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Newspaper Diabetas
Newspaper of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association
No 4 (48) November 2005

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World Diabetes Day 2005

Put feet First: Prevent Amputations


Letter from IDF President  and President-Elect


Dear Friends,


World Diabetes Day was established by IDF and WHO in 1991 with the aim of coordinating diabetes advocacy worldwide. It has become the primary awareness campaign of the global diabetes community.


Through the activities if IDF member associations and partners, the World Diabetes Day campaign reaches millions of people all over the world. It unites the diabetes communities from more than 145 countries in what is both a targeted campaign to raise awareness of diabetes and its complications and the celebration of the lives of people with diabetes everywhere.


World Diabetes Day events centre on the theme chosen to highlight issues that are of particular concern to people with diabetes. As of this year, IDF is devoting more recourse in support of its membership. Rather than focus all our efforts on one day, we are spreading activities over the year in order to extract maximum benefit from the awareness-raising opportunities that present themselves.


In recent years, World Diabetes Day has focused on the complications of diabetes affecting the heart, eyes, and the kidneys. This year, the emphasis falls on foot problems caused by diabetes, one of the more serious and costly complications of the disease. The slogan for the 2005 campaign is:


Put feet First: Prevent Amputations


Somewhere in the world, a leg is lost to diabetes every thirty seconds. Given the high incidence of diabetic foot ulcers and the frequency with which, though often treatable, they lead to amputation, the choice of theme is highly appropriate. It is also fitting that 2005 marks the shift towards year-longing campaigning. This will enable IDF to promote forcefully the message that, with relatively low investment, governments can advance education and prevention that will result in lower rates of amputation than the unacceptable figures we see today. It is possible to reduce amputation rates by between 49 % and 85 %.


It is imperative that we increase awareness among careers at all levels of healthcare services worldwide. It is imperative that we reduce the unnecessary suffering that foot complications can bring. It is imperative that we act now!


World Diabetes Day brings together our members associations, the World Health Organization and its regional offices, organizations involved in diabetes or diabetes-related areas, industry partners, health professionals, and individuals with an interest in diabetes from all over the world. Let us once again join forces to give visibility to diabetes and improve the lives of all who are, directly or indirectly, affected by the condition.


We look forward to working in collaboration with all of you to make a success out of the 2005 campaign.


With best wishes,


Prof. Pierre Lefebvre                                                                               Prof. Martin Silink

IDF President                                                                                        IDF President-Elect


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Put feet first prevent amputations


Foot facts


Things to do


Things to avoid


Remember that even if foot problems are painless they can still be serious.



Lithuanian Diabetes Association published the book “Diabetes and foot care” prepared by International Diabetes Federation. The main sponsor is The Lithuanian Council for the Affairs of Disabled under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. This publication is available in Lithuanian Diabetes Association and local diabetes clubs.


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Time to act in Lithuania

The data collected in the main Rehabilitation hospital with 60 years of prosthetic experience in Lithuania show that in 2004 year:


The cost of rehabilitation and prosthetic is over 10 000 Lt for one patient; it increased highly due to need home care and social services. It is necessary to save the remaining leg with all possible preventive care.

Adequate rehabilitation and prosthesis fitting is the best provided by multidisciplinary team in specialized centre. The team will include physicians, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a podiatrist, an orthotist and prosthetic technician.


Dear readership,

My often thought is about the reasons why we bristle at artificial fences in every step of our lives and must to use our strengths, work-time and speak or discuss on topics which are clear enough. The same would be to stand near open door and not be able to go out. I understand that every politic cadency is important for governing parties in order to present themselves and implement their wishes. Still, abyss of these wishes is great and we must fill it to start talking about future perspectives of state and society, bringing and promising respectful choices, creating natural values.

Most talented and those, who lacked money for life left our country. That’s why we who stayed meet more fences creating future perspectives or correcting mistakes better. More, it is not clear, what perspective is chosen by Government or is there any perspective at all. As the perspective grows with word and promises as well as political interests, it becomes farer from us and we are damned to live in grey routine defended by those who are interested in it. These defenders have a strong power. Future perspective of state will always be a tool for manipulation for coming and going politics. For example I provide one fact. During 10-11 October seminar “Strengthening Patients’ Organizations in European Union” was organized by European Patients’ Forum in Brussels. Meetings and discussions with the members of European Parliament took place, but Lithuania became the only state – no Lithuanian Members of EP took part. It is experience as well. This experience is very painful, as further events are even nicer: the authors of Lithuanian National Diabetes Program do not even imagine the goal of this program, if it must serve for patient or for themselve. This program could not be called as National and financed by state budget. This unqualified, primitive and unreasoned work will cost much for all simple people.

Our own strengths must be used. We must continually bring our bargain and create our future perspective everyday. Future as well as New Year will come independently from us. The question is what we are going to give them.

