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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 1 (41) February 10, 2004

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10 years for the newspaper “Diabetes”

On 25 March 2004 the newspaper “Diabetes” celebrates 10 year jubilee. Prof. Juozas Steponas Danilevicius congratulates all members of diabetes association, the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene and all other people who worked towards the aim to spread the knowledge and experience. He tries to review the way people walked while uniting into organizations.

In 1989 Lithuanian Diabetes Association (LDA) was funded, clubs for people with diabetes appeared (there are 50 of them at the moment). In 1991 the National Program of diabetes was begun to create. LDA became one of the main supporters and executors of National Program. The written word was necessary in order to coordinate an activity along with Health Ministry, institutions of health, diabetes clubs and society. The Newspaper “Diabetes” was published on 25 March, 1994. It became the bulletin of LDA activity. At the moment we can resume that this newspaper is a chronicle of all our works as well as a school for patients, where letters of people with diabetes, advices of medics, nurses and pharmacy companies are published. You can find information about provided production in it. “Diabetes” illustrates activity of LDA, its’ steps and stages very well.

The newspaper enlightened a situation of diabetes in Lithuania elaborately. It declared the scientific knowledge and achievements of clinical practice. Readership found out, that medical care is ought to be improved with various insulin prescribed in different combinations according to appropriate methodology and active span. Besides, we need to motivate the order of changing prescribed medicine, to research reserves of B and C cells in pancreas islets, to determine the amount of insulin and C-peptide before treating by oral medicine and beginning to use insulin. The newspaper warns about hypoglycemia and prevention of neuropathies. It discussed on a topic about differentiated and complex healing of diabetic hypotenuses. It told about prevention of heart illnesses and insufficiency of kidneys while preventing smoking, regulating mass of the body, etc. The usefulness of diabetic foot cabinets and work of nurses was stressed. The question about rehabilitation of people with diabetes during the period all around the year was raised. Prophylactic blood tests for people were discussed in the newspaper as well.

The question about restoring National Program of diabetes is raised at the moment as it was stopped in 1996 breaking off a financing of it.

A great progress was achieved in Lithuania in areas of education, healing and providing with medicine patients. Many of members of LDA are the members of European Association for the Study of Diabetes and International Diabetes Federation as well. During the visits to Lithuania EASD conferences, prominent scientist of Europe and all the word stressed that Lithuania makes a big progress in the area of diabetology.

Still, the fight with insidious illness diabetes and threading epidemic is a long, hard and systemic process. All strengths of health institutions and patients must be united in it.

The international relationships of LDA and “Diabetes” are created and strengthened. The editor-in-chief  is the member of the Steering Committee of the International Committee of Diabetes Magazines   for Europe since 2000. She was elected to be the member of the Board of IDF European region in 2003. The representatives of supporters of the newspaper Novo Nordisk and general manager of Denmark diabetes association Flemming Kjersgaard Johansen took part in presentation of the newspaper in 1994. Guests were embarrassed with the activity of Lithuanians, achievements in diabetology and congratulated tribune of LDA.

In 1994 LDA became the member of the International Diabetes Federation. It was the top achievement for Lithuania. The expert of World Health Organization Prof. Isuf Kalo visited Lithuania several times. He evaluated activity of organization and achievements of medics very highly. In 1996 the Health minister A.Vinkus signed St. Vincent declaration and stated during an interview: “People with diabetes will not be forgotten in the future”. It is a pity that we must fight all the time to be not forgotten. The newspaper remembers these words. In 1997 the president of International Diabetes Federation Maria L. de Alva congratulated Lithuanians with the words: “The  mission of IDF is to work along with our member associations to enhance the lives of people with diabetes”. During 8–15 November, 1997, the national diabetes week was announced. The members of IDF Vice-president Leena Etu-Seppala and public relations manager Orla Fox visited Association.

In 1998 the conference of Baltic States diabetes associations was organized for the first time. The expert of WHO Isuf Kalo, the Vice-president of IDF Europe region and the president of Sweden diabetes association Anders Ericson, the representative of Finish diabetes association Tuula Lechto, the delegation of Latvia diabetes association and many other guests visited the conference. Elected president of IDF Europe region Dr. W.H.J.M. Wientjens visited the IV conference of Baltic States diabetes associations in Druskininkai, in 2003. Urgent topics of providing medicine and the meaning of National diabetes program were discussed with Lithuanian Health minister J.Olekas. All the guests evaluated activity of Lithuanian medics and LDA in education of patients, increasing their life quality, providing psychological and social help. During 10 year span LDA became wide known in Europe and the entire World. We are proud of that but are obliged as well as government institutions. The great job is still waiting. There are many unsolved strategic questions. They are: the prevention of diabetes epidemic, in time diagnosis of diabetes, prevention of diabetes and its’ complications, patients’ education and rehabilitation, control and self-control of the illness, in time consultations of nurses-diabetologists, specialists of foot care and endocrinologists, education of society. That is why State Diabetes Program is necessary.

