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Newspaper Diabetas
The newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 1 (45) February 10, 2005

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15-year jubilee of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association

In case of 15-year jubilee the LDA organized a conference. The ex-expert of the World Health Organization St. Vincent declaration and DAWN study, World Bank diabetes consultant Prof. I. Kalo, the President of the Latvian Diabetes Federation I. Stelmane, Vice-president K.Desmitniece, secretary and the president of the Latvian Children and Adolescence Diabetes Association I. Puzule, vice-chairman of Health Committee of Seimas of Republic of Lithuania A. Matulas, the member of Committee N. Zymantas, chief adviser R.Virbalis, the Health Minister Z.Padaiga, the assistant director of State Patients’ Fund H.Baubinas, the manager of department for Invalids’ integration of Social Affairs and Labour Ministry A. Nazarovas, the director of Institute of Endocrinology Prof. A.Norkus, the chief of Endocrinology clinics Dr. G.Kazanavicius, Prof. J.Danilevicius, the chief of department of Endocrinology of Santariskes clinics A.Masiulionis, the doctors of Committee of Medical Social Examination D.Riskova, I.Baranauskiene and V.A.Butvydiene, the President of Lithuanian Heart Association P.Serpytis, the first president of the LDA B.Jonusas visited the event as well as members of 54 local diabetes organizations of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association, patients’ and medical organizations, health institutions and supporters.

Congratulating the participants of the Conference the president of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association Vida Augustiniene expressed concern about this meeting being not only a festival. It is devoted for discussion about aims and problems of diabetes care strategy. These problems must be solved as soon as possible. V.Augustiniene presented information about diabetes prevalence in the World and Lithuania, reminded about the aims of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association, reviewed 15-year activities and achievements of organization for the wellfare of patients, showed the rich visual material about activities and presented the resolution of conference, encouraging health institutions to take urgent actions improving diabetes control. She thanked to the main sponsor of the event Roche Diagnostics as well as partners and supporters of the LDA activities.

Diabetes epidemic

Diabetes spreads all over the world as epidemic. About 35 millions people had diabetes in 1985, about 194 millions were diagnosed in 2004 and the prognosis for 2025 is about 330 millions people. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas’ 2003, the prevalence of diabetes between 20-79 year-old people in Lithuania is 9.4 %, that is, greatly more than the world average (5.1 %) and the European average (7.8 %), but similar to Latvian (9.9 %) and Estonian (9.7 %). The prognosis for 2025 is 10.8 % in Lithuania, 6.3 % in the world, 9.1 % in Europe, 11.1 % in Latvia and 11 % in Estonia.

There is no exact date of people with diabetes in Lithuania. Data are diffrent in different sources of information. For example, the publication “Diabetes around the world” of International Diabetes Federation (1989) states that prevalence of diabetes is 2.54 %, and according to 2003 data of Information Centre of Lithuanian Health Ministry, only 1.95 % people registered as having diabetes. According to epidemiological researches in 35-64 year old group by KMU Institute of Endocrinology, during 1986-1987 1.7 % of men and 3.15 % of women had diabetes, and during 2001-2002 already were 3.76 % of men and 4.56 % of women with diabetes.

The Lithuanian Diabetes Association testing people in risk group finds 12.5-17.8 % people with increased blood glucose. Over 90 % of them are elderly, over 80 % of them having over-weight; about 18 % have close relatives with diabetes.

There are many people with diabetes in Lithuania who are not treated. They are diagnosed only after the complications appear. That’s why the number of cases of invalidity grows every year. According to the data of Committee of Medical Social Examination, over 900 new cases of invalidity are diagnosed every year.

These data shows, that while we do not pay enough attention and money to prophylactics, do not educate our society and do not educate patients how to control their disease properly, the money spent treating diabetes complications grow up.


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Achievements of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association




·         Founding of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association (09 12 1989).

·         National Diabetes Program (1991, created by LDA and confirmed by Ministry of Health).

·         Participation in the National St Vincent Diabetes Task Force (1993).

·         Premises, telephone and fax (since 1994).

·          “Hot line phone” (since 1994).

·         54 Diabetes Clubs, Society Of Nurses-Diabetes Educators, Society Of Weak-Sighted And Blind People With Diabetes, 8 permanent supporters (More than 5 thousand members).

·         Founding of the Council Of Representatives Of Patients’ Organizations Of Lithuania (CRPOL, 28 10 2002).