The next newspaper will appear already in 2006. That’s why I congratulate all the members of Lithuanian Diabetes Association, sponsors and those who helped implementing goals during 2005.

Be healthy, happy and strong.

14th November, World Diabetes Day, should unit us even more. Unfitness, courage, respect and love should be cherished everyday. We need them as the air, daylight or happiness.


Vida Augustiniene


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Pioglitazon diminishes a thread of infarct and insult

Eli Lilly presents its’ new medicine for people with diabetes


Page 5

Therapy of insulin pumps – nowadays situation

Prepared by Prof. Dr. Helmut R.Henrichs


Photo: Prof. Dr. Helmut R.Henrichs


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LDA is the member of the International Diabetes Federation

The information about LDA is provided and the usefulness of being the member of LDA is stressed. Attention! Web-page address has changed! Web-page: www.dia.lt; e-mail: info@dia.lt


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Pioglitazon diminishes a thread of infarct and insult

Continued from page 5


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Diabetes and children

At the moment according to Lithuanian lows and Government decisions, families caring for disabled child is supported with the next material support:

Children rated having disability of medium level are supported with state social support relief in amount of 1.5 of basic pension as well as purposive compensation for nursing expenses (in amount of 0.5 of basic pension).

Basic price of insulin is compensated by 100 %.

150 tests of blood glucose per month are compensated.

One pack of glucagons per year is compensated.

The whole basic price of medical rehabilitation is compensated as well as health repairing treatment for those who were sent to complete treatment after stationary.

Basic price of sanatorium treatment is compensated by 90 %.

Preferred credit remainders for families caring for disabled child and obtained credit till 2002-12-31 are compensated by 20 %.

Subsidies of living place credit for families caring for disabled child are compensated by 20 %.

Family caring for disabled child and living in place rented by local-government with the less area than 10 square meters or 14 square meters has the right to improvement of social living place conditions.

Families caring for disabled child have the right to social living place. Lists of those families are constructed according to the date appeal was registered in local government.

Disabled child till 16 and one person attending him have the right to 80 % discount for tickets to regular local transport, long-rout buses, trains, ships or rafts.

Women caring for disabled child can not be imposed to work overtime or duty-journey if not admit for themselves.

Working woman caring for disabled child get one extra vacation day per month (or have shorter work week by 2 hours), budgeting these days from companies, institutions or organizations’ funds.

Worker caring for disabled child alone gets 35 vacation days per year.

Workers caring for disabled child till 16 alone can choose their holiday time after 6 months working continuity.

Parents caring for disabled child till 16 can get till 30 days holiday without pay every year in agreed time.

People with low income get compensations for heating, hot water and hard firing.

It is recommended that local government define lower rate for income tax for parents caring disabled child and working with business certificate.

According to the decision by local governments’ council, families caring for disabled child can be free from paying addition cost because of engineer buildings in acquired land area.

In the case all conditions are equal, disable persons are invited to study to high and higher schools primarily.

Disable persons have the right to primarily services in medical institutions, bus and train stations and airports.


Questions to solve

Starting this year State Patients’ Fund compensates more self-control tools for children till 18 by 12 times. Still, older youth and especially students lack it.

Many children would like to be treated by insulin pump. They are very expensive at the moment, state does not compensate its’ price as well as sustenance.

Rest and teaching camps are organized for youth and children. They are very expensive and many parents do not have money to send their children there. Only 20-30 children receive support per year and there are even 600 of them in Lithuania.


Prepared by Egle Marija Jakimaviciene, the member of board and council of LDA and the chief of Vilnius diabetes club “Diabite plius”.

Photos:          II conference. Jelena Simoniene with her son and children of Druskininkai club

                      II conference for youth and children; Aiste Jakimaviciute with quests

Delegates of the conference; the second from the right – doctor endocrinologist Rasele Kiseliuniene


Pages 9-11

Diabite plius exists ten year

One of four existing diabetes clubs for youth and children “Diabite plius” celebrates its’ ten year jubilee this year. Diabetes clubs for youth and children differs from other clubs, as they are visited not only by those with diabetes but by their parents as well.

