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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 4 (36) November 10, 2002

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14 November – World Diabetes Day


Letter from the IDF President, Prof Sir George Alberti


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LDA Is the Member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA working hours is provided. Attention! The address of LDA is changed: Gedimino pr. 28/2, 404 room, LT-2600 Vilnius. Tel. +370 2 620783, fax +370 2 610639.


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Message from the World Health Organization for World Diabetes Day 2002


Your Eyes and Diabetes


Did you know that…

By Dr. E.Rudinskiene prepared according to IDF information.


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Your Eyes and Diabetes


Did you know that…

Continued from page 3.


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The General Assembly and conference “We are stronger together” of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) European region

Vida Augustiniene and Genovaite Naidzinaviciene


During October 11-13, IDF General Assembly and conference took place in Cyprus, Limassol. The President of Cyprus and other famous people congratulated participants of the conference. The president of General Assembly IDF European region Prof. Massimo Massi-Benedetti informed participants of the conference about organisational questions. He pointed out that European region is the largest region by the number of diabetes associations. Also other questions were discussed such as budget for 2003, election of new president etc. The next General Assembly is planned in 2003 in Paris. During conference urgent diabetes questions were discussed. The co-operation with World Health Organisation and other institutions was one of the most important issues. The Government must care of diabetes prevention as well. The representative of Finland presented a good example of long lasting state politics in their country. Association of Cyprus and France shared their experience in diabetes care area. They were happy to declare their achieving in medicine and other necessary equipment compensations. Communication with society and state government was pointed out as very important means to spread information about diabetes. World Diabetes Day is a great opportunity to communicate with people. The activity of Lithuania Diabetes Association was presented in poster announcement and during group discussions. A pleasant meeting and sharing of experience took part with Cyprus Diabetes Association for People with Diabetes. Thanks a lot to the Dina Constantinides, IDF of European region, Eksmos MTC and Novo Nordisk for ability to reveal us and to get some knowledge and share experience of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.


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From the Baltic Sea to Dunoj

During August 30 – 31, the VII conference of Federation of European Nurses Diabetologists (FEND) took place in Budapest. The president of federation Anne-Marie Felton congratulated the participants. The topic of conference was protection of people with diabetes. Different problems of such people were discussed. Education and diabetes control were stressed out. Nurses told about Education programs and their perspectives. Psychological problems of people with diabetes were discussed during the conference as well. Personnel should learn to communicate in a kind way seeking for a better life quality for people.

Some new methods of healing were presented during the conference. Nurses conducting scientifically researches presented poster announcements. The main part of the conference was discussion named “What do you need to know from experts?” The president of FEND noted an importance of communication between nurses as well as between other government and society institutions. Pleasant time was spent near feast table and during a trip on a ship, supported by Novo Nordisk. Ten nurses from Lithuania thanks to representative of Medisense Valdas Juska and consultant Laima Kaulakiene for an ability to participate in this conference.

During August 23 – 25, Lithuanian Diabetes Association organised a conference for chairmen of local diabetes clubs and nurses Diabetologists in Palanga. It is obvious that nurses who participated in FEND conference and in conference in Palanga got much important knowledge about diabetes control and illness.


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In the diabetes educational camps of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Lithuanian Diabetes Association presents an information about diabetes camps in 2002. The general sponsor of educational camps was Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government.  Abovita, Aventis International S.A., Deva, Eksmos MTC, Novo Nordosk Turicum supported these camps as well. An information about participants’ age, their illness’ history and tests of blood glucose is provided.



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World Diabetes Day 2002:

Your Eyes and Diabetes

True or False?

How much do you know about diabetic eye complications?

According information from IDF


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The summer in Finland

Arturas Dauginis from Skuodas tells about his trip to Finland and summer camp. He is grateful for ability to participate there and thanks to supporters Lithuanian Diabetes Association, Novo Nordisk and Lions clubs International.


