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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 4 (44) November 10, 2004

Eli Lilly - the general sponsor.
Sponsors: Abbott Medisense representative UAB Abovita, Aventis Intercontinental, Berlin Chemie Menarini Baltic, Briva, Convatec, Interlux, Limeta, Roche Diagnostics representative UAB "Eksmos MTC", Novo Nordisk, Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG., Vitabalans OY representative.


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In case of ten-year jubilee we congratulate collective of “Lilly” company. We wish you a further success in your noble mission while improving a treatment of Lithuanian patients. “Lilly” company is the main sponsor of “Diabetes” newspaper and helps to spread the news about illness control and healthy living.

Thank you. Be strong and happy.

Lithuanian Diabetes Association


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Lilly is trustful partner in diabetes control. Today and tomorrow innovations

A history of Lilly and innovations in diabetes are linked in a great way. After Frederic Banting and Charlie Best discovered insulin in 1920, Lilly began researches and producing animal insulin the first. Company produced human insulin in 1980, and it was the first biosynthetic anti-diabetes medicine. Lilly was the first who produced the first analogue of human insulin humalog in 1990.

Today you’ll find that in a nearest future Lilly Company innovations will change standards of diabetes treatment as well as enrich arsenal of anti-diabetes medicine.

The conference we named “Lilly is trustful partner”. Do we have a reason for that statement? The good beginning is a factor. We are sure that our works proved this American company to stand as having excellent business traditions. Lilly business culture was programmed by founder of company Eli Lilly 1,5 year ago. The main values are respect to a person, unity of ethic and moral properties and streaming to be the best.

Representatives of our company hear a lot of positive evaluations of their work quite often. The reason is our care of people with diabetes and specialists treating them.

The beginning of Lilly work in Lithuania was not an easy one. We are thankful to those who trusted this company from the first steps and those whose trust we gained step by step. During the period of ten years we are checked in different work, activity and life situations. We value this trust and do our best not to disappoint you.

Endocrinology and diabetes treatment was changed in a great way during the period of ten years. This ten year period is dynamic and changeable. A jump of quality in diabetes treatment was enlivened in Lithuania. It would be impossible without our partners, your initiative, work and talent. Thank you in a name of all patients.

We are proud of achievements of diabetes control in Lithuania reached along with you.

What are the main things Lilly gave to Lithuanian endocrinology and diabetes situation? The main include of ours is that we gave you the possibility to free choice and proved that you can do more that you thought, helped you braking soviet social stereotypes while placing doctor above minister ore other health system administrator.

I was traveling along Lithuania in September meeting many doctors. These visits were pleasant reality as well as hard. To be honest the now days situation makes me angry because of disappeared diabetes schools, diabetes foot rooms and patients who can not visit their endocrinologist. It is a pity that not everywhere we could save a help to patients we created and idealists who successes in saving it are constantly pressed. It is sad; still there is a positive moment as well. All we already know the way to treat diabetes more qualified and cheaper.

Now day’s diabetes situation in Lithuania is paradox. All modern technologies are achievable, still the most patients with II type diabetes so not use it, use it not adequately are not enough because of structural barriers. Diabetes complications number is increasing, amputations because of diabetes became often again.

I do not blame therapeutists. Their main aim is to view as wide as possible but not to see wider. The practice I that II type diabetes is too deep illness and therapeutists never can fight it alone.

You are not alone. Together we are going to cope with situation, which is not hopeless. We must unite and act together. Your diabetes knowledge, power of LDA and our organizational and business experience is productive power of progress.

The renaissance of endocrinology is not a dream. It is real and achievable aim factored by our common acts. You can trust in our intellect, moral, material and emotional support in this way.

We will really win together.


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Eli Lilly presents a new medicine

Prepared by dr.Jonas Kastys


Dear readership,

While the sun is rising, the new day comes and we believe it to be long lasting and letting us to do many works. But it ends in a moment as well as others. Look, the year is over, as if it did not begin at all. Only because of the power of bothers and happiness we are spinning around in a carousel of remembering. We were working much and hard and it seems the world should be lighter and it should carry us through the way of universe to the accomplishment of our dreams. Still, along with new and saved good there is twice a number of bothers. An epidemic is spreading. It is obesity and II type diabetes. We are in European Union and have more possibilities and new partners, still, health problems are the same. We need to know the real needs of patients and separate patients’ groups and inform government urging it to solve health problems. There are only a few illnesses European committee is interested in. Diabetes is among them. European region of International Diabetes Federation along with Association of European Diabetes Studies invites European Parliament to stop diabetes spreading. Representatives of Lithuanian Diabetes Association took part in works of these organizations as well.

Lithuanian Diabetes Association gets many letters from children, youths and adults who recovered in the summer camps. They are writing about acquired knowledge, recovered health, thank for ability to rest and are willing to have more and longer taking camps.

