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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 2 (38) May 10, 2003

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Diabetes and Stress

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to “Diabetes Voice”, 2002 (VOL. 47).


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LDA is the Member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA is provided. The usefulness of being the member of LDA is stressed. The information about Diabetes school in LDA is provided.


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Diabetes and Stress

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to “Diabetes Voice”, 2002 (VOL. 47).

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Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for the II half of 2003 year.


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Health reform or have money - have medicine

The ordinary patient, as the author of this article pronounced herself, tells about her experience while being in hospital. She is furious about attitude to health care by health care specialists. Some particular advices are given to people, who are going to hospitalization. The author of the article appeals to Health Minister asking where we are going to.


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Products without sugar

UAB “Ruta” announces about products proper to people with diabetes.


Questionnaire Eyes and Diabetes

It is important to people with diabetes avoid eyes complications. That’s why we invite you to expend necessary knowledge and answer the questions about diabetes, eyes’ complications, diet and physical activity.


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The perfect self-control

The short facts people with diabetes must always remember are provided. There are some questions we should answer to ourselves. Necessary researches and indexes for ideal self-control are listed. Instructions for using tools and conducting tests properly are given.


Questionnaire Eyes and Diabetes

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The perfect self-control

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An advertisement on free self-control devices by UAB Diagnosta.


An advertisement on self-control devices Gluco Care by AB Limeta.



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Most important is not to lose heart

The members of Radviliskis diabetes club “Likimas” shares their impression about festival organized by Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis”. They are happy for presents of “Lilly”, “Ruta” and “Citana”.


Photo: Music and songs roused all participants

The member of Siauliai council E.Zokoris welcomes members of the club


Diabetes control teaching

Members of Elektrenai diabetes club tells about a conference where the possibility to know more about diabetes control was provided.


Photo: Prophylactic blood researches conducted as well


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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         On 23 January 2003 the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene met the council of Vilnius diabetes club “Dia”. The possibility to improve an activity of organization is discussed. The chief Margarita Girskuviene was encouraged not to disturb roles and inform members of the club about events and financial activity. Members of the club should have possibility to participate in the ruling of the club.

·         On 27 January V.Augustiniene participated in the accountant meeting of Vilnius children and youth diabetes club “Dia Bite Plus”. She told about news in diabetes care and activity of the LDA.

·         On 28 January the chiefs of the LDA and NOVO NORDISK discussed on the common prevention program for people with II type diabetes.

·         On 30 January during the meeting of board of Health Ministry the new Council of Obligatory Health Insurance (PSDT) was confirmed. The president of LDA and the chief of the Council of representatives of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations (LPOAT) Vida Augustiniene is collected to be a representative of Patients’ Organizations.

·         On 31 January the chiefs of LDA, ABBOTT LABORATORIES S.A. and UAB ABOVITA discussed on possibilities of co-operation.

·         On 31 January LDA presented a program for camps financing to State Council of Youth. 2300 Lt was assigned.

·         On 5 February the representatives of LDA Vida Augustiniene, J.Dainaraviciene and E.Rudinskiene participated in senior club meeting of Lithuanian unit of journalists. The information about diabetes epidemiology was provided and prophylactic blood tests were conducted.

·         On 10 and 14 February representatives of LDA and AVENTIS INTERNATIONAL A.S. discussed on future co-operation.

·         On 11 February the monograph “Diabetes and principles of diet” was presented in Kaunas. The authors A.Norkus, E.Danyte and R.Zalinkevicius told about principles of diet plan. Different factors of illness, self-control and complications are discussed in the book.

·         On 12 February representatives of LDA and UAB DIAGNOSTA discussed on the questions of co-operation.

·         On 18 February the meeting of Vilnius club “Dia”.

·         On 20 February the president of LDA participated in the meeting of Health Ministry Work Group for State diabetes program.

·         On 21 February V.Augustiniene and representative of Health Ministry for the press V.Kizas discussed on co-operation of Patients’ organizations and Health Ministry.

·         On 24 February Dr. Egle Rudinskiene shared her experience with Vilnius club “Dia Bite Plus”.

·         On 24 February V.Augustiniene, representatives of Vilnius asthma club and GlaxoSmithKline discussed on activity of LDA and LPOAT.