·         In 2003 Health Ministry of Lithuania confirmed a new Council Of Obligatory Health Insurance (COHI). The president of LDA and chairwoman of CRPOL has been elected to be a representative of Patients’ Organizations.

·         In 2003 Health Department Of Parliament Of Republic Of Lithuania invited the president of LDA and chairwoman of  CRPOL to be a supernumerary expert.




·         20 per cent from MSL a month compensation for food (since 1991).

·         “The guide to better diabetes care: rights and roles” in Lithuanian language (since 1992).

·         Driving license for the personal car (since 1992).

·         50 blood glucose monitoring strips a year free of charge for people with 1 type diabetes (since 1994).

·         150 blood glucose monitoring strips a year free of charge for all people treated by insulin (for pregnant women – 300) (since 1997).

·         Self-control devices on the favorable conditions for all the members of LDA (since 1997).

·         Extension of list of specialities to be studied by people with diabetes in higher schools (since 1994).

·         Human insulin, tablets available free on prescription.

·         Treatment by insulin pump for pregnant woman free on prescription (since 2004).




·         Educational camps for children and youth with diabetes (since 1990).

·         Educational camps for people with diabetes type 2 (since 1993).

·         Assesment of skills and knowledge of the children and youth with diabetes in summer camps (since 1997).

·         Outpatient Clinics with Foot Care Rooms and Diabetes Schools (since 1993).

·         Conferencies and seminars for physicians, nurses and people with diabetes (since 1994).

·         Newspaper “DIABETES” (since 1994).

·         Diabetes school in LDA (since 1994), free consultations of doctor endocrinologist (since 2000).

·         Various printed materials in Lithuanian language (since 1995).

·         Association’s information on cassettes for blind and weak-sighted people with diabetes (since 1995).

·         Education materials on video-cassettes (since 1994).

·         Health passport DIABETES (issued in 2002).




·         World Diabetes Day (since 1993).

·         Poster presentations and seminars in the exhibitions “BaltMedica”, “Health and Beauty” in Lithuania (since 1998).

·         Chapter in the magazine “Patient” for LDA information (since 2001).

·         Information on the Lithuanian radio, TV, in the press.

·         Meetings in the Parliament of Republic of Lithuania, State Fund of Patients, Ministry of Health, with the President of Republic of Lithuania




·         Twinning program between the LDA and Danish Diabetes Association (1992-1997).

·         Presentations of LDA in the EASD, SVD, IDF, European Health Forum, European Parliament Conferences, permanent contacts with WHO, IDF representatives

·         The 1st  and 4th  Conferences of Diabetes Associations from Baltic Countries organized by LDA (1998, 2003).

·         President of LDA is member of the steering committee of ICDM (2000-2003), Co-Convenor of steering committee of ICDM (2003-2006).

·         President of LDA is member of organizing committee of IDF Cingress in Paris 2000-2003).

·         President of LDA is Member of Board of IDF/Europe (since 2003).

·         President of LDA is member of organizing committee of DEPAC of IDF/Europe (since 1993).


Newspaper “Diabetes”

LDA reminds of subscribing “Diabetes” for 2005 year.


Page 4

LDA is the member of International Diabetes Federation

The information about LDA is provided and the benefits of being the member of LDA is stressed. “Diabetes” presents Diabetes school in LDA: Dr. Egle Rudinskiene consults and educates people with diabetes in the office of LDA in Vilnius.


Page 5

The conference “Strategy of diabetes care. An input of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association”

28 January, 2005, Vilnius


The Resolution of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Confirmed during the meeting of Council of Lithuanian Diabetes Association, 28 January, 2005, Protocol No. 9


During 15 year of independency and LDA activities diabetes care is changed beyond recognition and it was greatly improved during 1995-1999. Unfortunately, we must agree that while a reform of general practice doctors is going on, care of people with diabetes worsted again.

Since 1995, help for people with diabetes in Lithuania was improved and spread rapidly. Diabetes schools were funded near endocrinology cabinets and cabinets of diabetic foot were opened. Many high quality diabetes educators and diabetic foot care nurses were prepared for a work. Using common strengths of endocrinologists, diabetes educators and nurses, preventing and qualified diabetes care was created. While conducting a reform of general practice doctors the old system was distorted in a slow way – most diabetes schools and diabetic foot cabinets were closed and the new system does not work.