The member of LDA Vidmantas Pilibaitis glorifies his country by sport achievements again. An illness is not disturbing his winnings. Congratulations.

There are many great persons among us. There beautiful and high aim is to devote their life to suffering people. Thanks to all chiefs of diabetes organizations, their helpers, doctors, nurses and supporters. You are helping patients to cope with their troubles, improve health and be in a good mood.

Thank you for everything. While the days are becoming shorter and we are waiting for New Year, I wish you joy lights in your way. Be happy.

The President of Lithuanian Diabetes Association Vida Augustiniene


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LDA is the member of International Diabetes Federation.

The information about LDA is provided. The usefulness of being the member of LDA is stressed. The information about Diabetes school in LDA is provided. Dr Egle Rudinskiene consults and educates people with diabetes in the office of LDA in Vilnius.


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The aim is to burn, not to smoulder

Maryte Saltyte presents the first published poetry book by Kostas Miliauskas, who has diabetes.


Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for 2005 year.


Pages 6 – 8

The 14 of November

Millions of people from the entire world celebrate World Diabetes Day.

The topic of 2004 is “Diabetes and obesity”.

The information by International Diabetes Federation was prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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An advertisement on self-control tools Super Glucocard by Intelux

Pages 8 – 9

Regulation of body mass preserves of diabetes

The information by International Diabetes Federation was prepared by Dr. Egle Rudinskiene


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An advertisement on medicine tools Aquacel by ConvaTec


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The urgent questions were stressed

On 24 July, the first conference of children and youth with diabetes took place in Druskininkai. Patients, doctors, nurses, chiefs of diabetes clubs, representatives of self-control tools companies took part in it. The Vice-president of LDA congratulated participants. He stressed the fact that only 10 % of patients get the whole illness compensation in Lithuania. That’s why knowledge giving lectures, conferences and educational camps are necessary. Education of  patients and self-control is very important.

The State Grants low confirmed in April 2004 made children with diabetes rights unequal. Children confirmed to have the light disability get only invalid grant and children confirmed to be invalids get invalid nursing grant as well as invalid grant.

The participants of the conference wrote an appeal to Health, Social and Work Ministries, Health, Social and Work Matters Committees of Seimas, Lithuanian Council for Invalids’ Matters at LR Government and State Patients’ Fund. The main problems improving children and youth with diabetes health were formulated in it.

The questionnaire about benefit of conference was organized. 21 questionnaires were filled in.


In Plateliai diabetes camp

Vilija Armaliene gives a short review about Plateliai diabetes camp.


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In Siauliai diabetes club “Lemtis”

Achievements, activity and members’ input into common work are reviewed. All people with diabetes are invited into the club every Thursday.

Information was taken from the articles by A.Kvietkauskas, published in different Siauliai newspapers.


An advertisement on discounts by Eurodrugstores


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The letters

The chief of Taurage diabetes club “Insula” tells about the celebration of festival “Garden goods” organized by the members of the club. The member of “Insula” Jonas Liorancas shares his impressions about the lecture by Prof. Juozas Danilevicius in their club. Jovita Rudyte from Taurage thanks to organizers of Druskininkai diabetes camp she rested this year. The member of “Insula” Lilita Lazauninkaite is happy for a festival of several diabetes clubs and hopes that good neighborhood will continue. Nijole Dielkiene is impressed by trips, organized by their diabetes club. Loreta Varanauskiene tells about her stress after finding out her son to have diabetes. Zivile Zidonyte thanks to her  chief to have an ability to go to trips.


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The chronicle of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

ü       During 12 – 21 August, 2004, children and youth diabetes educational camp took place in Plateliai, Morta Mikasauskiene country tourism house. People with II type diabetes educational camp took place during 22 – 26 August in the same place. The chief of the camp was Aldona Danyliene, the doctors were Vytautas Danyla and Galina Apanel. The main sponsor of the camp was Council for Invalids’ Matters at LR Government.


ü       On 17 August the possibilities of co-operation were discussed during the LDA meeting with the chief of representatives of Hoffmann La Roche Ltd. in Lithuania.

·         23 August the questions of presentations of Patients’ organizations during TV broadcasts were discussed with journalist Irena Pivoriuniene.

·         On 24 August MSD International grant committee supported the project “Confirmation of Patients’ organizations and their integration into European Unity society”.

·         On 26 August “Program of ensuring health services quality” was confirmed in the sitting of Health Ministry. The president of LDA was participating in preparation group.

·         During 27 – 28 August diabetes education for the chiefs of collective members of LDA took place in Paplatele village, “Barmina” hotel. The main sponsor was Council for Invalids’ Matters at LR Government.

·         During 30 – 31 August V.Augustiniene took part in a seminar of public speeches organized by Homeland Union.