·         On 25 February V.Augustiniene participated in the meeting of National Health Council at LR Seimas.

·         On 27 February and 21 March V.Augustiniene presented news in diabetes care to nurses of Hospital of Vilnius Centre. The urgent diabetes questions were discussed.

·         On 5 March the delegation of Kaisiadorys diabetes club visited LDA. The knowledge about an illness was shared and free tests of blood glucose were conducted.

·         On 5 March V.Augustiniene and representatives of other patients’ organizations participated in the broadcasting “The freedom of the speech”. Patients’ rights were discussed during it.

·         During 6 - 10 March the President of LDA participated in the meeting of IDF congress Life with diabetes Programme committee .

·         On 12 March V.Augustiniene and vice president G.Naidzinaviciene delivered the speeches during the accountant meeting of Vilkaviskis diabetes community “Insula”.

·         On 14 March Dr.E.Rudinskiene met members of Rokiskis diabetes club and answered the questions.

·         On 14 March representatives of LDA and UAB TURICUM discussed on questions of co-operation.

·         On 18 March Dr. E.Rudinskiene and accountant G.Cincikiene met Pakruojis diabetes club.

·         On 25 March the meeting of Lithuanian POAT took place. The urgent questions of patients were discussed.

·         On 27 March V.Augustiniene presented the offerings due to co-operation of Health Ministry and Patients’ organizations. An appeal was introduced to new Heath Ministry J.Olekas.

·         On 27 March the President of LDA participated in the first meeting of Council of Obligaqtory Heath Insurance with a new structure. The statute was confirmed as well as the 2003 year project of recourses’ distribution and payment for stationary health care. From 1 July the budget for patients’ funds is going to be distributed according to the number, age and sex of livers in the region. TLK will be able to sign agreements with hospitals of other regions as well.

·         On 28 March V.Augustiniene participated in the meeting of work group for establishing a list of illnesses prescribed 90 % compensated medicine.

·         On 31 March V.Augustiniene told patients’ problems in the broadcasting of Ziniu (News) radio.

·         On 3 April the President and the accountant of LDA participated in the seminar of Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania. The topic of the seminar was about preparing social integration programs for 2004.

·         On 5 April V.Augustiniene participated in the lectures by Dr. B.Zilaitiene about diabetes education program in Kedainiai, shared the information about activity of LDA and answered the questions.

·         On 9 April the meeting of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations representatives Council (LPOAT) took place. The meeting with Health Ministry J.Olekas was discussed.

·         On 10 April the second meeting of PSDT took place. PSDT confirmed the acutance of 2002 year budget of PSDF and decided to give it to Lithuanian Government for discussion. The new order of primary ambulatory personal health care payment was introduced. Some projects were decided to expand and give to Government under discussion as well. The possibility to finance drugstores in villages was considered.

·         On 10 April Dr. E.Rudinskiene and G.Cincikiene participated the seminar about possibilities being in ES organized by Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania.

·         On 14 April during board meeting of LDA the questions of organization of Baltic States diabetes associations’ conference in Druskininkai and improvement of activity of diabetes clubs were discussed.

·         On 15 April Council of Lithuanian Patients’ organizations representatives and Health Ministry J.Olekas discussed on questions of co-operation.

·         On 16 April during the meeting of Ukmerge diabetes club V.Augustiniene and J.Dainaraviciene talked about patients’ problems.

·         On 17 April Dr. E.Rudinskiene and J.Dainaraviciene participated in the meeting of diabetes club “Zemaiciu speka” in Mazeikiai.

·         During 17 - 20 April the member of ICDM steering committee V.Augustiniene shared her experience in the International conferences and exibition “Zizn bez vlasti diabeta” (Diabetes. Life Style) in Moscow.

·         On 25 April Rokiskis diabetes club celebrated 10 year jubilee. The President of LDA participated in the event. Pasvalys community “Sveikata” celebrated 10 year jubilee as well.

·         On 29 April the third meeting of Council of Patients’ Organizations representatives took part.

·         Council of Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania assigned 100 000 Lt to LDA for the program of people with disabilities’ social integration.

·         From June to August diabetes educational camps are planed. Groups are going to be formed according to information provided by diabetes clubs. Socially supportable children and children who rested in such camps never have preference.