The newspaper is alike the film where every year of activity is reflected and supporters are honored. They are pharmacy companies “Novo Nordisk” and “Ely Lilly” and their share into activity of LDA and publishing the newspaper is very important. LDA is thankful to all pharmacy companies for permanent support, understanding of LDA needs and interests and easy cooperation. In the newspaper is stated, that Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly established diabetes schools and diabetic foot rooms in different towns of Lithuania. Insulin and teaching tools provided by these companies are the main tools for healing patients in our country.

Publication of “Diabetes” was a right strategic step of LDA. In the pages of newspaper reflected all the 10 year way, joys and bothers, indexes of every day activity in diabetes clubs as well as latitude of communication, international relationships, evidence of recognition. The spread of all LDA activity areas is obvious during 10 year period.

Many pages of the newspaper are devoted to patients’ education and consultations, phone numbers for extra information are declared. We approve the words by IDF president Marija L. de Alva while talking of importance of patients’ education: “Diabetes education is the key to good diabetes care. The door separates life and death”.

“Diabetes” is assigned to all patients in Lithuania and society, which must care of its’ health more. Successes and failures of Lithuanian health reform were showed in it. It opens the efficient position of LDA talking about patients’ social rights, better medicine, providing and achieving services. It is necessary to mention patriotic devotion by the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene. Her energy, fighting efficiency, good relationship with chiefs of clubs, the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania, State Patients’ Fund, Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) and IDF is very important. It is common work of all people, but she units as main prominent person. That is why LDA became strong power which unites patients, nurses, medics and other persons to act together ant to be strong while controlling diabetes. LDA could not live without its’ newspaper. It is the weather, bread and water to LDA.

In conclusion we can repeat that “Diabetes” is:

v      The chronicle and program by LDA

v      The mirror for LDA and every club

v      The index of LDA international and internal communication

v      The reflection of course of Health reform and patients’ bothers

v      The exponent of LDA plans, accounts, educational camps, clubs and patients’ conferences

v      The marker of relations with Health ministry, Parliament, the Council for the Affairs of Disabled at the Government of Lithuania, World Diabetes Day

v      The fruit of president activity and other members of LDA council

I congratulate the President and her helpers once more time and hope that readership will get as much useful information as possible in the future.


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The light on that side

We refer to doctor endocrinologist and the honorary member of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association Antanas V.Stepanas. A year ago from the 9 January he is dead. Apparently the Christmas present 21814 Lt from Antanas V.Stepanas was transferred into our account. This present excited us to tears but did not surprise because this endocrinologist proved his love and devotion to patients by all his life. We are going to use this sacrifice according to his saint will.

After the national flag of Lithuania flied upon our country, Antanas V.Stepanas constantly visited us. We are thankful to Antanas V.Stepanas’ suns Paulius G. Stepanas and Kazys M.Stepanas who transferred inheritance by beloved father to Lithuanian Diabetes Association.


Advertisement on self-control devices Eksma e by UAB “Eksmos MTC”.


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Psychological aspects of diabetes

Prepared by Dr. Egle Jakimaviciene


Advertisement on internet-shop www.diabetas.lt by UAB “Monameda”.


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LDA is the member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA is provided. The usefulness of being the member of LDA is stressed. The information about Diabetes school in LDA is provided. Attention, please, the working hours of Diabetes school is changed. Dr Egle Rudinskiene consults and educates people with diabetes in the office of LDA in Vilnius.


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World Diabetes Day

According to data by Lithuanian Health Ministry there are about 60 thousand of people with diabetes in Lithuania. The prevalence of diabetes in Lithuania is 9.4 % while 7.8 % is in Europe and 5.1 % in the world. Diabetes atlas 2003 published by International Diabetes Federation states that prevalence  of impaired glucose tolerance is 17 % in Lithuanian society while 10.2 % in Europe and 8.2 % in the world. About 5 -10 % of all health budgets is needed for diabetes.

