas MU Endocrynological institute celebrated 30-year jubilee. The President of LDA congratulated participants of the conference.

Since June 1 Dr. Egle Rudinskiene consults and educates people with diabetes in LDA four times per week. The Embassy of Switzerland supported the program. Thanks JSC “Turicum” for mediation.

On June 5 V.Augustiniene participated in the conference of European Union funds’ presentation.

On June 7 Aventis Pharma International S.A. invited representatives of LDA V.Augustiniene and E.Rudinskiene to a conference “Diabetes and heart diseases”.

On June 10 finance of health care institutions was discussed in LR Seimas.

During June 11 – 12 the President of LDA told about diabetes control to Vilnius College’s students.

On June 12 questions of compensated medicine limits were discussed in LR Seimas. V.Augustiniene delivered a speech “Consiquences of medicine limits on patients”.

On June 18 Panevezys diabetes community “Viltis” organised a conference. Reports on feet care, special foot-wear and magniesium influence to people with diabetes were delivered.

On June 20 the Obligatory Health Insurance Council met in State Patients’ Fund. Changes of compensated medicine list were discussed. Order classification insulin is planned to change. Only insulin injecting using syringes is going to be 100% compensated. All patients inject insulin with special injectors (pens). The president of LDA and other chairmans of patients’ organizations were not allowed to participate in this sitting. The president of LDA required that she should to explain possibilities of patients pay in addition for vital medicine – insulin. The dessision was not confirmed after explanation about possible consiquences.

During June 23 – July 2 eleven youth from Druskininkai, Pasvalys, Jonava, Elektrenai and Vilnius had rest and education in a camp in Silainiai. The chief of the camp was J.Simoneniene, doctor – V.Zekaite. General sponsor of the camp is the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government.

On June 26 the questions of diabetes care methods were discussed in Health Ministry. The President of LDA asked a permission to participate in this meeting. She was allowed as neither scientist nor endocrynologist.

On June 27 12 people from Silale diabetes club visited LDA. Dr. E.Rudinskiene, V.Augustiniene, L.Kaulakiene answered the urgent questions. Tests of blood glucose were conducted. Quests were presented with literature.

During June 28 – July 7 fourteen children from Klaipeda, Pasvalys, Vilnius, Radviliskis, Kaunas, Panevezys and Siauliai took a rest in diabetes educational camp in Palanga. The chief of camp – I.Zamaliene from Palanga diabetes club.

On July 4 diabetes club “Insula” invited the president of LDA, Dr. E.Rudinskiene and R.Zukas. Blood tests were conducted for members of the club.

On July 16 members of Elektrenai diabetes club visited LDA. Dr. E.Rudinskiene, V.Augustiniene and L.Kaulakiene provided an information about diabetes control and tested HbA1c.

During July 18 – 27 diabetes educational camp took place in Plateliai. 19 children and youth from Plunge, Kaunas, Siauliai, Mazeikiai, Telsiai, Skuodas, Klaipeda and Taurage took part in it. A head of the camp – A.Danyliene.

During July 20 – August 4 J.Kavaliauskaite and A.Dauginis participated in the 9th Skandinavian International Lions Camp for Diabetic Youth.

On July 23 LDA iniciated 12 patients’ organizations to meet the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus.

On July 24 Vilkaviskis diabetes club “Insula”, Marijampole diabetes club and Sakiai diabetes club organized Conference on diabetes in Vilkaviskis museum of etnography.

During August 5 - 14 International diabetes educational school takes part in Druskininkai. 28 youth from Kaunas, Druskininkai, Klaipeda, Radviliskis, Marijampole, Raseiniai, Sakiai, Vilkaviskis, Birzai, Visaginas, Latvia, St. Peterburg is taking a rest there.

During August 23 – 25 a conference for the chiefs of LDA colective members and nurses diabetes educators is organised by LDA.

During September 1 – 5 EASD invites to annual conference to Budapest.

November 14 is the World Diabetes Day. The theme of 2002 year is “Your Eyes and Diabetes. Don’t lose sight of the risks”.


An Armlet for Medical Identification

Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chiefs of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


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Advertisement on self control devices Lilly insulin injectors.


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During celebration of jubilee daily life was not forgotten

I.Naguleviciene shares her impressions about Jonava diabetes club 10-year jubilee on 12 April, 2002.


Seminar in Zarasai

Z.Cernoviene tells about a seminar in diabetes club “Viltis”.


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Advertisement on food supplements Diabetiker-Vitamine.


Page 18

Moving is a medicine

The vice-chairman of diabetes community “Insula” of Rokiskis reminds about an importance of phycical activity for people with diabetes.


Advertisement on substitute of sugars Canderel.


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An advertisement on self-control devices Accu-chek Active by Roche Diagnostics.


An advertisement on self-control devices Hypoguard by JSC Interlux.


Pages 20 – 21

We miss Silaine

Ten unforgetable days

Youth from camps tell about their rest and thank to all people who gave them a posibility to participate there.


Page 22

Diabetes and early diagnosis of foot injures

By Dr. Eimante Raisiene


Page 23

Syndroms of irritable foot and periodical foot movements

By Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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An advertisement on self-control devices Innovo by Novo Nordisk.


Syndrom of irritable foot


The reason of diabetes is virus

Dr. Egle Rudinskiene prepared according to forreign press.


Page 25

Diabetes and nerve disorders

By Dr. Vitalija Cholomskiene


Page 26

Diabetes of MODY type

Dr. Egle Rudinskiene prepared according to forreign press.


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Therapy by insulin: progress and variety

Dainara Kartheiser prepared according to forreign press.


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Advertisement on medicine by Berlin-chemie Menarini Group.


Advertisement on self-control devices by MediSense.