People with diabetes do not get the proper help while visiting the center of primary health care. Family doctors do not deliver them necessary knowledge about proper diet as well as about disease control. It is common case when blood glucose is tested only once or twice per year. Several years the same treating is adopted and it is not corrected, in spite of threatening complications. People with badly compensated diabetes are not sent to endocrinologist or other specialists. Some clinics artificially limit sending to specialists.

Not only patients are unsatisfied with the system, but endocrinologists as well. Patients are sent them too late, after a long period of uncontrolled diabetes. Family doctors do not keep the order of patients’ control and sending for consultations, which is delivered in “Methodic of diabetes diagnostic criteria and ambulatory treatment, budgeted from obligatory health insurance fund” (the order No. 422 of Health Minister, 14 August, 2002).

While diabetes spreads as epidemic, it is necessary to guarantee control of disease and prevent complications and invalidity. It is necessary to improve patients’ care. That is the reason to inform Health Ministry:

  1. It is necessary to organize discussion of representatives of all government institutions (Seimas of Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, of Committee of Medical Social Examination, State Fund of Patients, Social Insurance, LDA, etc.) in Ministry of Health or Committee of Health Affairs in Seimas of Republic of Lithuania on strategy of prevention and treatment of diabetes and it’s complications.
  2. It is necessary to prepare the National diabetes program of complex medical and social help.
  3. Preventing amputations of lambs and other difficult complications it is necessary to legitimate valuation of services of nurses diabetes educators and foot care specialists’. It is necessary to renew distorted and fund new diabetes educating and foot care cabinets in every district clinics.
  4. Seeking for qualified help of specialist we must oblige general practice doctors to send people with diabetes for endocrinologist consultation at least once a year, in spite of good or bad diabetes control. The order must be established in such a way, that general practice doctor could continue treating a patient only after yearly consultation of specialist  of endocrinology. If there is no note about sending to consultation in ambulatory book of patient, the sign of patient is needed, proving that patient refuses from such consultation.
  5. It is necessary to oblige territorial patients’ funds to control actively, if general practice doctors keep the “Methodic of diabetes diagnostic criteria and ambulatory treatment, budgeted from obligatory health insurance fund”.
  6. The support with compensated diagnostic sticks for patients for glucose tests must be solved in a complex way: children must have 150 tests for a month, adult (type 2) 50 tests per month, type 2 (insulin) 50 strips for 2 months, type 2 (tablets) 100 strips for a year. HbA1c tests must be compensated as well: 4 tests for people with diabetes type 1, at least 2 tests for type 2.
  7. Health passport “Diabetes” is necessary for disease control and must be legitimated as the document of Health Ministry.
  8. The question about 20 % compensation of minimal living level for food must be solved along with the Lithuanian Diabetes Association.


Pages 6-9

15 years for Lithuanian Diabetes Association

Summary of quests’ speeches

Health Minister Prof. Zilvinas Padaiga congratulates and thanks the Lithuanian Diabetes Association for 15-year work, which is an example to other organizations in Lithuania and foreign countries. He met president of LDA many times in the international conferences, knows her presentations in world conferencies. The LDA and Health Ministry are the partners. LDA realizes its obligations very correctly and aim fully.

Health Ministry agrees with the fact that institution of general practice doctors worsened the situation for people with diabetes, but the argument is the practice of the world. This reform must be renewed and revised.

The support with self-control tools is improved as well. Health Minister stated, that the LDA is to prepare a program on that topic and Health Ministry obliges to discuss on that theme along with the LDA. Several years ago diabetes was unhopeful disease, and now patients have a strong organization, defending their rights.

Prof. Antanas Norkus in the name of all endocrinologists congratulates V.Augustiniene for achievement in an international area.

Diabetes is diagnosed for 64 thousand people in Lithuania, still there is only a one-quarter of all patients, that is, we need more prophylactic work. There are many people with diabetes who are treated with diet and it is an earning of the LDA. The situation at the moment is very bad in all spheres of diabetes control and there is much work on it. It is necessary to renew a National diabetes program, prepare methodic of diabetes care and control.

Prof. Juozas Danilevicius thanked to all speakers, arising urgent diabetes questions. It is hard to say exact number of people with diabetes in Lithuania. The army of doctors work, still results are negative. In many cases money and organizational work is lacked. The first time in Lithuanian history Health Minister is doctor with a speciality of diabetes and he must evaluate this situation more accurately. He invited all people help LDA fighting with spreading diabetes.