Unrepeatable moments

Juste Kavaliauskaite from Panevezys shares her impressions about trip to Finland diabetes camp too.



Alytus diabetes club congratulates Verute Struckiene. She is meeting her 80-year jubilee.


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A project of rapid survey of eyes (Holland)

Prepared by Dr. E.Rudinskiene according foreign press.


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Helping patient is not a luxury

Dr Galina Apanel tells about the summer camp near Plateliai Lake. She is happy for existence of such camps, thanks for LDA and is pity for indifference of the Government.


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An advertisement on self-control devices Accu-Chek by Roche Diagnostics.


An advertisement on self-control devices Super Glucocard II by Interlux.


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Health passport “DIABETES”


1.       To improve health care of people with diabetes.

·         It is a means to share information between patient, his family and diabetes specialists.

·         In a passport means of prevention and intervention are marked in international level.

2.       To avoid late complications.

·         The passport is an addition to publication “Health care. Rights and obligations of patient”

Optimal usage of passport

·         Person with diabetes health passport “Diabetes” must have with him all the time.

·         Passport is filled in by it’s owner himself during each health survey.

·         The owner of passport fills in his personal information and medicine.

·         Once a year the main aims of health care are discussed with a doctor and filled in the passport.

·         The results (weight, blood pressure, etc.) are filled in once a quarter or a half of a year.

·         Once a quarter control results are pointed out.

Nurses diabetologists must help with filling the passport until patients are able to do it for themselves.


Passport is prepared according recommendations of the St Vincent Declaration and experience of German Diabetes Union.


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Advertisement on self control devices Lilly insulin injectors.


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XVIII congress of International Diabetes Federation

IDF information about XVIII congress is provided.


In the educational camps of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

(Continued from page 8)


Advertisement on insulin pump H-TRONplus by Disetronic.


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Advertisement on vitamins Diabetiker-Vitamine by Gesundhaus.


An Armlet for Medical Identification

Information about possibility to order and acquire an armlet for identification of a person with diabetes is provided. The chiefs of diabetes clubs are invited to inform people with diabetes, society, emergency medical service and police about the meaning of an armlet.


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         During August 5 – 14, 2002, International camp for youth and children took place in Druskininkai educational Centre “Dainava”. The chief of this camp was Jelena Simoniene from diabetes club “Atgaja”, doctor of the camp was Vita Zupkauskiene, a nurse – Aldona Gostautiene from Joniskis diabetes club. Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government was the general sponsor. The Informational bureu of Nordic Council of Ministers in Vilnius, Radviliskis, Sakiai, Marijampole, Visaginas diabetes clubs, Abovita, Eksmos MTC, Novo Nordisk, “Dainava” and families of children with diabetes supported the camp as well.

·         On August 21 LDA met representatives of Limeta Juozas Riauka and Birute Zviniene and discussed possibilities of colloboration.

·         During August 23 – 25 the conference of chairmen of LDA collective members and nurses diabetologists took place. Diabetes education problems were the aim of this conference. Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government, Abovita, Aventis International S.A., Eksmos MTC, GlaxoSmithKline, Limeta, Novo Nordisk, “Palangos Zvorune”, Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation S.A., WORWAG Pharma Gmb&Co. KG supported the conference.

·         On August 24 board and council of Lithuanian Diabetes Association sat in a conference.

·         On August 28 during the meeting of the council of Lithuanian Patients’ Organization The Council was decided to register officially in LR Ministry of justice. Vida Augustiniene was collected to be a chairman of the council.

·         During September 1 – 5 a large group of Lithuanian doctors and the president of LDA took part in annual conference of EASD in Hungary, Budapest. Aventis International S.A., Eli Lilly and EASD supported a trip of V.Augustiniene.

·         On September 12 V.Augustiniene took part in a discussion club of EFA and journalists on the topic “A state of health care reform and its’ budgeting today”.