·         During 1 – 2 September the members of Lithuanian Council of representatives of Patients’ Organizacions’ Vida Augustiniene and Egle Kvedaraite took part in the conference “For the better health of Europeans” organized by European Patients’ Forum in Brussels. The sponsor was European Patients’ Forum.

·         On 3 September Vida Augustiniene and Prof. Antanas Norkus took part in DEPAC work group meeting in Munich. Novo Nordisk supported a travel.

·         On 4 September the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene took part in a board meeting of IDF European region. The supporter was IDF European region.

·         During 5 – 9 September Vida Augustiniene and Aldona Danyliene prepared and presented LDA poster during the conferences of European Association for the Study of Diabetes. EASD, IDF, European region, the member of Lithuanian parliament Audrius Klisonis and V.Stepanas fund supported their work.

·         During 11 September – 8 October the president of LDA was invited to participate in election campaign to LR Parliament as the representative of Homeland Union. An activity of CRPOL and LDA, the newspaper “Diabetes” and other health literature was presented during the meetings with public.

·         During 23 – 25 September LDA presented a poster and tested blood glucose during the exposition “BaltMedica” in exposition center “Litexpo”. The sponsors were Litexpo, Abovita, Eksmos MTC and Intelux .

·         On 24 September during the conference in exposition “BaltMedica” CRPOL and its project “Strengthening influence of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations while integrating into European Unity society” was presented. The main sponsor of the project is International MSD grand committee.

·         On 30 September in Silute diabetes club an action “Limit <7” by LDA and Aventis InterContinental. was begun The president of LDA participated in it.

·         On 1 October the conference “Lilly is the trustful diabetes control partner. Innovations today and tomorrow” was organized in Palanga. The Vice-president of LDA Prof. Juozas Danilevicius and Dr. Egle Rudinskiene took part in it.

·         During 6 – 9 October the member of LDA Council Egle Jakimaviciene took part in European Health Forum in Gastein.

·         On 14 October the possibilities of compensating medicine and medicine services were discussed by CRPOL and chiefs of State Patients’ Fund. Other urgent questions of organization were solved during the meeting as well.

·         On 19 October the questions of health care budgeting, project “Strengthening influence of Lithuanian Patients’ Organizations while integrating into European Unity society”, CRPOL statute addition were discussed during the meeting of CRPOL.

·         During 22 – 24 October Vida Augustiniene delivered a speech about LDA activity during the DEPAC conference in Slovenia. The president of LDA presided one of sessions in meeting ,,Together we are stronger”. Vicepresident of LDA Genovaite Naidzinaviciene participated in the IDF European Region General Assembly and other conferencies. The supporters were IDF European region and Novo Nordisk.

·         On 3 November World Diabetes Day preparing works were planned during the meeting of LDA council.

·         14 November is World Diabetes Day, celebrated all over the world.

·         9 December is 15 year-jubilee for LDA.


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Very small, but especially useful


An advertisement on vitamins Diabetiker-vitamine by Worwag Pharma


Pages 16 – 17

Got diabetes? There is no reason to be chagrined

Research work by the winner of Lithuanian Youth Scientists’ contest Gintare Nefaite


Page 17

Diabetes lesson

Indexes and data about glico-haemoglobin are presented.


Page 18

Educational seminar

During 27 – 28 August a seminar “Diabetes educational seminar for the chiefs of collective members of Lithuanian Diabetes Association” took place in Plateliai. LDA and Plunge diabetes club organized an event. Chiefs of 36 diabetes club, doctors, patients, representatives of different companies, Prof. Juozas Danilevicius, representative of State Patients’ Fund H.Bubinas took part in it. The member of LR Parliament Audrius Klisonis patronized an event.

While diabetes spreads in a rapid manner education such as this seminar motivate people to take care of their health. The society is the main partner for doctors.

The main sponsor of event was Council for Invalids’ Matters at LR Government.

Prepared by Nurse Aldona Danyliene from family clinics “Inesa”


Diabetes lesson

Evaluation of diabetes control

Indexes are presented according to “Euro-Norm”.


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An advertisement on self-control tools Sensolite by “Limeta”


The conferences in Munich

During 3 – 4 September the 9th conference of European Federation of diabetes nurses (FEND) took place in Munich. Delegates of 28 countries took part in it. The aim of FEND is to improve the work of diabetes nurses and to unite health organizations of all countries. Information about the latter and modern diabetes care, treatment and prevention was declared during the conference.

22 diabetes nurses received certificates of European diabetes nurses during the conference. Such a certificate was brought to Plunge as well.

After FEND conference for five days the conference of EASD took part. 12400 people took part in it. EASD was funded in 1965 in Italy. The aim of association is to support scientific achievements in diabetes and to fit them in practice.