Prof. Isuf Kalo stated, that very important is the system of health care. The doctors may be perfect, but, if system is bad, it will not help them. So such a system must be created. We have a plenty of good medicine, but we do not know how to use it. There are no proper communication between patient and doctor. We lack prophylactic in all areas, not only in diabetes treating. He evaluated results of implementation of recommendations of St Vincent Declaration, informed about very important results of DAWN study.

Mrs. Lilly Karn remembers her work in Lithuania 15 years ago. LDA did not exist yet. Lilly Karn visited Lithuanian children with her material help and met Vida Augustiniene, who became her representative of people with diabetes in Lithuania. Lilly Karn brought to Lithuania a new approach to people with diabetes as normal people.

The assistant director of State Patients’ Fund Haroldas Baubinas answered the questions.

Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation Valentina Ocheretenko congratulated the LDA as well. 15 year is very short time for organization, but your activities proved your value to us. The LDA became a very valuable member in our federation. One of the main reasons is the President of your organization. The first aim is to spread information about our organization and us. The second is researching reasons of diabetes. Guaranteeing proper care of diabetes is our third aim. The main aim of all people is to fight for patients’ rights till the victory.

Some guests were asked for their comments during the coffee break of conference:

Odeta Jureviciene told about the members of blind people with diabetes club of Sauliai. They especially need a strict care of diabetes. These people do not have any ability to go out side, read literature and test blood glucose. This club seeks to help them and the LDA helps in this work very greatly.

The chief of Klaipeda diabetes club “Smalsuciai” Jolanta Jasiulioniene tells, that after the news of her daughter disease frightened her very much. In that moment a need to communicate with other parents having children with diabetes appeared. Some parents met in a trip and funded a club for such children and their parents. The club strives to spread knowledge about disease in all the society.

The chief of Mazeikiai diabetes club Faina Juozeniene is happy for membership in the LDA for plenty of useful information and great help of the president of the LDA.

Dr. Nijole Voveraitiene doubts if this event is sad because of 15 years, which made them older, or it is happy because of many jobs made in sake of people with diabetes. The president of the LDA Vida Augustiniene must be thanked especially; still, there are many other people who did greatly in diabetes care. Association grew up and it is a teenager, but it did many adult works as well. It is not easy to satisfy all readers of “Diabetes”; still, medical articles are needed mostly. All the literature about diabetes is like help-circle for those who drown. Lets love us and use this circle.


Pages 10-13

Global disaster

Prof. Juozas Danilevicius presents information about contemporary criteria important for treating diabetes. He tells about critical situation nowadays and stresses how important to keep to these criteria very strictly. These criteria are normal blood glucose, body weight, and blood pressure.


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Roche Diagnostics is a partner of the LDA

It is important to unite patients, medics, scientists and representatives of pharmacy companies as well. Roche Diagnostics is the leader of pharmacy companies and it is a partner of the LDA while fighting with diabetes in Lithuania.


Advertisement on self-control tools Accu-Chek Active by Roche Diagnostics.


Page 15

Attention! Good news

Dr. Rima Berontiene provides an inforation about new medicine Pioglitazone.


Page 16

New medicine Cardioglucan

Dr. Grazina Vasiliauskiene provides an information about new medicine Cardioglucan.


Advertisement on medicine Cardioglucan by UAB Aconitum


Page 17

Diabetes and diet

Dr. Egle Rudinskiene provides information about one of the most important factors for health.


Advertisement on vitamins Diabetiker-Vitamine by Worwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG


Pages 18-19

The chronicle of Lithuanian Diabetes Association

·         During 30 September – 12 November 2004, Lithuanian Diabetes Association and Aventis InterContinental organized actions “Limit <7” in Silute, Marijampole, Pasvalys, Vilkaviskis, Taurage, Pakruojis and Jonava. 350 people were test for HbA1c. Unfortunately, about 70 % of people badly control their diabetes. Books “Healthy diet” were gifted to participants of actions.

·         On 9 and 17 November seminars “An effective communication with the press” were organized for members of Council of Representatives of Patients’ Organizations of Lithuania (CRPOL).

·         On 12 November the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene took part in conference “Diabetes growth: challenge for researches” organized of European Committee and European Diabetes Studies Association in Brussels.