World diabetes day is an important educational campaign for all human society. The aim of it is to deliver knowledge about reasons, indications, treating and complications of diabetes. During the celebrations of that day our society is informed about thread and insidiousness of this chronic illness.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on 14 November each year all over the world. More than 140 members of IDF in different countries celebrate and note it. Lithuanian Diabetes Association played a significant role in this campaign as well. A booklet “Diabetes and kidney disease: time to act”  was published, journal “Health”, “Diabetes” and district newspapers informed on this topic. TV and radio paid their attention to this event as well. Conferences and seminars took part. During the meeting with society tests of blood glucose were made and results are not joyful. According to data from districts’ diabetes organizations over 5.5 thousands of people tested their blood glucose and over 1 thousand of them have diabetes. 40 % of them do not control their diabetes. About 4.5 thousands of people tested their blood glucose prophylactic. 12.5 % of them had higher results than normal. 92 % of these people were over 40, 85 % had over weight, 15 % had relatives with diabetes.

We provide information about World Diabetes Day collected from residence of International Diabetes federation Europe region and diabetes clubs.

EU Diabetes Week

IDF-Europe, in close cooperation with two leading Members of the European Parliament, Ms Mary Banotti and Mr. John Bowis organized a successful EU Diabetes Week at the European Parliament in Brussels. During the event, thanks to the help of the 2 Belgian Associations ABD and VDV, people were offered the chance to have their blood glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol checked. In total, more than 1200 tests were done. Mr. Fernand Sauer, Director of DG Health and Consumer Protection strongly supported the event. The full press release is available at www.idf.org/home/inex.cfm?node=1090

“Lifestyle changes can prevent diabetes epidemic”, said European Health Commissioner David Byrne, who gave a speech at the Commission press briefing for WDD on diabetes. The full report is available at www.idf.org/home/index.cfm?node=1091

EU Diabetes Working Groob “Diabetes and enlargement” took place on 5 November 2003 at the EU Parliament, Brussels. Discussions with the European Diabetes Working Group were one of the highlights of the European Diabetes Week. Co-hosted by Ms. Mary Banotti, MEP as well as IDF-Europe, the meeting included representatives of the “new EU” member countries (Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland). Good presentations from Dr Laszlo Madacsy (Hungarian DA) on the situation of diabetes in central Europe and from Vida Augustiniene (Lithuanian DA) on the Baltic states were given. Mr. Alain Van Vossel, Research Directorate General (RTD) F2 Head of “Major diseases Research” of the European Commission clarified the position of Diabetes Research within the 6th Framework. He said that in the first year 10 million Euros would be committed to research into diabetes and obesity. The Irish presidency is including a campaign on cardiovascular disease and the link to diabetes as a priority on their agenda.


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The member of Vilkaviskis diabetes community “Insula” Kostas Malinauskas presents his poem about diabetes.


Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for II - IV quarters.


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World Diabetes Day

(Continued from the page 6)


World Diabetes Day was along with Kursenai diabetes club “Venta” 5 year-jubilees. On that occasion members of the club were awarded with a Thanks writing and a book “Kursenai” by local Government of Siauliai area. Endocrinologist Rima Kazakeviciute congratulated participants of the event and promised them to go on consulting every patient. K.Zadeikis was elected to be a chief of the club for the third time. Local Government of Siauliai presented a Thanks writing to V.Zadeikis for improving diabetes control, propagation of healthy living and prophylactic job.


The members of Pakruojis diabetes club “Vita” were happy for ability to share their experience in the control of illness. The representative of “Eli Lilly” Dr. Sukiene demonstrated the transparency films with the instructions of insulin pens usage.


The member of LR Parliament A. Rimas, chief of Local Government V.Brazys, the manager of Social affairs department D.Pankauskiene took part in event to Marijampole. Nurse – diabetologist B.Marciukaitiene informed about an action “Recognize, help, be friend”. 500 inhabitants of that area had their blood tested during this action. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day participants decided to grant A.Rimas with the name of an Honorary member of Marijampole diabetes club.


During the event the representative of Novo Nordisk Dr. R.Savickis and Klaipeda’s doctor J.Vainauskas gave their speeches. Prophylactic tests of blood glucose were made in drug-stores, residences of headman’s and different enterprises.


In Taurage World Diabetes Day was celebrated because the initiative of Algirdas Ardinskas. Marija Lapiene during her speech said that there are near 600 people with diabetes registered in Taurage, but the real number is 3 or 4 times bigger. Those who wished could test their blood glucose during the meeting.