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Reasons of Diabetes and Possibility to influence them

The topic of diabetes as inflammatory illness is continued from Diabetes No 1 (37).

There is no illness without reasons. These reasons are called etiological factors. The reason of diabetes is a complex of several factors. The table of etiological factors of diabetes is provided. According to this table many of factors are inflammatory. We could more or less damp diabetes by healing these reasons. This topic is going to be expanded in other numbers of newspaper.


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An advertisement on self-control devices Super Glucocard II by Interlux.


Visiting Georgia Diabetes Federation

The chief secretary of Georgia Diabetes Federation Elena Selestiova introduces Ramaz Kurasvili, the prominent person in Georgia society. R.Kurasvili is the founder of Georgia Diabetes Federation. He devoted all his life to spreading the knowledge about diabetes self-control. He was given State award for his activity and publications one year ago. Patient from Georgia are thankful for his care and attention.


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Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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Diabetes and diet

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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An advertisement on Special offer by EURO vaistine.


Medals of bones’ metabolism

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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Medals of bones’ metabolism

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The LDA congratulates the chief of Vilkaviskis diabetes community Juozas Janusaitis who is celebrating his 70-year jubilee.


Advertisement on substitute of sugars Canderel.


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Syndrom of shoulder joint

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to http://orthoinfo.aapos.org


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Advertisement on self-control devices HumaPenErgo e by Lilly.


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Syndrom of shoulder joint

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Advertisement on self-control devices Accu-Chek Active by Eksmos MTC.


Let’s seek for welfare together

The questionnaire “Valuation of organization” was publicized in “Diabetes” No 1(37). Only 2.5 % of readership sent their answers. The most active were livers of Mariampole (56 % of them). Members of Anyksciai, Lazdijai, Mariampole, Panevezys, Pasvalys, Plunge, Rokiskis, Sakiai, Siauliai, Taurage, Telsiai, Varena, Vilkaviskis, Vilnius, Zarasai diabetes clubs answered the questions.

49 % of people found out about diabetes club from their doctor, 4 % - from nurse, 29 % from other people with diabetes and 38 % asked for information for them. Even 9 % do not know the name of their organization. Also 9 % state they do not participate in clubs’ events, thought they are the members of organizations. 16 % of members do not know the plan of activity of their club and 18 % about budget and outcomes. 38 % find out about events from the newspapers, 16 % - from newsletters in clinics. 58 % of people about the plan of activity know in advance. 13 % stated that chiefs of their club do not inform about an activity of LDA. 38 % value an activity of their organization as very good, 44 % as good, 11 % as enough and 2 % as bad. 11 % of respondents are not satisfied with activity of chiefs. All 100 % of respondents state that such organizations are useful. 16 % of them are inactive participants. 18 % think that education of diabetes self-control is noticeable. 67 % of cases the main work fulfils the chief, 49 % nurse and 36 % - their doctor. The question “Which activity of organization is most enjoyable?” raised such an answers: different lectures (89 %), individual education (29 %), cultural activity (33 %), social help (22 %), communication (60%), sport events (2 %). Only 20 % of respondents answered the question “What do you want to change?”. 22 % of them want to change the plan of activity, 78 % - the way of communication. Some of them offered to be more active, change the time of meetings. People want doctors’ and State help for diabetes clubs.

Letters received shows inactivity of some members and chiefs of clubs. People know little about roles of organizations, plans of activity, financial accounts, information from LDA. Members should be more active and check chiefs they elected themselves. They can elect other if chiefs do not content their hopes. Thus activity of clubs can be regulated by these ways. Seeking for information from LDA representatives should be called to meetings.

The results of questionnaire were discussed in the meeting of LDA council in 2003, April 14.


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Diabetic retina pathology

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to IDF.


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Advertisement on vitamins Diabetiker by Worwag Pharma GmbH& Co.


Diabetic retina pathology

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Diabetic retina pathology

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Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

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Information by Novo Nordisk about glucose and haemoglobin


Advertisement on injector FlexPen by Novo Nordisk.


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Insulin pump

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene according to foreign press


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Advertisement on Insulin Pump DANAdiabecare by Abovita.


Insulin pump

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Advertisement on medicine by Berlin-chemie Menarini Group.


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