On 23 September over 100 people could meet during the 2nd conference for youth and children with diabetes organized by the club together with Lithuanian Diabetes Association. Representative of Lithuanian Health Ministry A.Raskauskiene, the member of IDF European Region Board Prof. H.R.Henrichs from Germany, the chief of relief organization Lithuanian Mercy Lift Ausrine Karaitis and the member of it Prane Slutiene from USA were the quests of the conference. Participants heard the presentations about children’s diabetes (Dr. E.Jasinskiene), treatment with insulin (Dr. Z.Visockiene), activity of diabetes clubs for children and youth (Dr. E.Jakimaviciene), diabetes educational camps (J.Simoniene), psychic health of youth and children (psychologist J.Zilinskiene), news from UAB Abovita, Eksmos MTC and Novo Nordisk Pharma. The main attention was paid to treatment with insulin pumps. The number people constantly using hypodermic insulin infusion is increasing in Lithuania and a big part of them are children and youth. Lithuanian physicians lack experience using this method, that’s why Prof. H.R.Henrichs agreed to share his impressions about caring of more than 2000 patients using insulin pump. Professor was convincing while presenting scientific results, naming advantages of this method and practice important for patients. In the eve of the conference professor read a lecture for physicians about treatment with insulin pump and answered their questions.

Ten year jubilee of Vilnius diabetes club for youth and children “Diabite plius” was celebrated during the conference. Most active members of the club and its’ supporters were thanked.

Thanks for the main sponsor of the conference  Abovita, other sponsors Eli Lilly Lietuva, Sanofi-Aventis Lietuva, Novo Nordisk Pharma, Eksmos MTC, Interlux, Vilnius Antakalnis clinics and Lithuanian Mercy Lift.


Photos:          Dr. Egle Marija Jakimaviciene

Dr. Egle Jakimaviciene, the president of LDA Vida Augustiniene, assistant of health minister A.Raskauskiene, Daiva Puluikiene

With the quest Prof. Helmut Henrichs in Vokieciu str., Vilnius after the conference


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An armlet for identification

LDA information


Page 12

Strengthen our immunity

According to broadcast “Sveikatos ABC” archive


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Pages 13 - 14

Chronicle of Lithuanian Diabetes Association


Photos:          The members of LDA Council are discussing. Plateliai, August 2005

                      After the conference near Plateliai lake

J.Simoniene, V.Augustiniene and Lilly Karn in Druskininkai camp for youth and children

Tests of blood glucose are conducted near LDA stand during exposition BaltMedica. September 2005


Pages 14 – 15


Good mood in Nightingales’ valley and other places

Diabetes teaching camps become popular more and more. One of the most active communities is Taurage community “Insula” guided by Algirdas Ardinskas. About 100 campers this year visited Nightingales’ valley, where quests and physicians communicated to them on different topics.

Advertisement on self control tools by Interlux


Pages 16 - 18


This year traditional meeting of Vilkaviskis, Marijampole and Sakiai diabetes clubs took place in a county side Ozkabaliai. The member of Vilkaviskis diabetes club “Insula” told about their trip to different Lithuanian nature and culture memorials. The president of LDA Vida Augustiniene visited Pakruojis diabetes club “Vita”. She invited the members of this club to be more active while defending their rights. She provided information about compensated medicine and selfcontrol tools and stressed, that people should not trust information received from medics. V.Augustiniene informed about decision confirmed by Health Ministry; physicians who saved compensated money are going to receive grant at the end of the year and that medics recommendations about expensive medicaments can be influenced by their obligations to pharmacy companies. Irena Lisovskaja told her impressions about diabetes educational camp in Druskininkai this year. Irena Onaitiene from Telsiai told her impressions about the trip to herbs cultivator farm. Rest and rehabilitation centre “Pusynas” presents its’ services. Vaida Karbociene is happy for the possibility to rest in the first diabetes educational camp where children rested together with their parents. Diabetes educator Dorota Sutova worked in I and II type diabetes educational camps this year. She presents results from these camps: increase in theoretical knowledge was 22 % and 19 %; average of blood glucose was 8.8 mmol/l and 7.26 mmol/l. Participants of these camps Lilita Lazauninkaite, Ina Lingiene and Jovita R. thanks for guides and supporters of this camp.


Photos:          The president of Latvian Diabetes association Inara Puzule visited the camp

                      Campers with II type diabetes in Plateliai

                      Singers Agne Gulbinskyte and Inga Jokubauskaite

                      Crowded from Lithuania and Latvia we did not lack activity

                      Near Plateliai lake…


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Page 19

Benfotiamin saves nerves, blood vessels and organs

According to “Interniste”, 2005


Advertisement by Worwag Pharma GmbH&Co K.G


Pages 20 - 21



Continued from page 18


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Seminar “Strengthening patients’ organizations in European Union”

10 – 11 October 2005, Brussels

Seminar was organized by European patients’ forum, which unites European patients’ organizations and propagates society health representing patients’ rights. 6 representatives from Lithuania were invited. A great opportunity was given to hear presentation by the president of European Patients’ Forum Rodney Elgi about Forum activity in Europe and representing patients’ rights while preparing new lows or changing old ones in European Unit law documents. Members of EP told about European Parliament institutions and structure and their meaning to patients’ organizations. Still, Lithuania was exceptional country, as Lithuanian representatives did not manage to meet any of our elected MEP. It is pity, that patients’ organizations’ opinion and offerings are not heard in Europe as well as in Lithuania.