During the meeting the chief of Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis” was pity that they do not have a psychologist, because the members often lack such consultation. 913 tests of blood glucose were made for the inhabitants of the town. LDA to the members of the club gave diabetes passports as a present. Most of people with II type diabetes are unsatisfied with their transfer to family doctors. In that case it is very difficult to get endocrinologists and visit for tests. And tests’ results are necessary to include into diabetes passport.


The conference in family clinic “Inesa” was organized. Participant of this conference could hear a useful information about diabetes and later on test their blood glucose and cholesterol. The President of LDA Vida Augustiniene took part in the event. She was happy for nurse – diabetologist A. Danyliene activity and was pity for lack such specialists in other areas of our country.


The chief of Radviliskis diabetes club “Likimas” was happy that the club is very popular in their town. The Health society fund of Radviliskis area shared the money for subscription to newspaper DIABETAS for every member of this club. World Diabetes Day was mentioned during the mess in Radviliskis church.


There were many events on that day in Vilkaviskis. The member of “Insula” council V.Dailydiene organized a questionnaire about diabetes and kidneys. Tests of blood glucose were made for the inhabitants of the town. The meeting of the members of the club took place in the secondary school “Ausra”. A.Greimas presented good news about future center of blood dialysis. The exposition of hand works by people with diabetes took place.


Silale diabetes club exists already 10 years. On World Diabetes Day the club organized a conference. A pleasant surprise was presented by the Member of LR Parliament Z.Balcycis. It was substitutes of sugar and refreshers for the mouth.


During the conference members of the club “Atgaja” celebrated World Diabetes Day and their 5 year –jubilee. The chief of the club thanked to local Government and Dr V.Simkonis for the new staff of endocrinologist.


The President of LDA participated in the event. The chief of Elektrenai diabetes club retired because of hard situation of her health. A.Sadonis was elected to be a new chief of the club. During the World Diabetes Day an exposition of health food took place.



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Advertisement on self-control tools Gluco Care by AB “Limeta”.


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The members of Vilnius diabetes club “Dia” please attention

Vilnius diabetes club “Dia” is the collective member of Lithuanian Diabetes Association since 1989. On March 2003 the members of this diabetes club started appeal to LDA asking where the organization working in Pylimas clinic recently disappeared. It appeared that on 13 February 2003 diabetes club “Dia” suspended it’s’ activity. The chief of the club M.Girskuviene and the council of the club retired. Diabetes club “Dia” disturbed roles of LDA and the club. The Board of LDA decided to expel Vilnius diabetes club “Dia” out of LDA.


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“Halo, we are listening”

Information about calls to LDA

During all 2003 year LDA fixed information about calls to it’s residence and the reason of calls. Data was differentiated into 5 groups. They were:

v      People with diabetes and their relatives

v      Chiefs of clubs and communities

v      Supporters of LDA

v      Representatives of Public Organizations, State Patients’ Fund and Health Ministry

v      Chiefs of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations’ Council

After data were collected and grouped an average number of calls per day appeared (6). The biggest amount of callers was those with diabetes and their relatives (590). The most often reasons of the calls:

v      Seeking information about feeding and illness control

v      Searching the places to acquire or exchange self control tools

v      Seeking information about doctor consultations

v      Seeking information about the order of medicine prescriptions

v      Searching answers about long rows in clinics, inaccessible treatment in sanatoriums and difficulties getting necessary medicine

Near a half of people calling to LDA were chiefs of club and communities (265). Different questions were asked and the most often of them were touching events planed. During May and June, before the conference of chiefs of Baltic Diabetes Associations’ and children educational camps, an average number of calls on that topic were 28. During September and October, before the conference of diabetes clubs and communities an average was 32 and before World Diabetes Day it was 27.

There were many calls from representatives of State Patients’ Fund, Health Ministry and Public Organizations. The president was called. The best results were in October, November and December.

139 cases were not ascribed to any group. The names of members of editorship N.Voveraitiene and M.Saltyte were the most often.

Supporters appealed to LDA 112 times. In October and November they called 15 – 17 times.

Chiefs of the Council of Lithuanian Patients’ Organization called 84 times. They were most active in April and October. The chief of Alzheimer Association Daiva Andriuliene was the first of them.

Many people from districts appealed to us directly. Patients constantly visit our endocrinologist, who monitors lessons of diabetes control already several years. The results are satisfactory. We feel that people need us.