·         On September 14 a seminar for 32 members of Taurage diabetes club “Insula” took part in LDA. Dr. Egle Rudinskiene, Laima Kaulakiene and Vida Augustiniene shared their knowledge with participants of the seminar. Blood glucose and HbAlc tests were conducted.

·         On September 16 Vida Augustiniene met the manager of public relations of Health ministry Lina Jakucioniene. Possibilities of collaboration between LDA and Health Ministry were discussed.

·         During September 19 – 21 Lithuanian Diabetes Association presented a poster report and conducted tests of blood glucose in Opera theatre. A conference of “Day of healthy living 2002” and International AIDS conference was organized there. The famous health care politics from Europe took part in it. 2 % of people who were tested has high level of blood glucose.

·         On September 23 delegation of 20 people from Varena diabetes club “Riba” visited LDA. Dr. E.Rudinskiene, L.Kaulakiene and V.Augustiniene answered the urgent questions about health problems. Blood glucose and HbAlc tests were conducted.

·         On September 24 Vida Augustiniene during the meeting of National Health Council at LR Seimas delivered a report about an activity of the Council of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations.

·         During September 25 – 28 Lithuanian Diabetes Association exposed a s poster report and conducted prophylactic tests of blood glucose during the international exposition “X BaltMedica 2002”. 4 % of tested people were suspected to have diabetes. They were suggested to appeal to medics as soon as possible. Litexpo exposition centre, Abovita, Eksmos MTC, Interlux and Limeta supported Lithuanian Diabetes Association.

·         On Septembet 26 a delegation of Elektrenai diabetes club met workers of LDA.

·         On September 26 the first meeting of work group formed by health Minister took place in the State Patients’ Fund. The work group had to prepare the list of criteria of illnesses which medicine must be compensated 90 % and the project of the list of illnesses till September 30. 3 representatives of Patients’ organizations were included into this group and the President of LDA was one of them. The most of the group members aggressively suggested compensating the medicine for II type diabetes only by 90 %. The arguments that incomes of people with II type diabetes are low, delivered by V.Augustiniene, were not heard. The offerings of members of the work group were not sustained by economical calculations. Representatives of State Patients’ Fund did not answered any question asked by representatives of Patients’ organizations, such as how many people are sick and what illnesses they have, how many people get medicine compensated by PSDF, what budget is for healing these illnesses for this moment, what economical effect will be after limiting compensations and will people be able to acquire qualified medicine.

·         During September 27 – 28 the President of LDA participated in the International seminar “Therapeutic education of patients”, which took place in Kaunas KMU endocrinology institute.

·         On September 30 Dr. E.Rudinskiene, J.Margelyte and V.Augustiniene delivered reports and answered the questions in Silute diabetes club.

·         On October 2 the second meeting of State Patients’ Fund work group took place. The minutes were confirmed for further debating. Two points about diabetes compensating were included: 1. I and II type diabetes must be compensated by 100 % while saving money inside the program (a part of budget for food must be moved for compensating of self-control tools); 2. I type diabetes must be compensated by 100 %, II type diabetes must be compensate by 90 %. Specialists must prepare concrete recommendations due to compensating diabetes by 90 % till November 30.

·         On October 2 the president of LDA and the manager of the Council of representatives of Patients’ organizations Vida Augustiniene along with representatives of Seimas, Health ministry and State Patients' Fund took part in a LTV broadcast “Press club”. The topic of the broadcast was “Do people suffer because of Health care reform?”

·         On October 3 V.Augustiniene took part in a discussion on “Health care reform: “winners” and “losers”. Lithuanian Fund of Open Society organized the discussion.

·         During October 11 – 13 the managers of LDA Vida Augustiniene and Genovaite Naidzinaviciene took part and presented a poster report in General Assembly and conference “We are stronger together” organized by IDF European region. The general sponsor was the bureau of IDF European region. The other sponsors were Eksmos MTC and Novo Nordisk.