Photo:           Discussion with the member of the Board of International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations Rod Mitchell



To support provider Vytautas Galvonas, the member of LR Parliament




Page 23

Advertisement dressing by ConvaTec


Conferences in Athens

During 9 – 15 September the conference by FEND and EASD took place in Athens. Representatives from all over the world took part in it. Diabetology themes were analyzed by representatives from Greece, Poland, Spain, Danmark, Sweeden, Slovenia, Germany and other countries. Diabetes control and prophylactics is different in European Union countries. Only 9 of 25 countries have diabetes programs.


Page 24

Conference of EASD

Record number (12841) of delegates from the entire world crowded to the capital of Greece Athens, where the 41st conference of European Diabetes Studies Association took place. Activity of Lithuanian Diabetes Association was exposed in a stand and was highly valued by the president of EASD Prof. E.Ferrannini and participants of the conference. More information about main questions discussed during the conference and scientific reports one can find www.easd.org .


Photos:          At Eli Lilly stand with Nicole Johnson during the conference in Athens

                      At LDA stand A.Danyliene, V.Augustiniene and the president of EASD Prof. E.Ferrannini

                      J.Uleckiene, V.Augustiniene, Prof. V.Jorgens, A.Danyliene and Dr. Z.Visockiene


Page 25

Advertisement on dressings by Molnlycke Health Care


Board Meeting of IDF European region

The meeting took place in Athens, Greece on 4th September 2005. 4th June sitting protocol project was confirmed during it. Audit report for 2004 is presented in it and Gluco-Forum work group results are discussed.

The main theme for analyzing was board activity while co-operating with European Union institutions. The main goal of IDF European region activity is to work with European Commission, Health Ministries and other European and national partners in order to prepare consistent and coordinated European diabetes strategy. We invite European Commission to prepare European diabetes structure as recommendation for diabetes prevention, diagnosis and control useful for all Europeans with diabetes. IDF European region board and members-associations are going to strengthen and support guiding EU countries (Great Britain, Austria and Finland) in their political pressure on other countries EU members while supporting EU diabetes strategy. Members-associations of IDF European region will seek for close so-operation with national health ministries in order to guarantee political support for EU recommendations.


Page 26

Self control; Micro-capillary overturn

Prepared by Dr. Gintaras Zaleskis


Advertisement by Eksmos MTC


Pages 27 - 28

Advertisement on selfcontrol tool Accu-Chek by Roche Diagnostics


For diabetes not to be a difficult bargain


Photo:           Guide of Joniskis diabetes club “Viltis” Aldona Gostautiene with nurse Rasa Vypartiene


Advertisement by Sanofi -Aventis


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Advertisement on selfcontrol tools SensoCard by  Limeta


European Health Forum

The 8th EHF forum took place during 5 – 8 October in Gastein, Austria. Participants from 15 countries analyzed such spreading disorders as diabetes and overweight. All lectors stressed that there are still many cases of patients’ rights injuries. Patients’ organizations, representing patients’ rights, should be involved into the process of decision making. Politics’ reluctance to devote more money for health care budget was stressed as one of the main mistakes of health system. More information about European Health Forum one can find www.ehfg.org .


Page 30

Events by IDF European region

14 – 16 October 2005, Munich, Germany


Meeting of IDF European region Board

During 14 October Meeting protocol of 10th September Athens Meeting was confirmed and preparing questions of General Assembly and conference were discussed. The next board Meeting is planed on 25th February 2006.


General Assembly of  IDF European region

During 14 October General Assembly protocol of 22nd October Slovenia Meeting was confirmed as well as financial report for 2004-2005 activity and budget plan for 2005-2006. Max Hansen elected to the member of the board.


Conference “We are stronger together”

During 15 – 16 October conference different diabetes themes were discussed. It is pleasant to stress that activity of LDA was positively valued by National Associations as well as guides of IDF European region. It is pity and even shame that Lithuanian creators of National Diabetes Program do not even imagine the goal of the program and to whom it is made for – patients or themselves. The project sent to LDA to acquaint do not mach any International Recommendations. The Representatives of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association was not invited to participate in creating the Program. The Program  lacks real diabetes prevention, diagnosis and control goals or tools. It can not be even named National Diabetes Program and to be financed with State budget money.


Newspaper Diabetes

LDA reminds of subscribing newspaper “Diabetes” for 2006 year period.


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New long lasting analog


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Advertisement on medicine Espumisan


Advertisement on selfcontrol tool Optium Xceed by Abbott MediSense



LDA congratulates Vidmantas Pilibaitis in his sport winnings.



Information in English is prepared by Jûratë Èinèikaitë