Data showed that people in trouble are searching for help and find it. They are educated to know their organism, finds the importance of healthy living and illness control, prevent complications and improve their self feeling. We can help only by our experience and knowledge. That’s why we are pity that not everyone appreciates it. The Association, clubs ‘and other organizations do an important educational, psychological, health care and prevention work. Thanks to our supporters, consultants, common minders and helpers to make easier life to people in trouble. We can be strong while being united.


Pages 13 – 14

The lesson of diabetes control



Page 14

Every day and celebrations by children

The chief of Vilnius children and youths diabetes club “Diabite plius” Egle Jakimaviciene reviews an activity of the club during the period of 2003 year. It is pleasant to inform that a new internet page was created: http://diabetas.tinklapis.lt/diabite-plius. There was a great celebration of Christmas which parents organized for their children.


Page 15

A new medicine was made

Janina Dainaraviciene informs that scientists in Israel Vaicman institute made a new preparation for treating I type diabetes.


Advertisement on vitamins Diabetiker-Vitamine by Worwag Pharma.


Pleasant to remember

The members of Vilkaviskis diabetes club Vilma Dailydiene and Terese Norkeliuniene tells about a beautiful tradition to visit different diabetes clubs in other areas. They are happy for an ability to visit Father Stanislovas in Paberze and Vilnius.


Pages 16 – 17

The Congress of International Diabeteas Federation in Paris

Prepared by Dalia Augustinaite according to information of Press conferences


Advertisement on self-control devices Super Glucocard II by UAB Interlux.



Chronicle of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

v      On 6 November 2003 events on an occasion of World Diabetes Day took place in Ukmerge. LDA doctor endocrinologist took part there.

v      On 8 November Kaunas diabetes club “Insula” celebrated World Diabetes Day.

v      On 11 November the Council of representatives of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations took part in a conference.

v      On 12 and 20 November and 16 December the meeting of Health Ministry Working group took place. The topic was “Due to services of general and specific stationary health care providing”. The President of LDA took part in it.

v      On 12 November the Conference of Vilnius Antakalnis adult clinics’ club “Beta” took place on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. Vida Augustiniene took part in it.

v      On 13 November an interview with the President of LDA was broadcasted during the coverage “Day News” on “Lithuanian Radio”. Events of World Diabetes Day took place in Sakiai.

v      On 14 November the Conference of LDA “Diabetes and kidney diseases” was organized. KMU Endocrinology Clinics’ Professor Juozas Danilevicius and the chief of VU Urology and Nephrology Clinic Prof. Balys Dainys made their speeches. World Diabetes Day was mentioned in Alytus, Jonava, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Marijampole, Pakruojis, Pasvalys, Pagegiai, Radviliskis, Raseiniai, Rokiskis, Taurage, Varena.

v      On 14 November Vida Augustiniene, Genovaite Naidzinaviciene, Janina Dainaraviciene and Albinas Pilypas took part in coverage “Sounds of morning” in Lithuanian Radio.

v      On 15 November the Conference for World Diabetes Day of Plunge diabetes club took place in Family clinics “Inesa”. V.Augustiniene took part in it.

v      On 15 November Druskininkai diabetes club “Atgaja” celebrated their 5 year jubilee and World Diabetes Day in Local Government. The Vice-president of LDA Genovaite Naidzinaviciene and Secretary Janina Dainaraviciene took part in it. Holiday events took place in Siauliai, Vilkaviskis.

v      On 16 November V.Augustiniene participated in coverage “We are women” in Lithuanian Radio.

v      On 17 November Word Diabetes Day was celebrated in Zarasai club “Viltis”. The chief of LDA took part in it.

v      On 18 November celebrations of World Diabetes Day took place in Mazeikiai club “Zemaiciu speka” and on 19 November in N.Akmene.

v      On 18 November the meaning of ecological food to people with diabetes feeding was discussed in a residence of LDA.

v      On 20 November, 3, 5, 10 and 18 December Working Group for preparing program of health care services’ quality ensuring met in Health Ministry. V.Augustiniene took part.

v      On 21 November Prof. Dagmara Reingardiene delivered a speech during a conference in Elektrenai. The President of LDA took part.

v      On 21 November a delegation from Anyksciai diabetes club visited LDA. HbA1c tests were made.

v      On 21 November Joniskis diabetes club celebrated their 10 year jubilee.

v      On 25 November the President of LDA took part in a conference “What is good in NVO” organized by Open Lithuania Fund.