·         On October 11 delegation of Radviliskis diabetes club “Likimas” visited LDA. Dr. Egle Rudinskiene and secretary of LDA Janina Dainaraviciene answered the urgent questions about health. Blood glucose was surveyed for free.

·         On October 17 LDA met members of Elektrenai diabetes club.

·         On October 18 the vice-president of LDA Prof. Juozas Danilevicius, the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene, Dr. Algirdas Palinauskas, Dr. Nijole Vezbergiene, Dr. Algauda Valuntiene, representative of Worwag Pharma GmbH&Co.KG Arimantas Gintautas, representative of Abovita Laima Kaulakiene delivered reports in a conference organized by Panevezys diabetes community “Viltis”. Substitute of head physician of Panevezys hospital Violeta Smilgiene, representative of local government for social matters congratulated the members of the meeting. Chairman D.Kavaliauskiene informed about achieving for patients’ sake of community.

·         On October 23 the meeting of the council of LDA took place. The information from conferences of EASD and IDF was presented. Organizational questions about World Diabetes Day were discussed. LDA passed publications and self-control tools to collective members of LDA.

·         On October 24 delegation of Silute diabetes club visited LDA in diabetes school.

·         On October 29 the members of the council of Lithuanian Patients’ organizations were invited to participate in the meeting of National Heath council at LR Seimas.

·         On October 29 the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene participated in the meeting of Health ministry work group for State diabetes program preparing.

·         October 14 is World Diabetes Day. The topic of 2002 year is “Your Eyes and diabetes. Don’t lose sight of the risks”. All diabetes clubs and communities are going to celebrate this day.

·         During August 24 – 29, 2003, the congress of IDF and the conference of EASD is going to take place in Paris.


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Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for 2003


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Suduvites stayed for a while together

Prepared according Vilkaviskis newspaper “Santaka”.



Participants of summer camps thanks to sponsors.


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There are good people

By Povilas Balciunas from Sakiai


Let the child to smile

By Jelena Simoniene from Druskininkai


Thanks for everything

By Raminta Zaliniakaite from Vilkaviskis



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For being healthy

Impressions of members of community “Insula”


I was in “Zvorune”

By Dominyka Nausedaite


Page 23

Sprout in “Saltinelis”

By Lilita Lazauninkaite from Taurage


A pleasant trip

By Elena Siriuniene from Kursenai


Learning and travelling

By Genovaite Sereikiene


Trips of livers of Radviliskis

By Jaronimas Dambrauskas from “Likimas”


Diabetes without medicine

By Janina Dainaraviciene


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Advertisement on self control devices Innovo insulin injectors by Novo Nordisk.


Insulin strengthens the health of patients

Prepared by representatives of Novo Nordisk.


Pages 25 – 27

Diabetes. Epidemiology and account. Reality and prognoses

Prepared by Dr. Rytas Ostrauskas.


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Did you suffer from the limits of medicine?

1.       What is your living place?

2.       When was diagnosed diabetes to you?

3.       What medicine do you use?

4.       What illnesses do you have?

5.       Who prescribes the medicine for you?

6.       Did you get all the medicine you need?

7.       Do you have enough medicine for 1 month?

8.       How often do you appeal to doctor until you get all the medicine you need?

9.       When do you need to register if you want to appeal to doctor?

10.   Do you pay additionally for compensated medicine?

11.   Does your doctor prescribe self-control diagnostic sticks?

12.   How much diagnostic sticks were prescribed to you during last year?

13.   How far is your physician?

14.   How much does the trip to physician cost?

15.   What time do you spend for the trip to physician?

16.   Do you have invalidity group?

17.   Do you have invalidity group because of diabetes and it’s complications?

18.   Do you pay bribes for your health’s sake?

19.   What other difficulties do you have?



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Advertisement on medicine by Berlin-chemie Menarini Group.


Advertisement on self-control devices by MediSense.