1306 written and poster presentations were exposed. A poster of LDA was visited by the President of EASD Prof. P.Halban, the President of IDF European region W.H.J.M.Wientjens, the author of diabetes educational books prof. V.Jorgens and others.

Prepared by diabetes nurse Aldona Danyliene


Page 20

Actions “Limit<7”

Rosita Sakalauskaite tells about actions organized by LDA and company Aventis Intercontinental. The rate of HbA1c is checked during this action. Such actions were already organized in Silute, Marijampole and Pasvalys. Only

50% of people had normal results in Silute and Marijampole and only 9% in Pasvalys. Such actions are going to take place in Vilkaviskis, Taurage, Pakruojis and Jonava as well.


It was wonderful to come back

Gintare Nefaite shares her impressions about diabetes camp in Druskininkai, where she is resting every year.


Page 21

The letters

The member of Jonava diabetes club “Ramune” tells about summer meeting organized every year. The chief of the club Jonas Laiva organized this summer meeting in a beautiful summer camp “Esalotas”.

The chief of Vilnius diabetes club “Diabite Plius” Egle Marija Jakimaviciene tells about results in summer camp in Druskininkai. The results were not excellent. It is obvious that illness of children and youths is labile, that is why diabetes educational summer camps are necessary for new patients as well as for earlier diagnosed ones.

The chief of Pagegiai diabetes club “Rambynas” Laima Juciene tells about practice “importance of nutrition for diabetes treatment”.

A.Gulbinskyte tells about her participation in International diabetes educational camp in Latvia.

Lina Bukontaite from Rietavas tells about her position to diabetes. “Diabetes is my friend” – such a position she borrowed from her friend in a summer camp.


Page 22

An advertisement on medicine “Magnex” by Vitabalans oy


Page 23

An advertisement on self-control tools Medtronic MiniMed by Eksmos MTC


The letters

Greta Gurklyte from Kupiskis tells about the most beautiful days of her summer, which were in Druskininkai diabetes educational camp. Julija Gural tells about 80 children with diabetes from Klaipeda, who rested in diabetes educational camp in Palanga this year. Kristijonas Stepsys from Vilnius thanks for all organizers and supporters of Druskininkai diabetes educational camp.


Page 24

Prophylactics of diabetic foot

Prepared by Dr. Mindaugas Buta


An advertisement on medicine Beauty feet


Page 25

An advertisement of insulin pen “FlexPen” by Novo Nordisk


Pages 25 – 26

More intensive diabetes treatment was discussed during a congress

An interview with Prof. Antanas Norkus by Nijole Voveraitiene



World Diabetes Fund, Novo Nordisk and Lithuanian Diabetes Association invite to join to world diabetes walk. The walk begins at the same time in 49 countries, that is, 12:00 in Lithuanian time and is going to take part for 30 minutes. Participate in the World diabetes walk and seek for a world record of the biggest walk in the world together with others. More information you can get in diabetes clubs.


Jamboree in Latvia

Agne Gulbinskyte tells about diabetes families’ jamboree in Latvia, where 10 people from Plunge took part.


News from Klaipeda diabetes club “CD”

Short information about members and activity of diabetes club “CD” is provided by the chief of the club Aldona Lieskuniene.



An advertisement on medicine by Abovita


International efforts fighting with diabetes

We know that diabetes is spreading and sly illness, which threatens with complications if is not treated in time and properly. These complications diminish patients’ life quality and shorten his life. It does not regard state borders. People of different nationalities and races have it. With the common efforts of many countries we can fight with it more successfully.

International Diabetes Federation and Novo Nordisk initiated International meeting of new countries in European Unit on diabetes questions. It was named DEPAC (Diabetes experts’ Panel from accessing countries).

Two representatives from Check republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland were invited to a conference. One of them was doctor and other was the member of patients’ organizations. Prof. A.Norkus and the President of Lithuanian Diabetes Association V.Augustiniene represented Lithuania.

Prof.A.Norkus delivered a report about diabetes situation and patients’ care peculiarities in Lithuania. The differences between diabetes cares in different countries were raised. They do not allow unified evaluation of diabetic situation in a country. The problems in other countries were obvious as well.

To evaluate diabetic situation in some countries trying researches must be conducted. It would help planning programs and fighting diabetes and complications.

To coordinate diabetic activity in participating countries international Steering Committee was formed. Prof. A.Norkus will represent Baltic States in committee and V.Augustiniene will represent patients’ organizations. The second meeting of experts will take place in Slovenia.

Prepared according to newspaper “Ave Vita”


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An advertisement on medicine Mezym by Berlin Chemie


An advertisement on self-control tools MediSense by Abovita



At the end of the year we like remembering past days, profit of our works, important events, and experienced moments and good words we heard. If the year is jubilee we remember all the way we walked. We wish for our celebrants to be honor with their works and earned respect and love. Be well and happy.

Lithuanian Diabetes Association