v      On 26 November Kursenai diabetes club celebrated their 5 year jubilee.

v      On 27 November the Council of Representatives of Lithuanian Patients’ Organization met.

v      During 28–29 November, Vida Augustiniene presented a speech “Urgent questions of LDA” during the conference “Urgent questions of diabetology” in Palanga.

v      On 2 December during the seminar for World Diabetes Day in Ignalina, the president of LDA answered questions about funding diabetes club.

v      On 3 December Health Minister Juozas Olekas and the President of LDA Vida Augustiniene took part in coverage “One against one” in TV-3.

v      On 4 December the sitting of the Council of Obligatory Health Insurance took place. Methodical projects of arthritis, Parkinson disease and other diseases were discussed as well as additional medicine enlisting into compensated medicine, distributing budget, accountancy and other questions. The chief of LDA Vida Augustiniene took part there.

v      On 9 December the President of LDA took part in a seminar “EU social politics and E-Government”.

v      On 10 December V Augustiniene shared information about diabetes with the members of Vilnius glaucoma club.

v      On 18 December the Council of Obligatory Health Insurance met in a conference. The questions about organizing rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment, compensating medicine for arthritis and distributing budgets were discussed. The President of LDA took part.

v      On 24 December the Chief of the Council of Representatives of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations Vida Augustiniene and the member Daiva Andriuliene met Health Minister Juozas Olekas and discussed on urgent questions.

v      During 26 – 27 December the President of LDA met the chiefs of Latvian Diabetes Federation and saw  “Diabetes Opera”. Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis” took part in it as well.

v      On 13 January 2004 the President of LDA met Health Ministry State Secretary Vidmantas Zilinskas and discussed on urgent questions of diabetes control.

v      On 14 January Pasvalys diabetes club “Sveikata” along with Local Government organized the conference “Diabetes – now and the future”. Prof. Juozas Danilevicius, the President of LDA, other prominent medics delivered their speeches during it.

v      On 16 January the Council of Obligatory Health Insurance met in a conference. The questions of health programs financing were discussed. The stationary prices of medicine were solved. One more topic was agreements of providing and paying for nursing and supporting treatment. The way was searched to improve paying for expensive tests and services. The ability acquiring emergency cars was discussed.

v      On 30 January the sitting of the Council of LDA took place. The accounts of executing 2003 program were presented by the President and the Revision committee. The program for 2004 was confirmed. Pharmaceutical  Company Gedeon Richter LTD and UAB Interlux were admitted to LDA as permanent silver supporters. Opinions about urgent organizational questions were shared.


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Advertisement on medicine by www.potencialis.lt


Pages 19 – 21

Fungoid nails

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


Page 21

Wishes to reap laurels

LDA congratulates Vidmantas Pilibaitis with a number of victories in weight lifting during 2003 year period. Victors are congratulated as well.


Page 22

Treatment innovations discussed in Paris

Prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


Page 23

Advertisement on injector FlexPen by Novo Nordisk.


Diabetes and its’ complications

Prepared by Dr. Alminas Jarasiunas



Diabetes center invites

In 1999 Eli Lilly financed foundation of Diabetes center in Vilnius Antakalnis clinic. The aim of the center is to improve a health care of people with diabetes and to explain the main information about disease and its’ control. After patients learn to live healthy he feels better and finds that his health depends on his own offers and actions as well. Diabetes school and diabetic feet room are operating in the center. Nurse Podiatrist Rita Zibalyte does the prevention work of treating ulcers. Thus many complications are obeyed, amputations as well. All patients must visit such a room at least once or twice per month in case of the least injuries of foot.

Because of prevention patient of Antakalnis clinic have markedly less number of foot injuries:



Even 80 % of patients had their ulcers treated in dispensary way, while saving state money:


It is obvious that a necessary condition for such results is to appeal to endocrinologist of Diabetes centre constantly.


Pages 24 – 25

Diabetic foot

Prepared by doctor endocrinologist Ona Regina Jurkauskiene.


Page 26

Meaning of supplements of Magnus

Prepared by Medicine Doctor Kristina Borkiene.


Advertisement on praparation Magnex.


Page 27

Advertisement on insulin pump DANAdiabecare by UAB Abovita.


Treatment innovations discussed in Paris

(Continued from page 22)


Page 28


Advertisement on medicine Mezym.


Advertisement on self-control devices by MediSense.


Advertisement on internet-shop www.diabetas.lt by UAB “Monameda”.