·         On 13 November LDA information was presented during the broadcast in Baltic TV.

·         On 14 November the first International Walk took place in case of World Diabetes Day. Over 600 Lithuanian people took part in it. The sponsor of event was Novo Nordisk.

·         On 16 November the president of LDA took part in World Diabetes Day in Druskininkai.

·         During 19-20 November the conference “Diabetes urgent problems nowadays” of doctors endocrinologists took place in Palanga. The vice-president of LDA Prof. Juozas Danilevicius, the members of the council of LDA Dr. Egle Rudinskiene, Jurate Kulbokiene and Ona Jurkauskiene took part in it.

·         On 20 November TV5 broadcasted on the topic of World Diabetes Day. Dr. Egle Rudinskiene and the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene delivered advices on diabetes control.

·         On 22 November the president of LDA and the chief of CRPOL Vida Augustiniene took part in Lithuanian TV broadcast “Society interest” on a topic “Will we obey medics’ strike?”

·         On 23 November the members of CRPOL Egle Kvedaraite, Ugne Sakuniene and Vida Augustiniene took part in TV-3 broadcast “I don’t agree” on a topic “Doctors worried abour their salary. Where is a patient?”

·         On 23 November Vida Augustiniene talked during News Radio broadcast, “Do rows at doctors’ cabinets bothers? How to solve this problem?”

·         On 23 November during the CRPOL meeting the new members were invited to this organization: representative of Kaunas district osteoporosis club “Uola” Genovaite Kliucinskiene, representative of Panevezys asthma club “Hipoksija” Lina Buzermaniene and the chief of stout people club “…XXL” in Vilnius Rimante Sakalauskiene. The president of Lithuanian Alzheimer Association Daiva Andriuliene and the chief of Vilnius Glaucoma club Vytautas Gurauskas were removed because of compromising an activities of the CRPOL. The chief of Prostate cancer community Jonas Smilgevicius cease to be a member of organization on his own will.

·         On 25 November the sitting of Obligatory health insurance council took part. Questions of 2005 budget for personal health services, health programs, requirements for Pulmonology services and changes in compensated medicine list were discussed.

·         During 26-27 November the representative of CRPOL Vida Augustiniene (LDA), Egle Kvedaraite (Lithuanian Asthma Association) and Danute Kasubiene (Lithuanian community of patients with mental diseases) took part in European Patients’ Forum seminar “Strengthening patients’ organizations in European Union” in Brussels.

·         On 3 December the member of CRPOL Danute Kasubiene delivered a presentation during the conference on occasion of World Invalids Day ii Seimas of Republic of Lithuania. Vida Augustiniene, Ugne Sakuniene, Ona Telyceniene, Alfredas Jankunas and Lina Ciuksiene took part in it.

·         On 4 December the concert was organized to celebrate World Invalids Day. The representatives of CRPOL took part in it.

·         On 6 December the chairwoman of CRPOL Vida Augustiniene visited an event “Blood drop is all my life” organized by Community of Oncohematological patients.

·         On 7 December the chairwoman of CRPOL discussed health questions with Health system experts from Sweden.

·         On 9 December LDA celebrated its 15-year jubilee.

·         On 9 December LDA signed a cooperation agreement with Poland Diabetes Association.

·         On 14 December the president of LDA talked during Lithuanian Radio broadcast “Morning sounds”. The topic was harm for people with diabetes who cannot achieve a specialists’ consultation.

·         On 14 December Vida Augustiniene presented her opinion about compensated medicine to the newspaper “Time”.

·         On 16 December the preparation for LDA 15-year jubilee was discussed during the sitting.

·         On 17 December HbA1c study protocol by IDF European Region work group DEPAC was presented in Kaunas. The members of organizational committee of this group Prof. Antanas Norkus and Vida Augustiniene prepared and delivered the presentation.

·         On 29 December, 18 and 25 January 2005, the meetings of CRPOL took part. Statute changing and other urgent questions were discussed.

·         On 6 January during the sitting in State patients’ Fund the Health Minister Juozas Padaiga was elected a new chief of the Council of Obligatory  Health Insurance (COHI). The presentation was made about financing human organs and materials transplantations as well as other health programs. Health services and other prices budgeted from State Patients’ Fund were discussed. V.Augustiniene took part.

·         On 13 January on News Radio broadcast and on 14 January on Baltic TV broadcast V.Augustiniene discussed on Patients’ rights and harm compensating order.

·         On 17 January CRPOL and Health Minister Zilvinas Padaiga meeting took part in health Ministry. The appeal by CRPOL on urgent patients’ questions and offerings to improve situation was given.

·         On 24 January V.Augustiniene talked during News Radio broadcast “Is health reform favourable for patients?”

·         On 27 January budget reserve money usage in 2005 was discussed during the sitting of COHI. Primary ambulatory health services and basic price modeling questions were discussed as well as expensive tests and procedures and nursing services system. The chief of LDA took part.

·         On 28 January LDA organized a conference “Diabetes strategy. Role of LDA”. About 300 representatives of diabetes and other different organizations and institutions took part in it.

·         On 29 January the president of LDA shared her experience of healthy living during the broadcast by Lithuanian radio.

·         On 2 February the urgent question of health system were discussed during Homeland Union meeting with Health Minister Zilvinas Pazaiga. The president of LDA took part.

·         On 3 February the chairmanof Seimas of republic of Lithuania A.Paulauskas invited health care specialists and the chairwoman of CRPOL to discuss on Patients’ rights and harm compensation order.

·         On 5 February representatives of LDA V.Augustiniene, E.Jakimaviciene and A.Danyliene visited 15-year jubilee event in Latvian children and adolescents with diabetes association.

·         On 7 February the president of LDA talked on diabetes questions during the meeting organized by KMU Endocrinology clinics.

·         On 9 February LDA and Aventis InterContinental organized an action “Limit <7” in Kedainiai diabetes club. The chief of LDA took part.

·         On 11 February CRPOL organized a press conference on occasion of World Patients’ Day.


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Page 20

Lithuania celebrated World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes day was marked with walks all over the world. It was the first such walk action in the world. The walk began in 53 countries at the same time and continued 30 minutes. 605 people participated in this action in Lithuania.


Page 21

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Pages 21-26

World Diabetes Day in Lithuania

The members of Plunge diabetes club Inesa walked through the streets of the town carrying green flags and giving them to passengers in sake to remind them of their disease. Seduva diabetes club was gifted with songs by Seduva music group, which is leaded by sisters having diabetes. World Diabetes Day events took place in Naujoji Akmene, Elektrenai, Panevezys, Mazeikiai and Raseiniai as well. Drukininkai diabetes club “Atgaja” organized a seminar “Learn to live with diabetes”. World Diabetes Day came and was celebrated along with Silute diabetes club 15-year jubilee. Along with World Diabetes Day celebration in Vilkaviskis poetry book “Down on knees with disease” by the member of community Kostas Miliauskas was presented. The members of Radviliskis and Silale diabetes club celebrated an event interestingly and significantly. An interesting celebration was organized by Klaipeda diabetes club, which invited Zuvedra sport dances group. Pasvalys people with diabetes took part in action Walk, about 90 people were contesting. Kaunas celebrated an occasion by participating in the International Walk.


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Page 26

Don’t doubt about success

Laima Kaulakiene educates children with diabetes to be optimistic and believe in their value.


Pages 27-28


Recently in Jonava diabetes club Ramune an action “Limit <7” was organized by LDA and Aventis InterContinental. The member of Radviliskis diabetes club Zivile Zidonyte tells about trips organized for people with diabetes in Radviliskis. Vilkaviskis diabetes club offers traveling as the best medicine for its’ members as well. Plunge diabetes club celebrated New Year party together with all the members of club. The 2005th is the jubilee year for Vilnius club Diabite plius”. Pakruojis members of diabetes club are happy for action “Limit <7” came to their town.


Page 29

Let’s meet our diabetes

Prepared by Dr. Vaida Kakariekiene


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Pages 30-31

Conference in Palanga

During 19-20 November a conference “Urgent questions of diabetology” organized by Lithuanian Community of Endocrinologists, KMU Endocrinology institute and Endocrinology clinics took place in Palanga. 157 doctors and scientists took part in it. Organizers are thankful to participants of the conference for raised questions and active participating in discussions.


Page 32

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LDA congratulates Juzefa Uleckiene (65-year jubilee), Irena Railiene (60-year jubilee) and Laima Vitkauskiene (50-year jubilee).


Information in English prepared by Jurate Cincikaite